Author Topic: Tiruapalli Ezhuchchi - 6  (Read 1032 times)


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Tiruapalli Ezhuchchi - 6
« on: January 10, 2009, 11:17:43 AM »
The verse 6 of Tirupalli Ezhuchchi, describes the state of sincere
devotees of Siva.  The girls sing:

O consort of Uma! Having overcome all the turbulence of their minds,
conquering all desires in life, your true devotees have experienced
you in their hearts and they have also conqured their moola-mala, the prime  dirt of ego and they have gone to Your Abode. They are all
human beings, from Jnanis to ordinary men, women and neuters.
They have adored you as per the characteristics of their births.*  O
the Lord of Tiruperundurai, where the lotuses bloom in the rich
paddy fields, please remove our knots of births, take hold of us
and rule us. Please wake up and bless.   

(* The adoration to Siva, is as per their births.  The Kshatriyas protect
their countries and Siva devotees and Siva temples.  They use their
granary to feed Siva devotees.  The Brahmins chant mantras and worship Siva through sacrifices.  The trading community gives grains and food
items, clothes and oranments to Siva temples and Siva devotees.  The
working class pray to Siva in their homes after hard work, and help
in bringing flowers, fruits and grain to Siva temple and clean up the
precincts. They work hard to build temples and towers as per the
instruction of the king.)  The ancient society had this classification of
work for each type of person, all in adoration of Siva.)

Arunachala Siva.