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Partial and Total Surrender
« on: February 15, 2009, 11:00:15 AM »
We all know partial surrender which we are doing all the time.  "If you give me ice cream, I pray to you, if you do not give, I shall not!"

Total Surrender is something unique.  Bhagavan Ramana has Himself displayed this.  When He planned to come to Arunachala, He presumed that the rail ticket would cost Rs 3.00 and He just took that much money.  There were two rupees extra in the box, but He did not take that, thinking, that He could some extra money for
emergency.  This is total surrender.

He came to Arunachala.  He went to Siva's shrine, embraced Him in full tears, and said: "O Father, in obedience to your command, I have reported."  He came out, had a tonsure (unasked), sudden rains gave Him the bath.  He tore His dhoti and took one koupina.  He did not keep the remaining dhoti either for a spare koupina or to use it as a towel!  This is complete surrender. He threw away the sweets given by Muthu Krishna Bhagavatar's sister and also the remaining money.  He did not keep the remaining money, to serve one or two sessions of food or sweets for munching when hungry.  This is the total surrender.  After that, Arunachaleswara took care of His 54 years life on earth!

Saint Manikkavachagar sings:

O you have loved me and took hold of me,
This dog, lower than the lowly dog.
My life that is Maya is under your control.
Who am I to investigate?  What is my right?
You keep me in another birth or
You keep me at your anklet-wearing feet,
O the Lord with eye on the forehead!

Arunachala Siva.