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Bhagavan Ramana's Padam
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:26:03 AM »
Padamalai, Muruganar's work takes its name with the word  "Padam".
Padam means both Bhagavan, the Self or Bhagavan's Holy Feet.
Murugnar uses two pharases, En Padam, my Feet and Padam, Feet
or the Self.  The verses saying En Padam, mean that Bhagavan Ramana
Himself has uttered those sayings.

Verse 1962: Blissful Padam is that Effulgence of Siva who sports, assuming
a disguise and masking his truth. 

Verse 2098: Fair Padam, the unattainable supreme, took on the noble
vestments of the Guru, to redeem this world.

Verse 75: Padam, the supreme flame, assuming the form of the Guru,
the embodiment of grace, moves amongst us as the destroyer of bondage.

Verse 938: Padam is Dakshinamurthi, conferring the final emancipation
of mukti, whose nature is pure consciousness.

Verse 71: Appearing outwardly with a comely form and as the Self within,
Padam rules over his devotees.

Verse 732: Many are the devotees upon this earth, thousands upon
thousands, whom Padam brings under his sway, sweetly granting
them the grace.

Verse 675: Padam confounds the ignorant by showing himself as a
human being while actually existing as the form of the space (of
consciouness), the fullness of the supreme reality, Paravastu.

Verse 2180: When he is seen properly, Padam remains merged as
the impartial sun of benovolent grace, but people of the world
needlessly slander him as being hard-hearted.

Verse 389: To loving devotees, Padam has a pleasant smile that resembles a water lily, but to deceitful and people, it is terrible and dreadful.

Verse 2866: Having assumed a form, Padam,the unique, true Jnana,
moves (amongst us) to show the way of truth to men.

Verse 1192: Adopting the form of grace, resplendent Padam, causes
true Jnana to shine in a fitting manner in the hearts of devotees.

(Source: Padamalai, Muruganar, Tamil Verses. Tr. and Commentary
by David Godman, Avadhuta Foundation, Boulder, Colorado. USA.)

Arunachala Siva.