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General topics / Re: Yearning for God
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:23:06 AM »
you know what fascinated me the most about the O as symbol for the enlightened mind in buddhism?

that the circle is also the symbol of samsara, or the "wheel of life"?

something to think about deeply :D

General topics / Re: A criteria for spiritual progress
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:18:36 AM »
very interessting topic.

you know that line of buddha: "there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way"

I understant it in two ways...

number one is: it is allready there

number two is: if we feel miserable along the way we will end up feeling miserable (permanent)
if we feel happy and good along the way, we will end up feeling happy (permanent)

now both ways lead nowhere

so what did the buddha mean?

General topics / Re: Guilt
« on: April 04, 2010, 11:45:45 PM »
think about relaxing the thinking mind...

how great when it jsut can think whatever it wants, bads thought good thought...I mean what en incredible pressure we use to surpress the thinking mind...especially people whop much energy to just dont think


General topics / Re: I don't know what to do anymore
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:03:51 PM »
dear matthew

our names are name is matthias thats the same in german like matthew in english..and Iam 23...

first I like to say that questions like this are very welcome in forums like this, you know why? because some part in us likes to teach, and show what sort of "understanding" and even "realisation" we have, and hte best place to do this is under such a theme......Iam not what I say is maybe totally stupid....

but I try to be honest with you ok.. (I know what I will write may not make all people of htis forum happy, but anyway...)

first I would say that you should not judge buddhism in such a way, it has a strong non-dual teaching at the maybe you karma is just different and you met the wrong teachers? I practice vajrayana buddhism and my teachers where all fountains of love and nurturing presence...they still carry me today even If I met them just for one time...for some hours you know..the blessing is still with me.

and why you do not think about a psychotherapy, I make one myself...its not forbidden for "spiritual" see it hightens awereness...and thats what it is all about in the spiritual life or? you see freud was austrian (Iam too) and I understand why we in the west have something like psychotherapy...why it stepped into the realm of time here in the west? because we need it..and its a good thing. I dont say its for all people, but it is a good thing really especially for our generation...I feel like this is true for me..I may be wrong, but as I said I want to be honest with you....

the questions you raise are qustions for a therapist not for a yogi...a yogi can also solve your problem of course, but maybe a therpasist would do it in a better way, or lets say in a more "western" way...

I make a gestlatherapy and my therapist is budhdist too, and I found books of hte maharshi and paul brunton in his library, its wonderfull he helps me solve my worldy problems and sometimes we may touch also spiritual feelings during the therapy...he is not a spiritual teacher for me, of course, but you see sometimes there is a sort of touching point where meditaiton and therapy meet...

to solve your worldy problems try out a therapy, it changed my life...faster and deeper then my meditation practice...Iam more happy, I have less fear of contact to others etc...all the worldy stuff you know...

to solve your spiritual problems please go to the maharshi, he can solve everything...

I know that in the end the maharshi will also solve all the worldy problems, I mean he will solve all problems, but for hte meantime, for your own happiness think about what I wrote

if you are interessted here is a wiki-link:

be guarded and have a safe journey

PS: matthias//matthew means "gift of god"...nice to know huh?

I like these posts so very much, is like a small picture from the enlightened touching and inspiring :)

ramana is such a wonderful beeing   :)


dear grhluna, your post made me painfully aware that I have more work to do, up there is a link to a meditaiton technique that I also use sometimes but not that often, its hard you know, because this kind of meditation makes me cry everytime :)

but you inspired me to consider working on htis again

much love

General Discussion / Re: Meditation - eyes open ,eyes closed
« on: March 13, 2010, 12:42:20 AM »
dear akira
my meditaiton is vajrayana buddhism (tibetan tantric buddhism)

and I can say that my main teacher said that when meditating about hte nature of mind (self) best thing is to meditate with eyes open...because you also will integrate this into your daily life...(its easier to remember who you are during the day)...I do so and it is fine with me...

when I do tantric practices with alot of visualisaiton and mantras then I clos ehte eyes...its more confortable, someitmes I keep them halfopen when it helps to focus..

hope this helped you


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Baba & Ramana
« on: March 08, 2010, 12:07:57 AM »

General topics / Re: Guru Geetha
« on: March 06, 2010, 12:58:35 PM »
I too hope that your recovery is swift and without obstacles


General topics / Nagarjuna's Mahamudra Vision
« on: March 06, 2010, 12:22:41 PM »
   Nagarjuna's Mahamudra Vision

Homage to Manjusrikumarabhuta!

1. I bow down to the all-powerful Buddha
Whose mind is free of attachment,
Who in his compassion and wisdom
Has taught the inexpressible.

2. In truth there is no birth -
Then surely no cessation or liberation;
The Buddha is like the sky
And all beings have that nature.

3. Neither Samsara nor Nirvana exist,
But all is a complex continuum
With an intrinsic face of void,
The object of ultimate awareness.

4. The nature of all things
Appears like a reflection,
Pure and naturally quiescent,
With a non-dual identity of suchness.

5. The common mind imagines a self
Where there is nothing at all,
And it conceives of emotional states -
Happiness, suffering, and equanimity.

6. The six states of being in Samsara,
The happiness of heaven,
The suffering of hell,
Are all false creations, figments of mind.

7. Likewise the ideas of bad action causing suffering,
Old age, disease and death,
And the idea that virtue leads to happiness,
Are mere ideas, unreal notions.

8. Like an artist frightened
By the devil he paints,
The sufferer in Samsara
Is terrified by his own imagination.

9. Like a man caught in quicksands
Thrashing and struggling about,
So beings drown
In the mess of their own thoughts.

10. Mistaking fantasy for reality
Causes an experience of suffering;
Mind is poisoned by interpretation
Of consciousness of form.

11. Dissolving figment and fantasy
With a mind of compassionate insight,
Remain in perfect awareness
In order to help all beings.

12. So acquiring conventional virtue
Freed from the web of interpretive thought,
Insurpassable understanding is gained
As Buddha, friend to the world.

13. Knowing the relativity of all,
The ultimate truth is always seen;
Dismissing the idea of beginning, middle and end
The flow is seen as Emptiness.

14. So all samsara and nirvana is seen as it is -
Empty and insubstantial,
Naked and changeless,
Eternally quiescent and illumined.

15. As the figments of a dream
Dissolve upon waking,
So the confusion of Samsara
Fades away in enlightenment.

16. Idealising things of no substance
As eternal, substantial and satisfying,
Shrouding them in a fog of desire
The round of existence arises.

17. The nature of beings is unborn
Yet commonly beings are conceived to exist;
Both beings and their ideas
Are false beliefs.

18. It is nothing but an artifice of mind
This birth into an illusory becoming,
Into a world of good and evil action
With good or bad rebirth to follow.

19. When the wheel of mind ceases to turn
All things come to an end.
So there is nothing inherently substantial
And all things are utterly pure.

20. This great ocean of samsara,
Full of delusive thought,
Can be crossed in the boat Universal Approach.
Who can reach the other side without it?

The Twenty Mahayana Verses, (in Sanskrit,
Mahayanavimsaka; in Tibetan: Theg pa chen po nyi
shu pa) were composed by the master Nagarjuna.
They were translated into Tibetan by the Kashmiri
Pandit Ananda and the Bhikshu translator Drakjor
Sherab (Grags 'byor shes rab). They have been
translated into English by the Anagarika
Kunzang Tenzin on the last day of the year 1973
in the hope that the karma of the year may be mitigated.

May all beings be happy!

dear sadhak I just wanted to see if there is somebody behind the words and the plays

Iam not hurt by you, but what happens arround hitler and his crazy cult hurts....I mean, if you look at this topic you can feel nothing but pain and total helplessness...

that was my first and foremost motivation to post this,

second was that I wanted to let you know that I have a heart, if you think I have just a brain full of ideas about enlightment, then you are wrong...

here is a living human beeing behind the words...surely not enlightened

student as you..there is a ego, there is anger...and fear and all that wich creates the ego..its alive in me

and betwenn students should be respect

and we can stop playing arround now and meet as humans in this forum, so if you want too talk to me then straight, Iam not an Idea in your head remember that.

much love

but proof me wrong did I ever say Iam self realized?

i just say I drink heinecken and that this is my path to realisation...wich you (thank god) proofed to be the wrong way...

maybe my ego beliefes that Iam self realized, for gods sake who cares? maybe Iam a big liar too, maybe I rape woman, you do not even know me..maybe Iam the greates idiot in the world, maybe hte reincarnation of Hitler (you seme to be fascniated bye him)

Iam austrian like him ;)

who knows...

but you seem to know it in a very subtle manner, if more subtle then I seem to please tell me what is so interessting in telling people that they are wrong?

I mean really what is it? tell it to me straight


dear sadhak I admit, I lost the battle

you have shown the world that my theory that everyhting is the self is just made up thought forms  :-[

you have shown the world that Iam not self realized, and that Iam just a fraud, a bad bad liar :-[

you also showed me that heinecken is not hte path to enlightment....iam thankfull for your teaching  :-[


anyway I think it is important that you are on that mission...whatever it is  :D


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