Author Topic: Manikkavachagar merging in Siva Effulgence  (Read 954 times)


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Manikkavachagar merging in Siva Effulgence
« on: February 25, 2009, 10:21:48 AM »
One day Suri Nagamma was asking  Bhagavan when was Tiruvachakam written.  Bhagavan Ramana replied:  No. Tiruvachakam was not written by the poet.  Manikkavachagar after vising several temples went to Thillai, Chidambaram.  He was staying in a choultery contemplating Siva in ecstasy.  The three thousand brahmins of Thillai wanted Tiruvachakam to be written for posterity.
They could not make the poet agree.  They then prayed to Siva.  Siva told them in a dream:  Do not worry.  I shall go and do the needful.

Siva then went as an old brahmin on a night to the choultery.  He then humbly requsted the poet:  "Are you sleeping?  I have come from a long way, to listen to your songs of Tiruvachakam."  The poet became very happy and said:  "There is no need to sleep. I shall sing them."  As he was singing, the brahmin wrote the songs.  When Manikkavachagar came to the last, 51st song, Decad of Oh! Oh!
Acho Padigam, he went into a state of ecstatic bliss.  The poems were also over.  The old brahmin slipped away quietly.  Next morning, when the priests of Thillai opened the Dance Court of Siva, they found the palmyra leaves containing the work.  In those leaves,
at the end, it was written:  "As Manikkavchagar told, I, the Lord of
Beautiful Court of Dance, have written."  Then there was also a signature of the Lord of Dance of Beautiful Court!  They rushed to the king and told him.  The king and others rushed to the poet, invited him to come to the Dance Court.  They presented him with nice clothes and flowers and made him sit on a golden seat facing Nataraja.  The king then requested:  " O Lord, give us the meaning of Tiruvachakam.  The poet then smiled at them.  He looked at Siva in tearful ecstasy and exclaimed:  The meaning of This is This!  Itharku PoruL ithuve....  He then merged into the Siva Effulgence.

The king then made the poem written on golden plates and carefully kept them under the three steps that lead to the Dance Court.  These are called Tiru KaLitru Padiyar.  The Steps of the Great Poem.

There are also two miracles said to have been done by Manikkavachagar in Thillai.  He made the dumb, schizophrenice daughter of a Sri Lankan King speak.  The king and the citizens then turned to Saivism from Buddhism.  There is a similar story about the dumb daughter of Chozha King too.

Then there is another story.  Siva-Nataraja asked Manikkavachagar:  Please sing with your golden lips that have sung Pavai (Tiruvachakam, Tiruvembavai ), a song of Kovai also.  Manikkavachagar then sang the famous 400 songs Tiru Chitrambala Kovaiyar, in Nayaki-Nayaka bhava.  These songs are erotic poems of Siva Nayaki, Manikkavchagar on Siva-Nayaka, Nataraja.  These songs are more difficult to understand and are also of tough Tamil.  I have tried a few songs and given the translation in this Forum earlier.

Manikkavachagar and Nandanar are the two saints who merged in Siva effulgence in Thillai.  Tiru Jnana Sambandhar merged in Siva effulgence in his marriage hall.  All the rest merged with Siva in other fashions.

Arunachala Siva.