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in meditation (I mean it as activity of mind), it is best to watch the breath for 10-20 minutes, till body and mind are in union and glooming from inside out....relaxed and spacious and then ask "who am I" it has a totally different impact then in the post meditation phase of daily activity...


I took a hallucinogens when I was 15 and 16 years old, I also had a near dead expereince, where the world and body conciousness is totally destroyed....I guess it was nirvikalpa samadhi, afterwards all sense of my self was gone and I felt that everything I percieve is my kingdom....and that Iam in fact god, it was totally obvious...I felt like jesus christ for a day or two...

it was very strange, but it had no real positiv was in a way a spiritual experience, but at the other hand Iam not a buddha because I took it...

so today I dont take any drugs, and I learned that experience and realisation are 2 totally different things...

anyway I know of tantric masters who say that this kind of drugs can damage the sublte bodies and nadis and should not be used by sadhaks...because the energetic body begins to vibrate in a higher order then in your natural state and thus during the "trip" the subtle energetic system can be damaged.

when you highten your awereness through meditation it is a natural procedure...not superimposed from outside...

dear sirs

in the pali kanon there is one speech of the buddha, where two devotees of brahman seek him out to help them realize that brahman because their teachers are both telling different ways...

the buddha shows them how their teachers are fake, because their heart and mind is not the same as that of brahman.

and finally gives them a teaching on how to realize brahman...

so like bhagawan he teached in a way that all seekers of every path can have maximum benefit..

so I consider both the same in realisation, both are jnanis or buddhas whatever word fits better ;)

much love

dear graham

I will fly to india, for the first time, in october this year, we will stay 6 month and then travel to nepal, sikkhim...and back to india again after 6 month..

this should not be a problem I guess, but anyway I will read the pdf. file.

thank you for informing us

much love

General topics / Re: concerning buddhist meditation
« on: May 31, 2010, 12:01:12 PM »
dear beloved abstract

conciousness is the term the translators choosed for I did not choose it, and I also dont think that attention is a better word for it..they'll know what to do

and as I said in the buddhist context it is translated in this way, in the translation of vedanta it is translated int he way you present it "awereness" nad "conciousness" beeing words for the same unchanging reality....I wrote it right before I started my summary....

please dont bring me in a position where I have to change the whole english buddhist kanon, it would be a terrible work :D

the rest of your reply is the truth indeed ;)

I found this problem was allready present in some translations and graham posted something about this here:

that was a wonderfull discussion so far....

I guess that bhagawan is taking care of this forum very well,
in all replies and answers lies his effulgence...

it is radiating from my screen  ....maybe Iam nuts :D

much love

General topics / Re: Vesak Buddhas Birthday
« on: May 30, 2010, 08:42:17 PM »
dear subramanian

thank you for your help, I wasa interessted in advaita vedanta for years, but it seems that buddhism was spreading a little easier to the west then this teachings..

I see them both es my was resonates with my common sense, you know, it rings true, both ways...and I want to study both

again thank you for your fact very precious kind of help..helps also yourself :)

may all beeings reach consummation in sat-chit-ananda

General topics / Re: Vesak Buddhas Birthday
« on: May 30, 2010, 11:49:36 AM »
dear subramniam

I have a question now, concerning shankara and gaudapada

you see here in europe we have some nice translaitions of bhagawans work.

but I never found a good translation (in fact not even a ba done) of shankara or gaudapada..if you know some good english translations, with a good commentary, of major works from both, please let me know.

I want to deepen my study of advaita vedanta also...but in german translation there is nothing, I never found one work of shankara....

so when you know a brilliant english translation please let me know

sarva mangalam

General topics / Re: Vesak Buddhas Birthday
« on: May 29, 2010, 04:12:21 PM »
dear subramanian

I read the prajnaparamita sutra this morning  :D is my favourit part of it:

"Like a falling star, like a bubble in a stream,
Like a flame in the wind, like frost in the sun,
Like a flash of lightning or a passing dream --
So should you understand the world of the ego.

strikes directly to the core

much love

General topics / Re: Vesak Buddhas Birthday
« on: May 28, 2010, 04:22:26 PM »
yes I agree with you subramaniam, the buddha was no avatara, he was a man like the both of us, but his accumulation of merit culminated in perfect enlightment in the life of gautama siddharta--

the same is with ramana maharshi...he was ready because he did his job :)

so we should remember today that we also have to do our job in hte right way.....

and I think it is wonderfull that after all the turmoil between buddhism and hinduism these two wonderfull religions are moving together...

I read recently that shankara and his followers where really wild in spreading their teachings, the same with nagarjuna and his buddhist teachings..

I started to study the lankavatara sutra ( a central text of mahayana buddhism), wich also shows buddhism moving slowly towards vedantic philosophy.. its wonderfull and reminds me very strongly on advaitic teachings..

and who cares if the hindu tantra is better then the buddhist tantra, or if madhyamika or advaita is the "real" non dual teaching of human kind?

just a narrow-minded man :)

sarva mangalam

General topics / Vesak Buddhas Birthday
« on: May 28, 2010, 12:03:28 PM »
today is the birthday of lord buddha (on a full moon)

we should consider this day for deepening out sadhana and think on all beeings that wander aimlessly and lost in samsara..

sarva mangalam

General topics / Re: concerning buddhist meditation
« on: May 21, 2010, 10:12:33 PM »
dear Hariharaputra

Iam not in the possition to give you instructions concerning meditation...all I wrote is what I kept in my mind from the last dharma teachings I it didnt originated from my realisation or meditational practice.
anyway it inspired myself, so I thought it might be inspiring to others as well..

having said this I will try to answer from what I know(conceptually):

to go beyond the senseworld you have to go through the sense world, (the skandhas in buddhism, one of them is conicousness).

so the skandhas are natural, they are given, you cannot avoid them, if oyu try to avoid them you work with conciousness not with awereness...awereness does not and cannot avoid is always close to what is happening, but it is at the same time not touched by what is happening.

maybe this helped?

may it be virtous

General topics / concerning buddhist meditation
« on: May 21, 2010, 02:38:09 PM »
I would like share a teaching that I recieved concerning meditation.

first dont be surprised in buddhist terminology conciousness is not the same like in vedanta. here it is part of hte skandhas, and as such part of the experience of samsara.

awereness holds the place of witnessing conciousness...I think you could say this.

conciousness is the ever moving part of the mind, you know it quiet good, you write something in the forum, suddenly you hear a noise, your conciousness follows it, and after some time comes back, then you get disturbed by thirst, you get up and get a glass of water etc...its always moving...

so conciocusness is the skandha wich interacts with the world of hte senses, thoughts, feelings etc (the other skandhas), it is said htat the phenomena of samsara have a kind of shimmering quality, a clarity, the conicousness sees that and graps it. So it moves about between following a thought, feeling a sensation in the body etc. this is the naural movement of the mind, its a given thing...

in vipassana meditation for example you start with following your breath, when youre attention wanders oyu bring it back...when the attention is fixed, then you move up to the fontanel of the head and start to scan your body, from head to toes, very slowly, and from toes again to the head....

you recognize all sensations, maybe name it very briefly and move on like: "ears are stitching" etc.

besides this you try to catch conciousness in hte prosess of creating a sense of self, of personality out of the sensations...

so there is the experience (wich is direct, always fresh) and then there is conciousness saying "thats my experience". in vipassana you try to recognize this process between, direct experience and "that is my experience"

that would be to see the natural movement of conciousness, and at the same time triing to focus on the creating of a fixed or solid persona, wich owns and is created out of a chain of "experiences"..


in dzogchen meditation it is about resting as awereness.

awereness is always fresh, has infinit potential to manifest, is patient with all that arises, is in peace with all that arises, it is not increased from a possitive experience and it does not decline in a negative experience..

when you sit down to rest as awereness then conciousness will play its tricks, its natural.

if you now set out to stop conciousness doing its work, then who does this? awereness is non-active...

so thoughts arise, conciousess clings to them because they are very shiny...and you follow this thoughts you expereince yourself not as awereness but as conciousness, beeing one with the thoughts, beeing made of them, beeing in constatnt movement and thinking this to be real and that there is a fixed persona in the process...

what to do?

if you do something against it, then you would work with conciousness.
you have to recollect yourself, feeling and touching the immidiacy of hte experience again, seeing clearly "Iam following thoughts, Iam wandering and Iam lost in samsara" and this recognition brings you back to awereness, wich is the witness of conciousness...

conciousness in a way happens in awereness...awereness is the space that contains all skandhas

may it be virtous

thanky ou for your constant effort.

I prey that all members who used, use, or will use this forum, may reach liberation in this very lifetime.

may it become reality

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