Author Topic: The Dance of Nataraja and the non-moving Arunachala  (Read 941 times)


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The Dance of Nataraja and the non-moving Arunachala
« on: September 24, 2009, 01:39:49 PM »
Of the five elements of the world, the lowest is Earth.  Water
which is mightier than Earth, consumes the Earth in great deluge.
The Agni, Fire, is more powerful than Water.  The Fire consumes
the water and dries it up.  Vayu, the Air, is mightier than Fire.
Vayu, the Air can put out the fire.  The Space is the more powerful
than Air.  While Air does not engage itself beyond some distance,
but the Space is everywhere, even beyond the realms of Air.

Now, where is this Space?  The Space is within our mind.  There
is no Space when the mind is not there.  Mind or Ahamkara, ego
is the mightiest.  But this ego-sense is also within Atma, Aham.
Ahamkara or aham-vritti gives birth to Aham-vritti and the Aham
Vritti also quells in Aham, Atma, Arunachala.

Between Aham-vritti and Aham, there is Aham Sphurti.  This
Aham Sphurti is the dance of I,I,I, pure mind.  This is the
dance of Nataraja, Siva in Chidambaram.  Bhagavan Ramana
says this Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, verse 2. "Nan...enru nadithiduvaiyal thaan unper thaan Idaym enriduvar thaam."

"Ever as "I" in the Heart You dance
Hence are You called the Heart!"

This Chidakasa-tiru natanam, the dance of Siva in the inner
space, gives rise to the non-moving Self. 

Aham-sphurti becomes Aham, Arunachala.

This is explained Bhagavan Ramana in Verse 3 of Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam:

Ahamukama antha amala-mathi thannaal....

He whose pure mind turned inward searches
Whence this "I" arises knows
The Self aright and merges in You,
Aruna Hill,
As a river in the ocean.
                                         (Tr. K. Swaminathan)

Bhagavan Ramana describes this in two verses of Sri
Arunachala Akshramanamalai also.

Verse 32: Stop deceiving me, testing and proving me, Oh!
Arunachala! And henceforward reveal to me instead, your form of Light!                        (Tr. K.Swaminathan)

Note here that Bhagavan Ramana mentions the word Jyoti or
Light.  This Aham-sphurti, the dance of Chidambaram.

Verse 43:  Reveal naturally by yourself, Oh! Arunachala! That each one is himself the real Self!


Verse 43: You are the sole Reality, Oh! Arunachala, Reveal
Yourself, as such.

Verse 43:  Reality is nothing but the Self  -  This is all You
reveal, is it not Oh! Arunachala?

The Aham-sphurti ends up as Siva.  The dance of Nataraja
is ending as non-moving Arunachala!

The dance of Siva and his non-moving Form of Arunachala has also been indicated in Sri Arunachala Nava Mani Malai, Verse 1.

Achalane aayinum acchavai thannuL......

Arunachala Siva.