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Miracles Do Happen
« on: December 31, 2008, 09:43:24 AM »
Marleen Boers is a Dutch.  She first read Zimmer's The Way of the Self,
a German book translated into Dutch.  After a few years she read Arthur
Osborne's My life and the quest, which attracted her very much and she
wanted to make a visit to Tiruvannamalai.  She wrote to Sri Ganesan of
the Asramam and then made it to Tiruvannamalai in November 1968.
Again she visited the Asramam in 1970, and this time she came from
Karachi where she was working in Dutch Consulate.  She was eager
to meet Osborne who was then in Madrid and in May 1970 he has
passed away.  She could of course get in touch with Mrs. Osborne.  She
wanted to construct a house in Tiruvannamalai and Sri Ganesan said
that he would look for a suitable plot.  In Sept 1972, she received a letter
from Mrs. Osborne to send some money for advance to be paid for the
plot in Tiruvannamalai.  At that time, there had been a war between Pakistan and India (Dec 1971) and letters between two countries had
been stopped by governments.  In Sep 1972, when she received a letter
from Mrs. Osborne, Marleen thought that the postal service had been
restored.  She wrote a letter to Mrs. Osborne and went to the Post Office
in Karachi and asked for stamps for mail to India.  The official looked at
her surprisingly and said: Don't you know that there is no mail service
between the two countries? 

Marleen was shocked.  She looked at the letter received from Mrs. Osborne.  It was dated 25.9.1972.  Added to this, there was also a
stamp with a picture of Bhagavan Ramana on it!  She knew for certain,
that by this miracle, Bhagavan Ramana wanted her to build a house
in Tiruvannamalai!  She completed the construction by 1981, resigned
from her service, (at that time she was in Bombay) and settled down in
Tiruvannamalai!  One more miracle was that soon after she had registered
the plot, a rule from Government of India came prohibiting NRIs from
buying property in India!

(Source: Mountain Path, July Sep 2008)

Arunachala Siva.