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Panilenivadu - 4
« on: May 10, 2009, 01:25:53 PM »
David Godman continues.....

Another contributor to the blog, a native Telugu speaker, pointed
out that while the three components of the phrase denote a person
who is idle, there is also the connotation that is not a temporary
idleness:  the laziness is permanent.  So, this phrase "Panilenivadu"
conveys very well the "lazy" state of permanent Self-abidance in
which nothing can be done because there is no longer a doer who
can initiate actions. 

Verse 15 of Upadesa Undiyar [ Upadesa Saram ] contains a
similar idea.

For the great yogi, who is established as the reality due to the
death of the mind-form, there is not any action [ to do because]
he has attained his [true] nature.

"Manathin uruvai maRavuthu usaava
Manamena onRilai undhipaRa
Markam Ner arkum undhipaRa " 

When Bhagavan translated this verse into Telugu, he used this
same term "Panilenivadu" to describe the great yogi's final state
of not being any actions to do.

(Source:  As indicated in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.