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dear sadhak

in fact heinecken is my favourit beer

and it is part of my path to enlightment...

anyway I dont think that I will have fun running against that brickwall of an discussion  :D

so i rejoice in watching


anyway I feel that sadhak is triing to show skrudai that he is not enlightened...

but i guess skrudai knows that he is not awake...but maybe he is awake? I dont know...I dont even know if iam awake? or sleeping...Iam too stupid to tell you

anyway because iam (or am I not?) in ignorance about my true state of beeing I should not judge others who are on the path.

you see I dont know about my own state of affairs why worrie about others?

I for myself guess you want to show him the truth or? and the truth is (for you) that he is not a jnani?

but then dear sadhak you try to show him a lie, or not?

there is just this moment, thats all...

you can say to someone: "hey buddy, the way you talk is not very wise, you just use the same terms again and have not realized this moment"...I mean its totally sensless

because this moment is this moment, for you for me for skrudai...and nobody has ever realized it, no one..its allready realized...thats advaita or do I missunderstand this whole thing? if Iam awake or not is totally uninteressting, and if someone else is realized or not is also uninteressting..or not?

when scriptures and sages say there is no such thing like an enlightened or unenlightened person, why worry about such projections?

I mean its boring...and sensless...


iam drunk..heinecken

dear venugopal

as you see I know that there is a fake one, so I was also greedy :)


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / calling the lama from afar
« on: February 16, 2010, 01:19:08 PM »
this is a prayer to the guru from his holiness dudjom rinpoche, some may know him from earlier posts of myself...I think this is a wonderfull prayer and captures the essence of such prayers very good...

in the beginning some explanation of words:
heruka means Deva
and victorious ones are the buddhas and bodhisattvas
lama is the same as guru

in the depth of my heart
At the center of my faiths blossoming thousand-petalled lotus,
you dwell forever in delight
and alway bless me.

glorious lord heruka
Jigdral Yeshe Dorje,
you are all the victorious ones essence:
of this my heart is sure

With intense, unbearable yearning,
I single-mindedly pray to you:
bring me to spiritual maturity and liberation
with your nectar of blessing, empowerment, and accomplishments.

I cry out from afar
with overhelming longing for you, my lama
yet I cannot find you
apart from this, my original mind

when there is no one to hear my prayers
nor anyone to voice them,
why should I invent supplications
with forced, clinging contrivance?

conceptionless naked empty awereness,
vivid yet indefinable-
this I recognize as my ultimate lama,
indestructible wisdom

in the original ground of the naturally settled state,
supreme constant abiding in primordial presence,
I need not call my lama from afar
nor search for you nearby.

in the essential nature beyond my mind,
all-inclusive awekening, delusion is unheard of,
let alone transcendence of sorrow.
it is an endless expanse of eveness and exaltation.

whatever arises is dharmakaya's pervasive manifestation
blessings beyond understanding
enter this yogin's heart.
how wonderful and amazing!

we should pray daily to our guru that his/her mind will merge with ours...

this is written in all works on dzogchen I read. also my teacher said that guru-yoga is the most important practice in dzogchen...this is a sort of meditaiton and there different forms..but the devotional prayers to the guru is some sort of food or fuel for the sadhana...

I think when performed daily this is rellay hte means for liberation in this life...

in the bardo literature they also say that even when you have not realized in this life you can get realization of your true nature in the process of diing, when it is time to go one should pray to the grur to emrge his wisdom mind with your own mind..your Self who is the guru will answer...

as baghawan said: god, the self and guru are the same

dudjom rinpoche also said that the guru-lama and the own awareness are the same....

so  when one prays to the guru, one prays to himself, its a non-dual practice...there is no gap and therefor it is possible that the own self (who is bhagawan) is answering the prayers..

I think this is important to understand also..

there is a fake one  ;)

anyway I personally owuld love to be listen to his silence constantly :)


dear skrudai

I in my humble opinion think that a jnani, is here for one porpuse: to awake us to our true condition....

and I dont think that anything else should matter too much..

but that is just my opinion

General topics / Re: Comments on Teachings of Sri ramana maharishi
« on: January 30, 2010, 12:11:33 PM »
I know this short introduction, and I also liekd it alot :)

General topics / Re: Lost photo of Bhagavan
« on: January 21, 2010, 11:23:31 AM »
an even more recent incident :)

I had sleepproblems for 5 days see since one month I began to have sleeping problems 2 or 3 days a week, I had this before but it stopped...anyway it came again...

this night was the 5th night without good sleep, I wasnt agnry or feeling to bad because of my sadhana...but anyway this night I felt very angry about the situation...not hatred but anger...

and hten I remmebered this post, and your story dear subrmanian, (how you started with the maha mantra)
and I prayed for sleep to bhagawan, and I started to chant the mantra...

the sleep was not perfect but I felt very good in the morning...

I know that mantras for sleep are somesort of last refuge because they may change hte unconcious processes that prevent from sleeping..and delay the solving of hte real problem...anyway I wanted sleep and with the grace of bhagawan I got it :)


General topics / Re: Does a jnani have "moods"?
« on: January 19, 2010, 04:31:53 PM »
i saw the interview very wonderfull :)

General topics / Re: Does a jnani have "moods"?
« on: January 19, 2010, 04:24:15 PM »
there are the four extreme believes in buddhism. I would like them to share here..

it is the answer given when one askes does mind exist or not exist...
they are called the four extreme believes because non fo them is right ;)

answer nr1:
mind does exist

mind does not exist

mind does exist and does not exist

mind neither exist nor does it not exist

all these are false now tell me what is mind?

General topics / Re: What do you think about buddhist meditation?
« on: January 13, 2010, 01:31:30 AM »
dear mai chop wok

it works for me, but ramana is still my guru.. and I enjoy the conversations here

so I dont draw a line between these sadhana is from tibetan buddhism, but the "view" is so close and similar that it makes really not a big difference if I write here or somewhere else.

you see this is in a way my internet sangha, and very dear to me
I mean I started writing/reading here when I didnt know much about this religion
but bhagawan in a way "told" me that I will meet different teachers and that they are in reallity it carried me in this direction.. and I dont really question it, feels right and good for me

it just gets you tomporarely into a relaxed oyu would meditate

but hten its benefit for hte spiritual path...more like a in huxleys brave new world :)

yes I think this is true...
I mean they started to research on longtime meditators and meditation masters...and you see the brain is working totally different :) different structures, more grey mass...less stress...also they researched meditators that expereince the ocnitnuum of hte three states (waking, dreaming, deep sleep) and in their case the theta wave is always present...a wave that is normally observed during a koma :) but they have this always...yo you could say this is the witness

but htis is not shocking to me, because it is just evidence for this path, and it takes awy alot of the "mystical, magical" and takes it to the simply says what we are dooing is really working :) scientifically proofen

I mean would love to see the brain structures of ramana or ramakrishna...I mean must be very interessting to hear what they say about his brain...I know of a buddhist monk that produces I think 800%  activity in a brain region that is responsible for happiness when he meditates on compassion, someone who started meditating reaches 10-20% more then an avarage you see sitting down and contemplating about hte nature of mind or hte self is really something very very positiv :)...even the hard matterialistic sciences start to proof it..its wonderfull...

in america are also cd available that let you experience deep states of meditation because they change your brainwaves :)

I think it is nice invention but senseless on hte spiritual path....

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