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allthough this flashes are important and one of my teachers said if this occurs in the sadhana and more important during the day, then you know that your practice slowly bears fruit....

but there is this very nice saying:

"intellectual understanding is like a patch,
it will fall off"

and then

"spiritual experiences are like mist,
they will evaporate"

so if we cling to such openings then we made friendship with a great enemy on the path, and I did so and still do so....if blissfull expereinces or alike arise I always catch myself thinking "Oh thats it"....I have to sustain it, make it permanent etc...

so it takes time, and ts a way of expereince of making my case at least, iam not god-incarnate (even if I thought this about myself also for a time :)  )

some other stances from this writings and spoken words


Relax without grasping; whatever arises will be self-liberated.
This is the ultimate guru. Abide in that natural state!
It is not a new attainment, it has never been seperate from you.
Although not seperate, you did not recognisze it, which is delusion.

Now there is endless delusion
So whatever toughts arise, look directly at their essence.
when you look, you will not see it; cast the searcher aside.
The place where you cast it is Dharmakayas essential nature,
all-pervasive emptiness.

In that place where can you go or stay?
Understand this, realize its menaing, and sustain it in practice.
The result of htis practice is to be wihtout hope or fear.
having attained confidence in this has made this old man satisfied.

picture of dudjom rinpoche

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Sri Narayana Guru
« on: September 05, 2009, 11:12:57 PM »
I loved this story :)

dear subrmanian

yes I also was amazed by the similarites of the wisdom traditions...

and dudjom rinpoche was also called when you called him a jnani it made me smile in double sense :)

dear skrudai

"lama" is guru or spiritual teacher (in the west also monks are called lama, but this is not correct...lama is really the guru)

rinpoche means precious jewel, a sort of honor title...
and is given to reincarnated masters that conciously choose to be reborn for hte benefit of all beeings, the meditation method is called Phawo (tranference of concioussnes, but I have to say that reincarnation is not the same like in vedanta philosopophy, its not the wandering individual soul but the "mindstream" of the master that is the wisdom-mind, prayers etc... are transmitted)

......this masters are also called "Tulku"...(and this titles are not just for man)

much love


His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche was one of hte greates Dzogchen masters of hte last century, his words contain alot of blessings....and alot of clarifacations for the meditator...I think what I will post here is also very very interessting for someone who follows bhagawans I post it here

it is from a section that is called "Nectar for fotunate dicsciples hearts"

it starts with a short explanation of guruyoga, wich is a tibetan practice and therefor I will not tlak about it here.....

and then continues with some interessting words about meditation


To be settled in the state of naturalness, this fresh knowing
Uncontived and unaltered, is luminous naked awereness.
When thoughts arise within that nature,
recognize them on arising, and relax within that recognition.
Their arising and liberation occur simultaneously, like a drawing on the
waters surface.

When thoughts do not arise, that is non-meditation free from thoughts.
Emptiness, beyond meditator and object of meditation,
is called ultimate wisdom present from the beginning.
Give up hope and fear; hold to the natural state of awereness.

Thoughts are delusion; stop following after them.
Hope and fear are obstacles, dont go to greet them.
If you can rest within the nature that is beyond intellect and activity,
You will definitely discover the dharmakaya in your own heart.

its hard for me to give a good explanation of hte dharmakaya...I will look in wikipedia:

The Dharmakāya (lit. Truth Body or Reality Body) is a central concept in Mahayana Buddhism forming part of the Trikaya doctrine that was possibly first expounded in the Aṣṭasāhasrikā praj˝ā-pāramitā (The Perfection of Insight In Eight Thousand Verses), composed in the first century BCE. It constitutes the unmanifested, 'inconceivable' (Sanskrit: acintya) aspect of a Buddha out of which Buddhas and indeed all 'phenomena' (Sanskrit: dharmas) arise and to which they return after their dissolution. Buddhas are manifestations of the Dharmakaya called Nirmanakayas. Unlike ordinary unenlightened persons, Buddhas (and arhats) do not die (though their physical bodies undergo the cessation of biological functions and subsequent disintegration). In the Lotus Sutra (sixth fascicle) Buddha explains that he has always and will always exist to lead beings to their salvation. This eternal aspect of Buddha is the Dharmakaya. The Dharmakaya may be considered the most sublime or truest reality in the Universe corresponding closely to the post-Vedic conception of Brahman.

hope this was of help for someone...

good night


dear amiatall

yes indeed you are right, also ramana said that about his case  ;)

much love

I would like to share someting from my buddhist studies....

there the spiritual life is seen as a bird with two wings...

one wing is scriptual knowledge, and the correct understanding of this on a mental level....this is neccessary to have the exact roadmap to enlightment...

(there is of course also a saying, if you have the road map why you constantly triing to jump of the cliffs??)

second wing is meditation...or transforming scriptural knowledge into direct expereince...

so both is equally important....

yet both are not neccessary at all, there are many cases of direct realisation without meditaiton or reading + meditation or whatever....

so anyway everyone has his or her understanding, and his or her sadhana here....and this is the perfect expression of the one self...

much love

General topics / mantras in tibetan buddhism
« on: August 16, 2009, 01:47:24 PM »
Iam back froma  ten day retreat with tenga rinpoche and as always in such surroundings musings and inspirations occur in the mind....

to resume it all, and deepen the impression in my mind I will write a little bit about it (not about my expereinces because they are ll gone now :) ), if this aids someone my wish is fullfilled...

so I would like to talk about mantras in the tibetan vayrajana (or mantrayana), and see if this could be of some aid for the poeple here and I also would like to tlak about guruyoga (in another post) as thought by ch÷gyal namkhai norbu, who I believe to be one of hte greatest dzogchen masters living today...and also on guruyoga in other buddhist traditions..

the mantryana buddhism is called the "diamond-fruit-vehicle" because the tantras it teaches are said to clean the mind of wrong impressions in a very fast way, therefor the fruit (buddhahood) can be realized in one live...

we recieved the abisheka of charkasamvara during the 10 days, an empowerment that lasts for 2 days...and then it was followed with praxis..

the mantra of chakrasamvara is as follows: Om Hri Ha Ha Hung Hung Phat

so first you get empowerments and then you get the practical instructions, how to visualize all the to recite the mantra etc.

this is all "mindstuff" but this are just aids to make the mind totally still and one pointed....(during the meditaiton your mind naturally is totally silent and a fingersnap)

during the practice and trough the abisheka the mantra is charged with when you recite the mantra then it brings you directly into a very open and vast inner realm....the rather rough or glumbsy consiousness of the external world is transformed (in an instant) to clear lucid openess and limitless space...

so during the practice I also htought about what ramana has dais to one of his students...the student asked him "during self-inquiery I experience an open space, some sort of emptiness or nothingness" and ramna answered "who beholds this emptiness?"

so this is the core, and it is also the core in the buddhist teachings I realize the simple presence, even if the senses are destroyed or the mind is totally still (like a still and vast see), there is this presence, and that is to be realized as what we really are, because the mind is both samsara and nirvana, and the presence Iam talking about is the source of the mind and therefor untouched by both ignorance or liberation (it makes no difference for this presence if Iam realized or makes a difference for my present state of mind) ....



if you are not seeking then you taste some of the bliss of the true self...this is perfect

and maybe you will feel there is the sense of "iam alive" or "there is a self"... this is not a contradiction. so when you have this non seeking mind and this feeling of presence, then you practice genuine vichara, or genuin zazen or genuin dzogchen...

it is in fact so easy :)

sankara was a living and walking dhana....a gate to gods grace or gods crace ask him about a dhana is a very stupid thing I guess :D

what the teachers all say is that we should give ourselfs...or innermost core to others...we hould make it visible and dont hide it away and rest there in our home meditating...there no one sees it and we might enjoy bliss...

but this world graves us in our true clothes...

this is something that really is in my mind fora long time...why can I not open my heart to others know, why not?

there is my practice and it might provide me with happiness and a calm mind in hard times...sometimes Iam even blissfull and happy that there is something arising called "life" I do not need more Iam at peace and it does not matter what or where Iam...but this is so seldom...and I do not really share it...I use it as my own little is unknown for other people

the vasanas are so strong and what helps to give away money? I want to give away my heart without fearing to loose see...I have a nice little fence arround my that i can go there when I want or when gods grace allows me to expereince my innermost heart

but then I go outside and I play the same psychogames like others...

the same sh*t (excuse me)....I see their games and I see my games, very clearly....we are all the same, and I know that we all wnat to love and be loved....but Iam a little coward and Iam not opening up for life......I dream about beeing a yogi that meditates in caves and reaches perfect enlightment, deadless ease and know what a silly dream....hillarious, I  cannot even love my own girlfriend with my whole beeing....but i want to be a master in the himalayas :D

I hope that Iam will be strog enough one day to drop this silly games and that I make my heart available to the real dhana

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: darshan
« on: July 24, 2009, 02:16:19 PM »
oh and if you have confidence in the strenght of this practice, please sit down with your loved ones and make the same....

bhagawan will give his divine nectar also in this sittings and it is important to see the people arround you as the guru and yourself too...otherwise the sadhana is limited to some minutes a it can enter the world at large

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / darshan
« on: July 24, 2009, 02:11:38 PM »
gazing into the eyes of a sage is a very ancient tradition in the vedanta, in tibetan buddhism there is also the possibility of getting direct transmission via eye contact, but the ancient vedantic linieages see this "practice" of much more value and importance...

it is also very deeply rooted in the sufi tradition, rumi used this way of guiding very much, and alot of his divine-nectar poetry is inspired by this practice....

for example: "if you want to know god, look into the eyes of your friend and dont turn away"

you see ramana said "if the eyes of the guru meet with the eyes of the devotee, no words are neccessary"

why am I writing all this in this forum?

because it is a wonderfull practice to look at photos of sages, and this is also darshan....I feel it to be nurturing my meditaiton, it is like getting food for the heart, you see it helps your psyche as well,you get convidence if you look in the eyes of ramana for a long start to trust people arround you and yourself, and you dont get lost in conversations so easily

how to practice this? just look at a photo of bhagawan (there is a special one, I wil post a link later), just meet his penetrating gaze, if thought arise no problem, if emotions arise no problem, if nothing happens also no problem...the transmission of spriitual energy is beyond mind so it dioes not matte if mind moves or is still....

try to be as clear as you can, dont let your eyes get blurry like in a sitting meditation with open eyes, be as clear as possible.....

I practice this during the day but mostly in my morning meditation to creat sattvic qualities in the first houra of hte day...then the mind will be more used to this during the rest of the day...

here is a photograph, I would be happy to hear what happened to you while you made the experiment...

may it be auspicious

you think so?

meditaiton was never a hindrance for realization, but it is also not neccessary..

same with self - know who you are, on a mental level, is not a hindrance but also not necessary...

but self knowledge in the sense of realization, you see when we use this term in such a matter then there is no discussion and no need for saying this is non sense, this is preliminary, this is all that is necessary etc...

because such distinctions do not exist in realization

but I know that you meant it the same way and you just put some light on another facett of the topic...

love matthias

General topics / Re: All of you people here
« on: July 05, 2009, 10:36:07 PM »
please read the posts "darshan of the frozen fire"

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