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Narikutti Swami - 3
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His teaching to disciples emphasized 'mounam', so that the Inner
Guide could be heard.  He instructed them to study and recite
Tirumuraikal, [the 12 Saiva Canons], as a way of controlling the
wandering mind.  They were to practise purity of thought, word
and deed, and recognize the sattvic quality of all human beings,
and the innate divinity of every being.

Narikutti remained in Jaffna for a while, after the Mahasamadhi of his
Master, performing some duties around the Ashram.  One day he
questioned, "Why am I remaining here?  It is just for the sake of
regular supply of meals?"  In 1966, he decided to return to India and embarked on a extended pilgrimage to holy places on foot.  He walked as north  as Varanasi where he met Alan Ginsburg, who was on his own journey.  He finally returned to Sri Lanka, but felt after sometime the call of Arunachala, which he had visited several times on his earlier trips to South India.

After a preparatory trip in 1968, he finally set off in 1970 for the only place that he had a desire to go, which was the Holy Hill of Arunachala.  He knew that Bhagavan Ramana had from an early age made His abode there and Narikutti was atttracted by both the Hill
and the path of Jnana, exemplied by Bhagavan Ramana.

In a short time, he discovered that there was a sadhu's dwelling up on the Hill which was vacant and being taken care of by a priest of
Sri Arunachaleswara Temple.  It was the most westerly dwelling in the string of hermitages and ashrams which perced on the Hill, above
the Western Wall of the temple and was called Lakshmi Amma Ashram.
The approach was very rough without any proper path, the dwelling
itself being partly a cave, with an added structure.  A deep depression in the rock inside, formed the meditation 'hole'.

(Source: As indicated above in Part 1)

Arunachala Siva.