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Pilgrimage to Madurai
« on: February 13, 2009, 11:02:23 AM »
My Madurai trip was sudden and without preplanning.  My wife's relative was having his 80th birthday and we decided to go.  We took my wife's sister also.  The car trip was tedious with about
10 hours running time.

We saw Sri Meenakshi temple.  This temple is getting spruced up
for 12 year maha kumbabhisheka, which is going to take place
in a few months.  We also visited Tiruparangundram, the First
Abode of Muruga, where He married Deivanayaki, Indra's daughter.
We also saw Pazhamudir Cholai, the Sixth Abode of Muruga. Both these places are near Madurai on either side of the city.  Both are
classical temples sung by Nakkirar in Tiru Murugatrupadai, a Sangam work of 3rd Century AD.

The most important visit was to Sri Ramana Mandiram, the house
where Bhagavan Ramana attained Self Realization at the age of 16 in 1896. The house is a small one, in the narrow street called Chokkanatha Street near Southern Towers.  The area is busy with many shops and activities.  As one enters the house, there is a ground floor, which can accommodate about 30 people for meditation. There is a photograph of Bhagavan Ramana with Arunachala backdrop.  The incense sticks are burning. There is total silence, with some meditating there all the time.  A few books of the Asramam are sold.  When you negotiate the winding staircase and go to the first floor, you find the small room, where Bhagavan Ramana had the death experience in 1896 and attained the Self Realization.
There is a photograph of Bhagavan taken in Virupaksha Cave, when He was 21.  Incense sticks are burning. About 5 or 6 can meditate at a time.  This room is brimming with vibrations!  I looked at Him and sat a few minutes, shedding tears at Siva Kumara, the son of Siva.
If you look at Him, He looks at you, with boundless grace!

I am told that Vedaparayna takes place daily in the morning around 6 am.  In the evening, there are discourses or book reading by a group of people.  All festivals like Kartigai, Aruna Vijayam Day, Birthday,
Maha Nirvana Day, Amma's Maha Nirvana Day are celebrated in simple style.  One Mr. Kondal Raju is the Secretary of the Mandiram. I could not of course see him. I telephoned to him at his tour place,

Sri Ramana Mandiram is a place to see for Ramana devotees, whenever they are in Southern Tamil Nadu.  Tiruchuzhi the birthplace of Bhagavan Ramana is about 40 km from here, but I could not make it.

Arunachala Siva.