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Bhagavan, Manikkavachagar and Tiruvachakam - 4
« on: February 24, 2009, 12:20:27 PM »
Once a devotee was singing Tiruvachakam, Piditha Pathu (Songs of
Holding), songs.  It is recorded in Suri Nagamma's letters, entry dated 8th Sept. 1947. Towards the end comes the passage, "O
Iswara. You are trying to flee, but I am holding you fast. So where can You go and how can You escape from me?"

Bhagavan Ramana commented with a smile.  So it seems that He is trying to flee and they are holding Him fast!  Where could He flee to?
Where He is not present? Who is He? All this is nothing but a pageant.  There is another sequence of songs in the same book, one of which goes: "O my Lord!  You have made by my mind Your abode. You have given Yourself up to me and in return have taken me into You.  You Lord, which of which is the cleverer?  If You have given
Yourself up to me, Ienjoy endless bliss, but of what use am I to You, even though You have made of my body Your Temple, out of Your boundless mercy to me?  What is it I could do for You in return? I have nothing now that I culd call my own.*"  This means that there is no such thing as "I". See the beauty of it!  When there is no such thing as "I", who is the doer and what is that is done, whether it be devotion or self-enquiry or samadhi?"       

(* Kovil Tiru Padigam, Verse 10, "Thanthathun thannai, kondathen thannai, Sankara yaar kolo chaturar....." Butler's translation of this verse appears in another context in the same article.)

Butler and others give the translation of Verses 3 and 9 of Piditha Pathu as:

Mother! Father! Matchless jewel!
Rare nectar, the ripening of love!
To me in this worm ridden fleshly form,
I who diminish my days by multiplying falsity,
You are the treasure that bestowed upon me
that state of Sivahood, perfect and true!
Siva, our noble Lord!
In this very birth, I've grasped You tight!
Henceforth, how can You leave and go,
elsewhere, in grace Your form to show?

(Tamil verse starts as:  Ammaiye Appa oppila maNiye...)

Wicked as I was, t he love You gave to me
was greater yet than a mother's love,
who suckles her child, anticipating its needs!
Melting my flesh, flooding me with light witin
infusing me with the nectar of undying bliss,
You are the treasure rich
that wandered with me wherever I went!
Sivan, our noble Lord!
Close following You, I've grasped You tight!
Henceforth how can You leave and go,
elsewhere, in grace Your form to show?

(Tamil Verse starts: Paal Ninainthoottum thaayinum sala parinthu....)

(Incidentally Piditha Pathu was sung by Manikkavacahagar in
Tiru Thoni Puram, alias Sirkazhi, the birth place of Tiru Jnana
Sambandhar. When Sambandhar, as a three year old child was
crying when he could not find his father, (he was bathing in the tank and he was diving into the water, so the child could not see his father.  The child was also hungry.  He cried.  Siva and Uma came on the sky on the bull, and Uma gave her breast milk on a golden cup to the child to drink.  When father came from the tank, he found milk trickling from the corners of his lips!  When he asked, Jnana Sambandhar sang the famous first song of Book 1 in Tevaram.  It is noteworthy that Manikkavachagar sings about "the child crying for mother's milk!" in this decad which was sung in Sirkazhi.)

(Source: Butler and Ors. article in Mountain Path, Advent, 2006)

Arunachala Siva.