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Upasana - Worship - 2
« on: January 08, 2009, 01:57:08 PM »
Muruganar continues.....

Verse 516: The true form of God cannot be realized except in a mind
that has become firmly established in the state of absorption wherein
the ego does not rise. Therefore, in the beginning, train the mind so
that it remains clinging to a single target instead of wandering around
like a straying bull (in waking and dream), or getting tired and falling
into sleep.

Verse 517: A mind that has attained mauna is indeed an immaculate
crystal lingam that, if worshipped, grants endless happiness. Since
all the things that are worthless senses bring to you while you have
the deluded  idea that you are the physical body become an attachment,
an obstacle to that mauna experience, spurn them all and eradicate
them from the mind.

(Murugnar says that the mind that has attained mouna, becomes a
'mani lingam', that is a crystal lingam.  A thoughtless mind is the
crystal form of Siva within you.)

Verse 518: For the worship of the God whose lustre never fades,
each day's presiding stars are auspicious, and each day's presiding
planets are beneficial.  The planetary conjuncations on each and
every day are deeply auspicous.  On any particular day, the astrological
periods that prevail are all full of propitiousness and suitable for worship.

(For worship of god, the day, the titi, nakshatara, rahu kala etc.,
need not be determined.  We know that Bhagavan Ramana wanted
to have the evening dinner, in spite of the fact that during that period (around 6 to 7 pm), there was a lunar eclipse.  Some devotees followed
suit and took dinner with Bhagavan Ramana during the lunal eclipse time!  Jnana Sambandhar has sung in his Tevaram, that for going
to Madurai, (the day was inauspicious due to some planetary movement
and Tirunvaukkarasar forbid him from going, because Madurai was then
ruled by a Jaina King, who, according to Tirunavukkarasar, would cause
harm for Jnana Sambandhar.), there was no need to look into the stars'
position since Siva, the consort of Uma with slender bamboo like shoulders, was in his heart. Saint Arunagiri Natha also tells in Kandar
Alangaram, Verse 38 and in Kandar Andati, that all the seven planets
would do no harm for a devotee of Muruga.)     

Verse 519: Since it is very rare for faith to arise in something, should
such a faith be born in anyone, that person should, with devotion,
unwaveringly protect and nurture that new-born babe as if it were
the wish fulfilling cow of heaven, Kamadhenu.

(Source: Guru Vachaka Kovai, Muruganar. Tamil Verses. Tr. and
Commentary by David Godman, Avadhuta Foundation, Boulder,
Colorado. USA.)

Arunachala Siva.