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Sri Arunachala Venba - 1
« on: April 19, 2009, 12:07:46 PM »
Sri Arunachala Venba is a composition of 100 verses in Venba
metre, in Tamil, by Sri Sadhu Om.  Both Guhai Namasivaya and
Guru Namasivaya have composed verses in venba metre in Tamil,
on Annamalai.  These are called Annamalai Venba.  Sri Ramanasramam has published all poems of Guhai Namasivaya and
Guru Namasivaya.  Sri Arunachala Venba has been serialized in
Mountain Path issues from April-June 2008 to April-June 2009, in
five parts.  I shall give the translation of Sadhu Tanmaya Chaitanya
as given in Mountain Path issues.  I am giving only some select verses in a few posts.

Arunachala Dhyanam:-

This is Arunachala Siva who being the ocean of Grace bestows liberaton upon mere remembrance!

Prefatory Verse:-

Saduguru Bhagavan Sri Ramana took us as His own protege and
fed us with gret manta upadesa of "Arunachala Siva."  With this
name the supreme Lord, vouchsafed to us by the grace of Sadguru
Ramana, this Arunachala Venba [ a hymn of 108 verses] is composed
to the sweet delight of our tonues that chant it, for the purpose of
attaining salvation.


Sadguru Ramana Himself manifests before me as Lord Ganesa
with his eyes overflowing with love and grace.  Thus, may His
holy feet which trod upon the blessed earth remain as the protection
and refuge for composing this Hymn on Arunachala.


1. For liberaton from bondage, life on this earth is most conducive
among the three worlds [heavens, earth and netherworlds].  Upon
the face of this earth itself, India that is Bharat is most favourable
for gaining salvation.  Within the Indian sub-continent, there are
several holy centres (kshetras)m shining with manifold spiritual
glories.  The foremost among such exalted Mokshapuris is the
peerless Arunachala.

2. Puranas assure liberation for any soul who takes birth in the holy town of Tiruvarur Tyagaraja  or to anyone who visits Chidambaram and has darshan of Lord Nataraja or who sheds his mortal coil in the holy city of Kasi.  However, they assure liberation to anyone who merely thinks of Arunachala!

3. Arunachala possesses ten divine faces, out of which eight are the
slopes of this Holy Hill facing the eight directions, while the remaining two are the Saguna aspects in the form of Arunachaleswara and His
holy consort Appetakuchamba in the Great Temple, distinct from the Hill at the gross physical level.

5.  Lord Siva who has been worshipped in most loving hymns by
such exalted saints as Tiruanavukkarasar, Karaikal Amma and Sundaramoorthy and who resides on the summit of Mount Kailas
with the holy Ganga adorning hsi head as the crown jewel, shines
here in the form of Arunachala Hill.

(Source:  As stated above)

Arunachala Siva.