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Sri A.R. Natarajan
« on: May 07, 2009, 02:10:33 PM »
Sri A.R. Natarajan, the founder-president of Sri Ramana Maharshi
Centre for Learning, Bangalore, merged with Bhagavan Ramana  on the 23rd January 2008. He was enmeshed by Bhagavan Ramana's
grace afer reading Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge,
in 1956 and from then his love Bhagavan consumed him entirely.
He visited Sri Ramanasramam regularly along with Smt. Sulochana
Natarajan.  It was Devaraja Mudaliar who revealed many trasures
of Bhagavan's life and teachings to them.  Sri Natarajan had total
faith in Bhagavan's will and was one of the principal supporters of
the then president Sri T. N. Venkataraman, and helped the Asramam
through thick and thin.  He helped in raising funds for Mountain Path in its early years and was its Editor from July 1982 to July 1985.

In 1965, Sri Natarajan was posted to Delhi and along with his family
was an unfailing participant in the Ramana satsanghs at the Delhi
Ramana Kendra.  Prof. K. Swaminathan was a great inspiration at
this stage.  As Secretary of the Ramana Kendra, Delhi, Sri Natarajan
played a key role in acquiring the land and building for the Meditation
Hall and Library complex at New Delhi.  The Meditation Hall came up
in 1972 and the Library complex was inaugurated in 1975.  Bhagavan's Meditation Hall was the fulcrum of his life in Delhi and it was with a heavy heart that due to official posting he left for Bangalore in 1977.

He began organizing a Ramana Centre in Bangalore, so that devotees
had a place at attend satsang and had it registered as a Society.  He started The Ramana Way, a monthly magazine.  He is the author of
56 books on Bhagavan's life and teachings.  Timeless in Time and the book of photographs, Arunachala from Rig Veda to Ramana Maharshi are the most popular names.  In 1981, thorugh his resolute efforts,
the Ramana Maharshi Shrine and Meditation Hall were inaugurated and a panchaloka  vigraha was installed at the leased premises of
Bangalore Development Authority in Bellary Road, now called Sri
Ramana Maharshi Road.  He has also constructed a Research Block
and Ramana Maharshi Heritage Centre in Sanjay Nagar.  His wife and his two daughters are of immense support to him in these efforts.
The RMCL has also published Sat Darsana Bhashya and several pocket books on Ramana's teachings.

[David Godman was also helped by Sri Natarajan for the former's efforts to collect information about Annamalai Swami.  Sri A.R.
Natrajan is also thankfully remembered by me, for his introducing me into the Ramana Path.]

(Source: Mountain Path, April-June 2008.)

Arunachala Siva.