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Pearls of Wisdom given through Mr. Nome - 8
« on: April 16, 2009, 04:38:47 PM »
Mr. Nome continues....

Who is bound?  And who desires liberation?  Do not cease the
desire for Liberation, but simply find out who it is that wants
this Liberation or who is that is supposedly bound.  Thus you
can realize the Truth and be liberated.  It is in this manner that
Bhagavan Ramana has given His Liberating instruction, turning
out minds to the Source, not allowing them to stray into their
own imaginings, and uprooting the very basis of illusion.


Thought ceased.  Then it resumed.  Again it ceased.  And again
it resumed.  By intense concentration with empowered by, the
inquiry in meditation, thought could cease.  Not just a narrative
"voice" dealing with ideas, emotions (which are more ideas),
activities etc., but all thoughts would cease, inclusive of all
thought constituting perception and any other kind of thought.
But, He, the enlightened and all-knowing One, had emphatically
declared that what appeared would also disappear.


"Free of thought" had a much more profound meaning, one that is
unfading and of the Reality.  Awakening to it is abidance free from
false definition, modification and misidentification.  Awakening to it is accompanied by ego-death, is the unveiling of the mystery of "no-
creation", in which the first thought has not yet occurred.  Awakening to it, is the entrance into Infinite, Undifferentiated, Space-like Consciounsess.


By Grace one is led to Peace.  Fearlessness itself, Bhagavan Ramana, makes one not to fear.  Even the fear of death is destroyed.  He is the destroyer of destruction, the death of death itself.

(Source: Centenary of the Advent of  Bhagavan Ramana.  1996.
Souvenir.  An article by Mr. Nome.)

Arunachala Siva.