Author Topic: Why Bhagavan Ramana is different from other gurus/Jnanis?  (Read 993 times)


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Why Bhagavan Ramana is different from other gurus/Jnanis?
« on: March 01, 2009, 10:02:49 AM »
As regards food, Bhagavan Ramana has told even as early as 1901-02, in Who am I? : Sattvic food in moderate quantities, will be an aid to atma vichara.  As a rule, the Asramam right from Bhagavan's pre-Maha Nirvana days, are serving only vegetarian food.  Of course, onion is not a taboo, as Bhagavan Himself has said it.  He did not
recommend to His Western devotees and Indian non-vegetarians, to leave such food immediately.  He only said that non-injury being a basic covenant of dharma, vegetarian food should be preferred.  The Western devotees like Major Chadwick switched over to vegetarian food immediately in a few days.  Arthur Osborne and Cohen perhaps took more time.  Devaraja Mudaliar too switched over after some years. Osborne says:  "One day, when chicken was brought to my table, (in a hotel), I find that the chicken is crying!  Then I stopped chicken.  The same thing happened when fish curry was brought to me another day.  Then I stopped both!"

Once some misinformers in the Asramam, told Bhagavan and others that Major Chadwick was eating meat at his cottage.  Bhagavan did not believe it.  He said that even if it was so, then He would only be reminded of what Tiruvanukkarasar had said in Tevaram song: "O! even if he is from a low caste, eating the cow's flesh, if he is praying to Siva, with Ganga on His head, then such a person is also God to me and I shall pray to him!"  Later Annamalai Swami had gone to Major Chadwick's room (I think they were living together in the same cottage), and reported back:  There is nothing like that, Bhagavan!

Sri Shirdi Baba did not encourage to any food restriction.  He was himself eating meat.  SRK Maths in Kolkata, I am not sure, are permitting fish as per Bengali practice.  Sri Vaisnava gurus and Madhva sampradaya gurus are permitting only vegetarian food and that too without onion and garlic.

Arunachala Siva.