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General topics / Re: How to do effort?
« on: May 18, 2010, 11:47:20 AM »
dear grhluna I strongly encourage you to do this :)

I think it is good for both sides.....dont ask me why but I feel it is a great idea

may it be virtous

General topics / Re: How to do effort?
« on: May 17, 2010, 02:20:43 PM »
to be still means to rest as awereness, wich is unborn, unchanging always fresh etc.

this takes effort, the effort is an effort that differentiates between "seer" and "seen".

thoughts are content of awereness, bodily sensations are content of awereness....object and subject are created and cease, something else arises and remain as awereness is to see everything, see it clearly and at the same time dont get carried away by the content, or better dont "be" hte the observer the seer of the content...

for example: you think...a thought arises, this is happening, you are the simply observe..this needs effort at the beginning, when the mind is used to it is spontanious...

I think this is what ramana means..

General topics / Re: dear sadhaks whats with your body?
« on: May 09, 2010, 10:35:37 PM »
yes that was a very straightforward advaita answer.....but Iam wondering if it was a neoadvaitic answer or one that is really honest?

anyway you can use talk like this for any topic of life, but you know what: this truth that you are presenting is still there even if you answer the questions that where raised from your own sources of knowledge and experience, from your whole organism, wich may be an illusion (I dont know hte scriptures say so)...but anyway its much more fun...and ramana maharshi also cooked, you see, he showed annamalai swami how to make plaster and encouraged him when he feeled depressed (when I udnerstood the stories right, maybe he didnt do this)

for luminaries like ramana maharshi there is no development....Not at all.

even for gautama siddharta was development till he realized, so

if I tell you now with all my honesty IAM BRAHMAN will you believe me?

or do I need to say YOU ARE BRAHMAN, will you believe me then without any further doubt?

if yes, then what are you doing here? if you dont believe, then what is with the body dear sadhaka?

after all IAM BRAHMAN is the truth, but it is truthfull to speak from the "personal" heart...that would be honest  you know, also not a bad thing....

to make my point more clear:
if I ask you: "do you like icecream" and you say "drop your body mind and realize the immortal atman within"

then you know...I would think about talking with you twice, the next time...because I allready know what kind of answer will come...

"you like pizza also?" answer: "you are that!"...

this is not meant to offend you, you see Iam curious about this, I also dont try to steal away your realisation if you are allready awake(how could I?), I just ask this simple question...what is with the body dear sadhak?

may it be virtuous

General topics / 2 wonderfull films in the internet
« on: May 05, 2010, 12:32:44 PM »

in spite of darkness

the american zen master bernie glassman, started to conduct meditaiton retreat in ausschwitz, in the symbol here in europe that stand for systematic killing of hte own brother and sister...the film follows 5 participants inot this retreat experience....

they are from different faiths, one woman is the daughter of a nazi, a catholic priest, a rabbi, a buddhist. its wonderfull to watch, maybe for me (Iam austrian, the birhtplace of hitler is 1 and a half h away from were Iam tiping this) it is much deeper to see, but anyway if oyu have time look at it it is for free...

the second one is about papaji I will look a tit now, I think it is also very good

in dzogchen they say that the highest meditaiton is to look at the so called person, and finding nothing to see, relax in this recognition..

thats the direct path, and its at the core of many great traditions....really a universal teaching and method.

there are a group of questions that the buddha never answered (they have a special name wich I dont remember now)

one is about the reality of the world

anotherone about the reality of the atman

he always kept still, there are different accounts of this.....when I read these stories, I always have the strong conviction that buddha and ramana are one in there realisation...

in tantric buddhism enlightment is called mahasiddhi, there are greater and minor siddhis, but I find it interessting that also ramana speaks of enlightment as the highest siddhi....

I read the the biographie of annammalai swami from david godman, and completed the "story" part recently, I spare the teachings for a later time..

it was wonderfull and the deepest teaching I recieved from my reading was that all is right and all will work out if you have trust in bhagawan and the world...then the right things will manifest without problem...and this is true

much love

General topics / Re: dear sadhaks whats with your body?
« on: May 03, 2010, 10:59:48 PM »

This is also common in meditation. Energy moves upwards towards the head. The tenseness fades if the origin of the energy is the heart space. So even if there are sensations in the head, the essential awareness is in the heart space. (I hope by energy you mean the energy of consciousness.)
Two good indications are:
- bliss
- anahat (unstruck sound)

no i meant the misstake that one thinks meditaion is "strong conentration" then the body energy moves to the head and it is very exhausting ot meditate...I made this mistakes for at least 1 year and it is still happening from time to time...

the rest of your answer filled me with you :)

General topics / Re: dear sadhaks whats with your body?
« on: May 03, 2010, 05:48:57 PM »
i think so too...

still I would like to know about others opinions, its an interessting topic, a crucial one

General topics / Re: Question about reincarnation
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:48:55 PM »
the buddha said that samsara is endless..

so how could it have a middle, a beginning, a end?

maybe this helps also?

General topics / Re: dear sadhaks whats with your body?
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:40:43 PM »
dear nagaraj

your answer is the highest teaching one can recieve, and I have recieved it, and you see here Iam still carring a name and doing sadhana :)

...why? I dont know

anyway it is the truth what you say so Iam thankfull for reminding me.


dear amiatall

if you drop an concept it will always happen in an instant like everything arises spontaniously the concepts will arise and drop dead without someone who is in charge of is just happening...

I think (I dont know) that as long as I percieve myself as matthias and you as amiatall I have to practice, its as simple as that...all is in gods hands

so how is this energy, this "iam" how does it feel, and how does it resonate with my body?

is it a running away from my body if I rest as "iamness" or is it a "sinking" or "opening" of my body when I rest as awereness......for me its more an sinking deeper into my body...I feel my aliveness, and fromt hat feeling I can touch the aliveness of everything...the whole universe....when I run away from my body and think Iam contemplating hte "Iam" then Iam contemplating about my head :D

really it feels like that for me, the energy moves upwards and my head is very tense, my chest and neck also...

I remember the talks, a gentleman said ramana he is experiencing the same during sadhana, and he asked what this is..and ramana said its the ego...

aqnd I gues shtis is a crucial point, because one can alway repeat "Iam the self", " all that arises is the self" and still life mostly in the head not in the heart


General topics / Re: dear sadhaks whats with your body?
« on: May 02, 2010, 05:22:53 PM »
thank you for the replies so far.

what is interessting for me is: how does it feel to be conciousness "embodied" if you like...if this body is god, how does it feel when you actually surrender your body to god?

I guess the "experience" that Iam the self, is some how beyond body conciousness, but there is no shortcut for most sadhaks, they have to go through the body...not sneak arorund it or jump over it in an fearless act of faith...for me I have to be the body in order to let it go...Iam not in hte position to simply drop it, or forget it..because I would supress it, and ignore it though my mind...and eventually end moving arround like a robot...

through kum nye (a part of tsa lung, an form of yogic exerices from tibet) and dzogchen meditation, my body and the knots and blocked energies seem to loosen up, its almost like my body is salt in a glass of water, and through the sadhana it slowly melts into the water... but this is something "I" feel happening..its part of maya of course, no doubt about it, but its an acutal feeling not just an idea. and it feels wonderfull to be here right now, and because we talked about bliss, I have to say that experiencing the body is blissfull, when the body is not surpressed or ingnored or whatever...its not ultimate bliss but a kind of bliss that is naturally given in any wakefull moment...and you can feel and measure your happiness with the sensations of your body not with the mind...the body "feels" the fruits of your sadhana not the head...

I would like to know if someone can relate to what I say, or if Iam running in the wrong direction....could be, I dont know

sarva mangalam

General topics / dear sadhaks whats with your body?
« on: April 30, 2010, 01:57:04 PM »
what I have read is that the idea "iam the body" is the main root of suffering.

but I also witnessed this idea totally perverted or not? I would like to talk with you about the fact that there seems to be body for us, and waht this means, how is our relationship with it? or are we already beyond body conciousness? who knows?

anyway I think this is a very challenging topic, and we should take some time to talk about it, I have some doubts here and maybe they can be cleared. besides the doubts I also dont like what I see in some meditators, they seem to use meditation to kill the body, make it like a piece of would "totally in control"....its horrible to witness. so maybe we can find a way to use the body for sadhana instead of torture it till we die?

hope some people will join me here.

my first input would be this, if you like try it out.....

you know this photo of bhagawan:

please look at it for some time, first thing you will recognize are his incredible eyes of course, they seem to talk with the deepest core of your beeing but I would like you to focus on another part of his face.

please look at the muscles arround his eyes, what do they say? you see how relaxed (totally relaxed) they are?
now recognize his face, its totally realxed.....not the slightest bit of fear or personality are in the muscles...can you feel what this means, con you feel how your face muscles try to answer what ramanas muscles say?

now use you awereness to look at your own face, use ramana as a mirror...what do you feel, can you feel tension some where?

switch back and forth betwenn youself and what the face of ramana suggests...its like a quiete reminder how it feels to drop the idea "iam the body"...

most meditators run in the exact opposite direction...and complain "why do I not feel bliss during my sadhana"?

I would answer relax you body completely during your meditation and during hte day, and tell me how it feels....the mind becomes very silent and the body very blissfull..

I feel like I sometimes put on a harnish, or a whole armor build up from muscle tension to face the world....
to harden this harnish, that your body is like the non-moving, ever-present know....I think this is the wrong direciton...

my dzogchen teacher said that abidence in the nature of mind (Self) is developed through relaxation.

its a very deep sentence when you think about...but one need to understand "relax" in the right way.

its about relaxation into your true nature, into the inherent perfection of htis moment, its relaxation of your energies, your body and thoughts...

General topics / Re: A criteria for spiritual progress
« on: April 14, 2010, 07:27:38 PM »
very important discussion, I liked it alot.

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