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Ashtavakra Gita - 1
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Verse 1: katham jnanam avapnoti katham muktim bhavishyati katham vairagyam praptam etad bruhi mama prabho

Katham - how?
jnanam avapnoti - Knowledge is "Acquired"
katham mutim bhavishyati - how does liberation "Happen"
katham vairagyam praptam- how to obtain "Dispassion"
etad bruhi mama prabho - oh Lord! please explain these to me.

In these series of studies let us delve deeply into Ashtavakra gita and meditate on the teachings. The scene is Janaka is requesting Ashtavakra to teach him the Truth. The request itself illustrates the qualification of Janaka. If the question is who is qualified to receive the teachings of Ashtavakra, these questions answer that. Who ever has these questions. who ever knows that Self Knowledge needs to be "Acquired", Dispassion or Vairagyam needs to be "obtained" and through these Liberation "happens" ; who ever knows this much and wants to know how to acquire Self Knowledge and Dispassion --- that is the definition of a proper student.

So why is Self Knowledge required ? Why is Dispassion needed ? if someone is not convinced of this, before coming to this scripture it is advisable to explore these first. Do i really need dispassion? If one is not convinced with this, then its better to consider it in greater detailed and understand.

In these series of "Meditations" [as i would like to call], I would try to make the importance of Self Knowledge and Dispassion very clear. For listening to this discussion and following the whole logical argument that is presented the student needs : mumukshatvam ... burning desire to find out the Truth.

So the most important prerequisite for a person coming to Ashtavakra for this teaching is : Desire to Know the Truth, that which is not time dependent --- the SAT[we shall study it further].
This along with a desire to know how dispassion can be cultivated and how Self Knowledge can be acquired ... these are the prerequisites

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