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General topics / Re: Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens
« on: October 14, 2009, 12:24:46 AM »
yes of course there are omens....but let me try to explain..

you go over the street, the black cat comes your stop and pray..and you go on and in that minute a bus is driving very fast over the street (maybe out of controll) but you where still on the safe site, because you prayed..

now what is that? grace of god? you could say that you read the omen well, and that god saved you...

but you know what, the self does not know about such things at all..all of this happened in simple thoughles presence...the movementof the mind arose...telling you to pray, then it was the bus out of control etc...

all of this is allready the you can call it omen, superstition or whatever you like, it makes no difference for who you allready are...and I think subramanian was referring to this.....

but i may be wrong and talk nonsense ;)

much love


yes one million postrations, purification rites and on and on....nothing is as powerfull as simply resting as the self...

General topics / The Essence of Wakefulness By Mipham Rinpoche
« on: October 07, 2009, 11:47:04 PM »
A Method in Sustaining the Nature of Awareness
Homage to the glorious Primordial Protector.

When sustaining the nature of awareness, the three stages of recognizing, training and attaining stability will
gradually occur.

First of all, scrutinize the naked and natural face of awareness by means of your master's oral instructions
until you see it free from assumptions.

Having resolved it with certainty, it is essential that you simply sustain the nature of just that.
It is not enough just to recognize it, you must perfect the training in the following way:

You may already have recognized the face of awareness, but unless you rest in just that, conceptual thinking
will interrupt it and it will be difficult for awareness to appear nakedly.

So, at that point it is essential to rest without accepting or rejecting your thoughts and to continue by
repeatedly resting in the state of un-fabricated awareness.

When you have practiced this again and again the force of your thought waves weakens while the face of your
awareness grows sharper and it becomes easier to sustain.

That is the time when you should abide in the meditation state as much as you can and be mindful of
remembering the face of awareness during post-meditation. As you grow used to this the strength of your
awareness is trained further.

At first, when a thought occurs you need not apply a remedy to stop it. By leaving it to itself it is, at some point,
naturally freed - just as the knot on a snake becomes untied by itself.

When you become more adept, the occurrence of a thought will cause slight turmoil but immediately vanish in
itself - just like a drawing on the surface of water.

When you train in just that, you gain experience that transcends benefit and harm, at which point thought
occurrences cause no problem whatsoever. Thus, you will be free from hope or fear about whether or not
thoughts do occur - just like a thief entering an uninhabited house.

By practicing further you perfect the training so that, finally, your conceptual thinking and the all-ground along
with its moving force dissolve into un-fabricated Dharmakaya.
That is the attainment of the natural abode of awareness.

Just as you cannot find any ordinary stones on an island of gold even if you search for them all that appears
and exists will be experienced as the realm of Dharmakaya.

Attaining stability is when everything has become all-encompassing purity.

In the same way, just as conceptual thinking gradually falls under the power of awareness during the daytime,
at night you do not need to apply some other instruction, but should simply understand how the recognition of
dreams and the luminosities of the shallow and deep sleep correspond.

Until you attain stability, by all means continue with undistracted diligence like the steady flow of a river.

This was taught by Mipham. May virtuous goodness increase!

yes the best means to deal with sadhana and this life is to remind oneself who we enter the presence

and when there is a need for a special topic in the practice such as desire, anger etc....I usually pray to god or the three jewels (buddha,dharma,sangha) that they help me recognize f.e.: my pride, or anger when it arises...and I know that the recognition is the liberation of it...or when the emotion is very strong then at least it is the beginning of hte liberation of it...

so when sense objects confuse me strongly, then I would pray to recognize the arising of this confusion...this works for me very good

but you see this is all part of the relative world....all mind games, but for me this is neccessary, I still have hte wish to clean myself :) but I know that one day the cleaning and the wish for altering myself is totally dead, and I wish this for you and all people in this forum and also for all sentient beeings

General topics / Re: Advent of Saints
« on: October 07, 2009, 08:03:35 PM »
in the tradition in wich I practice (tibetan buddhism), it is said that through meditation alone you will come to a point where spiritual experiences will aris eint he mindstream...this is sure to happen one day....but through the grace of the guru the spiritual experience will flow into realization...

this is just possible through the guru...nothing else will provide this.

and indeed I met two teachers that gave me so much, I dont know what it is but I feel gratefull for it...and I know I cannot return it...

you see this is the seed, in a way and through faith, meditation and devotion to the guru it will grow until the point where the nondual realization i permanent through day and night..

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: New to the Path
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:10:11 PM »
hello dear apple

nice to have you on board :)

I like the last point that neither acceptence nor rejection towards objects is neccessary.....

in buddism this is one of the major problems why the mind is not an enlightened mind...because he has either aversion or appreciation for dualistic thoughts....

but in reality when dualistic thinking is present, the best antidote for it is dualistic thinking...

we should just look at the thinker...and relaxe into the presence and open space, after sometime the ego will fall away naturally...when we do it with as much patiance and love we will succeed, I think that "hard-core" sadhana is contraproductive, one should listen to his body and mind...spiritual practice is a loving activity and not a war

beautiful post dear skrudai

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: New to the Path
« on: September 24, 2009, 12:22:34 AM »
I can tell you a little bit about mantra reciting if you like, its an advice of mingyur rinpoche (I suppose not just from him but an essential advice from all tibetan buddhist masters regarding this) its not from me, but from a living tradition....therefor I hope it is an correct "advice"...

if you have a mala then do the exact number of pearls, 108.....and then stop and rest in meditaiton without first you do meditation with object, in this case the mantram...and then afterwards do it without, just rest in the mind that is at ease from the japa-meditation....and if you like you can do another round then...but dont forget to rest in meditation without object afterwards...very important point...

I also practice it in the morning and through out the day, it takes 5-10 minutes and is very good to keep the mind peacefull during the day...

so you see Iam also not a "ripe" soul :)

in the light of sri bhagawans teachings it is essential in japa meditaiton to search for the source of the you try to see "who repeats these words?" this itself is atma vichara...

so I guess you repeat the words "arunachala siva" and at the same time you are awere of the one who repeats them...or in other words you dont get lost in the words but try to find out "who is the one who repeats them?"...and then if you should rest in meditaiton without object you also look for the source of the mind...and that is again atma vichara...

so if you want to practice in light of bhagawans teaching atma vichara (self-inquiry) is essential and part of all types of meditation....

I hope this was of some aid....

wonderful post dear subramanian

allthough we may have basic understanding on intellectual level (the road map to enlightment) and we may have insights into our tue nature....

still this is not enough in a if one thinks "I dont need to meditate, because self is everpresent" he or she is dwelling in illusion...

the conditionings, all that makes us inauthentic, untrue, superficial etc...all that is "no-self" has to be revealed and purified or deconditioned...

realisation may happen during this process, or at the end...but to think that this is something that need no efforts at all is delusion..

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: The Whip and the rope
« on: September 20, 2009, 01:18:48 PM »
I always love to sing the songs of realizations or supplicaitons to gurus...

it feels very good...

there is one song called "song of the vajra" and this is a song to integrate meditaiton into just sing it and relaxe into the is not singing more like intoning the syllables...sometimes you can feel how hte energy is moving insight the body and subtle body

I love this kind of songs very see meditaiton may be not helping to calm the mind, or open up the heart, and then such songs are very important..they aid the sadhana alot

dear amiatall

I think and feel that allthough the fundamental understanding may be planted in myself, the growing and ripening is the work that takes the effort and hardships...

and jet the grace and love of bhagawan and other great saints and sages, on occassions grant me insights and days that are full of love and ease....they also grant me the hardships of course

you see but the vasanas are so deeply rooted that this is always just a wink of my true potential, just an appertizer

and slowly I "see" my delusions (some of them), you know one year ago I felt like iam close to perfect enlightment :) ...

now I have the strengt to see some of my faults...

because I think that buddha is as buddha does....this is a ver yimportant statement

the fundamental undestanding and the insihgts into what we really are, is very very important, but if we still approach life like Karl Smith (nothing against karl Smith he might be a great meditator, but I dont know him)...then what is this understanding? a mere fart in the wind  ;D

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: New to the Path
« on: September 20, 2009, 12:37:09 PM »
welcome thomas

I think you should continue with your practice, with bhagawans grace it will elad you in the right direction....also the "gazing" practice is very usefull, like a good food in the morning.

you can of course ask questions in the forum, when I should reply tot hem please dont see my answers as complete, or perfect statements of an acharya or something like this, you can use them or refuse them, as you like :)

anyway I hope we have some good discussions here...

much love

as soon as we enter the non-seeking mind, as they call it in zen, then the search ends, and instead we rest as the eternal is a relaxation into the now, the body energy is not surpressed, the mindis at ease, thoughts arise or not....we are content...

why does it end? because the  time and space notion simply fall away when we enter the eternal now....they are not in the focus....

therefore it seems to begin and end...

the next thing is I might start to realize the "shifts" during meditaiton or my normal day activity....I may "enter" and "leave" the natural there is something happening, it not that the natural state is blank, without thoughts or the knowing and percieving quality of hte is this but pure and much more alive then the "ordinary" mind....

but this cannot be  (becaus enlightened mind is the ordinary mind)

so what happens? I think these are simple openings, ...and they show that the sadhana starts to work...

if I cling to such openings then my meditaiton is lost, if I sit down and try to be in this special state again, because it felt so true and right...then Iam simply lost..

in fact the whole idea, that Iam doing this, that this is my personal experience is illusion....

all sense of Iam doing, Iam meditating, Iam a spiritual practicioner, Iam blessed, iam a disciple of this or that guru etc. are part of the mind-game..

the only thing one can do is to be unshakable in his or her practice, and also prey for all sentient-beeings..

dear subramanian

what is with arunachala, I also know that the color red is an attribut from this sacred mountain...why that?

dear subrmanian

please explain the symbolism of the color red....what correspondence it has with arunachala and siva....

thank you

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