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General topics / Re: What do you think about buddhist meditation?
« on: January 09, 2010, 09:58:42 PM »
mindfullness of breath is called shamata or shine meditation...and this is the primary meditation of hinayana (the smaller vehicle of buddhism) it is said to take aeons and millions of lifetimes to realize buddhanature in this way :)

so saying shamata is buddhist meditation is true but a very partial truth.

yes true, I had this feeling also...and I understood why you left for a time :)

but hte thing is as we all know we cannot controll if we are here or at work or in the himalayans meditating in a cave....we just play out our I guess the best thing is to rejoice in beeing here (or hte himalays or at work)..

much love

General topics / Re: Liberation not possible for everyone?
« on: January 06, 2010, 12:59:16 AM »
dear japo

Iam not an expert that is for sure, so I can share what I "believe" could be an aid...

you said yourself that awereness is nothing to be attained, because it is allready the case right now..

so on the path you have choosen, a nondual mysical is thought that it is allready there..this moment is dont create this, you dont need effort to be right is selfsprung awarness without beginning or end...utterly pure and sacred...and this is the truth

and infact we just need to make a shift from "ordinary" mindstuff or heavy convulsive thinking..Into simply beeing (I study dzogchen buddhism and here the term non-active meditaiton, or simply relaxing is used....)

its very see what hides the allpervading truth, is just a thin layer of dualistic thought...thats all...and this layer is nothing more but illusion (mithya) :)

so nondual mysticism is the easiest and shortest way...but still practice is neccessary to be stabel in this realisation..

anyway as buddhanature or the self is allways here right now allways our nature, it is also not impossible (technical) to realize it, all human beeings have hte potential (through grace of a great master also animals or plants can "achive" liberation, I mean achiving is a little confusing..but english is not my mother tongue)..

but it is true that some will realize some not....the thing is: to dont bother wether you realize or not..I are allready why bother?

simply meditate and pray...all else is in the hands of the maharshi..

and in job, relationship etc: best thing is to relaxe into the situations..into what is, and take this life easy...and then it becomes joyfull, to say the least....

I wish you a path without obstacles, and full of joy

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Now this question
« on: December 30, 2009, 11:35:37 AM »
dear skrudai

regarding hte meditation you quoted
my master teaches one primary form of guruyoga

you visualize the seed syllable "Ah" in your heart center ("Ah" is the primordial sound of a human beeing...the first one he makes when arriving here and the las tone when he dies), surounded by a bindu made of the five colored light (the pure essence of the 5 elements)...

you sound a long and pleasent "Ah" and relax into the silent presence afterwards....thoughts, thoughtless mind, tears, laughter all is allowed to come...

with this meditiaotn you also invoke hte wisdom mind of the teacher...therefor it is called guruyoga

it is always striking how close the traditions esoteric teachings are...

much love

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Miracles Do Happen
« on: December 30, 2009, 11:22:57 AM »
dear slakshmi

indeed the truth :)


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Now this question
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:38:35 PM »
in fact the whole sadhana we choosed is so hard because it is so incredible easy...

so direct and is everpresent, no one needs to make it or create it during meditation or post is simply we can relax...if we could :)

I know the tenthousand voices in my head saying no, this that, blablabla in fact 80 or 90% of my day is spent with mind-stuff

and 10% is ease...and bliss...suchness (surrender)

and hte truth is...100%is suchness...always there, always saying hello, in fact that is the grace of god...a grace that is always the case, always needing grace or waiting for the grace is a very idle and egoistic thing :)

jet I like to do this most in my meditation practice :D


"waiting for IT to arive" ....


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / four pointers
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:11:29 PM »

1. to close, you cannot see it

2. to profound, you cannot appreciate it

3. to easy, you cannot believe it

4. to good, you cannot accept it

these are sometimes given when you recieve dzogchen or mahamudra teachings...

I pinned them over my fridge, a help to use a vasana (eating because Iam bored..) into remembering who good  ;)

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Miracles Do Happen
« on: December 29, 2009, 12:10:01 PM »
dear slakshmi

I think this is not hte egoic pride its divine pride..wich is a good thing...

so I would be proud too, as Iam proud of my teachers...its natural and important...think about feeling guilty of knowing hte maharshi  :D....that would be a very bad sign :)

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Now this question
« on: December 29, 2009, 12:00:09 PM »
dear nagaraj

I think I cannot help you but I like the question because I see it also in a way in my practice...I put away the advaita jargon a second and speak my mind ok :)

there are certain openings, certain understandings of a concept free pure beeing but it alway vanishes very fast...

and then the ego comes again, and thorugh these openings it is in a way "Known" or "seen" in the helplessness and all hte suffering and stupid acitons...

and then it hurts me...this two views in a hte liberated open hearted relaxed mind and hte other very tight, very anxious and simply stupid mind in a way...

then of course the ego says "I want to be in this simple presence forever, this is liberation"..and then a new opstacle is there...seeking enlightment...

and it really seems that all of htis is senseless, but on the other much suffering is burned because of my I simply go on...because in the relative world, are changes too...Iam more relaxed, less stress more why not continue? In fact when I feel horrible and sad always then how can I benefit others and be a release for their suffering?

I dont know if htis helps is of course no clue for your own situation..

but I wanted to share this and hope you simply go on...sit more in see I came ot the point where I guess I have to practice more, pray more and talk less..(somehting Iam very bad at :) )

much love and thank you for hte topic

i can share what I expereinced so far...thats all I know..

first thing as udai ji said the knowledge is essential, we need to know what it is that we are looking for, and the basic ways the ego works....what is truth what is concept....

in terms of meditaition I can share what I know from dzogchen....and here it is simply about relaxing into the truth(this moment)...

this means we need to know that what is right now, is utterly pure and true....there is no thing, no spot in htis universe that is not "good" or loving....this allows me to rest in it...freely, I can let go all tension, and be there as Iam...and then buddhamind actualizes itself...without my doing...

this is called in zen "non-seeking mind"....a mind that is not searching for more then what is allready there....( this is a happy and carefree mind)

and this happens in meditation sometimes....sometimes during day to day activities etc...and Iam teached to cherrish this moments, because they deconstruct the wrong ideas about what Iam...

thats all I know....

I came to the conclusion that the relaxing into the moment in dzogchen, is the same like surrendering to the surrender your body and mind to the self...this is simply letting go of body and mind relaxing them into the present moment..(effortless...a non-active meditaiton, a letting go of...not a creating of..)

i hope that this was not wrong..

and it is not contradictory to what you said, in the beginning I guess there is a feeling that Iam "doing" presence...wich will slowly be deconstructed too...

so its effort that destroys itself...effortless effort...

but to say effort is not neccessary is my long as I feel "Iam bound" I need to try to free myself...even if I know that it is a lie...and even if I understood the truth....the thing is I cannot do it in another feeling of beeing bound is the motivation or the fuel to free myself...If i would say I dont read scriptures anymore...I dont practice anymore...then my life would be horrible :)

anyway ramakrishna was devoted to kali after nondual realisation...dudjom rinpoche stood up at 4 o clock to pray for all his devotees that they might reach liberation when they see him...and he practice till his paranirvana..and belive me there is no quesiton that he was fully realized..

so can one speak about effort in such cases?

dear non.duel these words are the truth

I know it (feel it)....and I accept it as true and I relaxe into the light of your words, as I relaxe into the words of most people here...I enjoy reading them and I regard this board as full of wisdom inhabited by buddhas and sages :)

but effort and knowledge of truth are not a contradiction (in my mind htey are, but I in a way I feel that they coexist and that they have to coexist)

that is all what I mean

much love

dear nondual what you say is the truth, but to say effort is not neccessary could also be an obstacle and missleading...

I understand you...but I remember the storyof the young milarepa meeting a great lama who tells him, you are allready realized, no effort is neccessary, you are non active sky-like awereness...

and milarepy became very very egoistic after that teaching, the lama saw it and he sended him away to another lama (known as marpa the translator, who brought the mahamudra tantras from india to tibet), who made him do alot of crazy purification works like building a house and destroying it shortly before it is finished because there is this little misstake, and then rebould it...destroy it.... again and again...kicking him out of hte ashram, shouting at him, not giving him instrucitons, treating him like a dog etc.....

and milarepa became one of hte greatest yogis of all time...

so this teaching is wonderfull and true but I guess it depends who is listening (also I think that Iam not fully ripe for this....I need effort and daily practice and a little disciplin....if I would say that effort is not neccessary and at the same time Iam practicing daily, and reading scriptures etc...then I would not be very authentic or?)

much love

dear subramanian,
I do not know if I have the money to travel from north india to south india during this trip, but who knows what will happen...

I thought of visiting arunachala on my second flight to india...wich is not jet planned...but who knows maybe ramanas grace is pulling me to arunachala sooner as I think...

much love and thank you for your presence in this forum

I know that Iam not dwelling in absolut peace...

therefor I do sadhana with the knowledge that any such effort is senseless....I cannot add more to this discussion

I cherish all the moments of object free meditation that through the grace of my teachers is arising....and I try to life a good and truthfull life, a moral life...and at the same time this is all play, all samsara...

but I was told that samsara and nirvana, share the same Iam what Iam a tthe moment and I dont have much to offer to this discussion, but I found it partially very luminous :)

merry christmass

dear tvranjith

I can answer from my point of view (wich is limited)

sadhana is itself grace of guru and the same grace will make it something that just happens...and then the question "why make sadhana if everything is allready brahman" will not emerge anymore..

good night

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