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Thoughts on Sivaratri - 23.2.2009 - 2
« on: February 23, 2009, 08:46:50 AM »
Muruganar says in Guru Vachaka Kovai, verse 459:

Through the destruction of the doltish ego, the triputis, that are based on it fade awasy and end, along with Sakala (the waking and the dream states).  The Pure (suddha) state of daylight that (then)
shines forever is Sivaratri (the night of Siva).

Sakala also implies states to which manifestation occurs.  The Pure
state was explained in the first sentence of GVK, Verse 265.

The Pure state, (Suddha Nilai) exists and shine as unceasing pure being in the Heart (ULLam) after other thoughts that arise from oneself (vikshepa) and the Self-forgetfulness (avarana) that is
the basis for their rising are fully destroyed.

Sakala, which comprises the waking and dream states, alternates
with Kevala, sleep.  However, the three are actually states of the mind or ego not of the Self.  In Sakala, the mind creates the states of waking and dream.  Kevala is its state of dormancy in which it remains unaware of the body or the world.  When the ego dies, Sakala and Kevala both disappear, leaving the state of illumination
that is referred to in the verse.

The daylight that shines in the night of Siva, is a metaphor that indicates waking sleep, the state in which there is luminous and continuous Self-awareneness even in the apparent darkness of physical sleep.

(Saint Tayumanavar sings:  "When can I reach the state, where without sleep I could sleep and enjoy the Bliss?")

(Source: David Godman - GVK. Eng. Translation.)

Arunachala Siva.