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Bhagavad Gita Saram - 5
« on: May 04, 2009, 04:28:41 PM »
Neera Kashyap continues....

But what is the wellspring and sustenance of our quest?  It is the
oneness of love and faith in our Lord, our Guru, whose voice we
hear and follow for His is eternity of love.  As directly as we love
so are we empowered to walk the direct path that He teaches.
It is the answering response of the devotee's love and faith that
Bhagavan Ramana highlights in His selection of verses on bhakti.
Says Krishna: "only by love can men ssee me, and know me, and
come unto Me." (11.54).  For Love encompasses all.  It encompasses
faith that moves man's nature and life.   It harmonizes him and
steers him to wisdom and thereby to 'Peace Supreme'.  It helps him
surrender all selfishness and beeven with friend or foe and in honour
or disgrace.  These verses are radiant with feeling for they carry in
them the divine lord's recognition of the devotee's surrender.
Says Krishna: "The greatest of these is the man of vision who is ever one and who loves the One.  For I love the man of vision, and the
man of vision loves Me".  (7.17). To those who live in harmony and
worship with love, the divine gives the promise of plenty of vision,
and of Peace Supreme.

Bhagavan Ramana made no distinction between bhakti and jnana.
He said: "The eternal unbroken, natural state of abiding in the Self
is Jnana.  To abide in the Self you most love the Self.  Since God is
verily the Self, love of the Self is love of God, and that is bhakti.
Jnana and bhakti are thus one and the same." [Gospel Ch.4].

Bhagavan Ramana's selection of the verse, "The unreal is never is.
The Real is never not.  This truth indeed has been seen by those
who can see the true," (2.16),  is significant for He urged that
unless the idea that the world is real is given up, the mind will
always be after it.  He said that in taking the appearance to be
real, one will never know the Real itself, although it is the Real
alone exists.  The Self Knowledge is Bhagavad Gita is the 'wisdom
which sees the field and the knower of the field."  "Who sees that the Lord of all .... is immortal in the field of mortality."  The Jiva who
knowss the peace of God, freed from desire and wrath, with mind
and soul in harmony.   This is Self Realization.

(Source: as indicated before.)

Arunachala Siva.