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The Myth of Sisyphus
« on: January 10, 2009, 01:20:14 PM »
There is a classic non fiction by Albert Camus, with the title The Myth
of Sisyphus, (original, French).  Here Camus, compares the state of
Sisyphus to the man of the modern world.  Sisyphus is in love with
the daughter of Promethus, who is a god.  Promethus punishes
Sisyphus for having fallen in love with his daughter.  He gives a peculiar
punishment to Sisyphus.  He is asked to roll up a heavy spherical rock
upto the mountain top and hold it when he sleeps at night.  The rock despite tight grab of Sisyphus, while sleeping at night on the summit, comes down rolling to the foot hills, only to make Sisyphus, to roll it up to the mountain next day!  The punishment is endless and is more severe than death.

We are all like Sysphus.  We see the mind which is the rock, as soon as
we get up in the morning.  The rock appears sometime light and sometimes quite heavy.  During bath and good breakfast, we feel like
whistling, because the rock is light.  As soon as we reach the office,
we hear the news that Satyam Computers is in deep trouble.  We are also
in a software company and we start worrying what will happen to me
and then to our company?  The rock becomes heavy and heavier throughtout the day, sometimes unbearably heavy.  We come home tired.  For about an hour, the rock again looks light, with a nice programme
in the TV, children playing around us and after a good dinner, we go
to sleep, holding the mind tight in our grab, in deep sleep, in Anandamaya Kosa.  We get up in the morning to see that the rock has rolled down to
the foothills. Again come down and push it carefully during the day. We
come to know in the office that Ramalinga Raju has surrendered to the
police and the SEBI and CBI are busy in the Satyam office. What will
happen? What will happen to me? What will happen to my company?
How to run the livelihood, in case we get pink slip?  O! the huge credit card liabilties......  The mind and our rolling the rock up to the mountain, till  the end of the day is continuing.

Bhagavan Ramana says that you mind is not the rock.  You are not holding
any rock. You are the rock.  The rock is imaginary, un real.  If we could realize that, then the rock becomes light as the peacock feather, which I had picked up in Sri Ramanasramam.  The rock which is imaginary is non existent. We are only existent, real.  We are the rock.

Arunachala Siva.