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Echammal's Deliverence
« on: June 07, 2009, 11:56:44 AM »
Echammal, who was like a mother to Bhagavan and who had
fed him for more than 40 years, left her body and attained
union with Arunachala, on the late night/early morning of
27th/28th December 1945.

In the evening of 27th December 1945, many devotees
in the Hall saw Bhagavan Ramana sitting motionless and
in padmasana, deeply immersed within, with hands hanging
loose at His side.  His eyes were glowing with radiance as
if they were two celestial lights.  Suri Nagamma who went
to bow to Him and then sat in the Hall felt that the spiritual
lustre of the universe had come down in a concentrated form
in the shape of Bhagavan Ramana.  She wanted to see it closer
but could not stand the powerful glare.  Later Krishna Bhikshu
who went closer to Bhagavan Ramana to prostrate, had also
felt the same way.

Everyone in the Asramam was telling that Bhagavan Ramana
had been in that deeply absorbed state of radiance since
early evening and there was something unusual about it,
which normally had happened only on His Jayanti days.

The news of Echammal's deliverence came early next morning.
Poeple then understood that Bhagavan Ramana's state on the
previous evening was to release this great devotee from her
mortal state.

(Source: Letters from Sri Ramansramam, Suri Nagamma.
entry dated 29th December 1945.)

Arunachala Siva.