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Bhagavan, Manikkavachagar and Tiruvachakam - 2
« on: February 23, 2009, 11:04:34 AM »
Robert Butler and other quote many such incidents.

4. Devaraja Mudaliar in his Recollections say that Bhagavan Ramana would frequently refer to the seventh stanza in Kovil Tirupadhigam, especially the last half about getting reduced into an atom and merging with the Absolute.  It reads:

There You stood, Your nature manifest,
granting me this day Your grace,
rising like a sun within my heart,
driving out the darkness of ignorance.
My thoughts upon that nature dwelt,
till thoughts there were no more.
There is nothing else other than You.
Approaching and approaching,
I became worn down to an atom,
then worn away till I was one with Him.
Hail Siva, dwelling in Holy Perundurai!
There is nothing that You are,
yet without You nothing is!
Who indeed can know You?

In Tamil, Kovil Tirupadhigam verse 7 starts as:

InRu enakku aruLi iruL katinthu ULLatthu,
Ezhukinra Jnayire ponru....
                            - Kovil Tiruvachakam, 22.7

Devaraja Mudaliar also describes this song in his Day by Day, entry dated 27th June 1946, where Bhagavan described Nammazhwar's experience who is non dual and not qualified dualism.  B

Ramana also quoted Tiruvaimozhi 8.8.3 and 8.8.5.

Bhagavan Ramana also used to appreciate the tenth verse of
Kovil Tiruadhigam,

You gave You to me and You took me for You,
Sankara, who is cleverer amongst the two?
I got me endless bliss,
What have You got from me?
O my Lord who is having my Heart as your temple,
Siva, the one staying in Tiru Perundhurai,
O Father!  Isa! You have taken my body as Your place!
What in exchange can I pay to You.

(Translation, mine.)

The verse 10 starts in Tamil:

Thanthathu un thannai, kondathu en thannai,
Sankara, yar kolo, chaturar?.......  Tiruvachakam. 22.10 

(Source: Mountain Path, Aradhana 2006).

Arunachala Siva.