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Vasanas and pursuit in Self abidance - 8
« on: March 04, 2009, 01:41:08 PM »
Murugnar in his supplementary prose explanation of Verse 260

The collection of ancient Vasanas that resides in the Heart-office, as the source of Vikshepa is referred to as the 'notion of bondage.'
Since Vasanas themselves evolve as thoguhts, the notion of bondage, is equaed with the dualistic pairs of opposing thoughts.

When one has experienced the cutting of the Heart-knot, one knows and reaches the Heart.  As Ulladu Narpadu Anubandham,
(Sad Darsanam, Supplement)  Verse 19, declares, the darkness of
Avidya (ignorance) and the collection of Vasanas remainin the orifice of the Heart.  As soon as the knot is cut, the Heart that remained closed like a lotus bud, blossoms, annihilating Vasanas and Avidya, completely, and shines as he light of being, the exalted expanse. This is the state of absolute liberation.

Dualistic pairs of opposing thoughts refer to joy and misery, darkness and light, and so on.  They arise in one's mind through
the ancient collection of Vasanas and are the cause of one's sorrow.
If the Vasanas die and the pairs of thoughts cease, then misery also ceases.  What exists then is the ocean of bliss.  It has therefore been said that those who are freed from the thought-pairs experience the surging of Supreme Bliss.

Because it shines, without diminution, as Supreme Bliss, it has been said:  "They have attained the surging of the true and supreme bliss within themselves.

Because there is no room in that place for the sorrow of birth that arises though ignorance, it has been said: "They are freed from he sorrow of birth."

(Source: Guru Vachaka Kovai, Muruganar, Tr. David Godman and

Arunachala Siva.