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dear subramanian

yes indeed I feel also that the more I meditate the less I feel to be a special or great meditator...its strange in a way....but all sadhana is solely to weaken the ego..

I enjoyed your post, and Iam very happy for you...and I still wish to see arunachala and the samadhi of bhagawan, I also hope ot meet with as many people from this homepage as possible..

I will fly to nepal and north india next year to study dzogchen in depth, and really use my time fro spiritual I hope my second visit (pilgrimage) to india will be tiruvannamalai..

I know stories of contemporary tibetan masters where similar things happened...

for example the 16th karmapa had cancer and they flew him to america to cure him, every morning the doctors came and wanted him to take morphium...and he always  said "there is no pain"...even if the doctors where sure that it most be awefully painful....and they came again next morning...and the reply "there is no pain"

another incident was with tulku urgyen rinpoche, they made a surgery on the arm, and the doctor stopped after cutting down tot he muscle, because he saw that the muscle was pulsing...the nurse forgot to use local anaesthetisation. he showed no kind of reaction, same face like before :)

he also talked with the doctor afterwards because he wanted to fire the nurse, but tulku urgyen convinced him to dont do it...

you see this happend some 20 years ago or something...

but what udai said is also true. I understand it a little different allthough: if I have such expactations from my sadhana I should stop it immediatly..because it is about realizing myself with all its qualities, the manifest and the be totally absorbed in the self (with no individuality left) is the highest state, the state of a buddha, and for me Iam happy if I get liberation and lead a more and more joyfull and happy life where I can be of use for others..thats enough, I just want to relaxe more and more into the primordial ground, wich is already happening from time to time, so Iam happy..

the wish to be totally free of pain and suffering is of course there but I know that this is a littel to much at the moment :)

first we should take care of our self and our situation, all else will manifest through the grace of our teachers...

and of course we need perfect understanding of what we are looking for, but the we also need to apply it in our talk about pain is there or not there is not very practical for me..when we know that pain is there for myself then we can udnerstand that we are not fully realized and thats it..wich does not mean that we dont have full potential to be realized...

something like rock, headache, strong discussions are challenging...indeed it is very easy to be thrown out of contemplating the true nature fo things...

but it is indeed possible...

I recently talked about this, and we came to the conclusion that "negative" feelings (that we label negative) like anger, fear etc, tent to stick to our beeing, our body is hard the chest and heart not open etc...we feel stress also on this level not just the running mind...

and it is very easy to stay with such a feeling, because you can do is an effort to stay aggressive or ned mind and body tension to do it...

meditaiton on hte nature of reality is nonactive, skylike resting...nothing to do, all doing ceased and just relaxing into what is....this is surrendering all effort...because it is not neccessary...

the strange thing is...this does not stick, becaus ethe ego cannot do anger and other emotions (also manic happyness...the untrue smile and laughter etc..) all this needs effort and we can train out body//mind to do it..

but dzogchen meditaiton or beeing the self is totally different...and we cannot produce it, or keep it, or stay with it...not possible

very strange that the universe worke like this way :)

like it would challange us to wander the right path :)

dear silentgreen thank you for the translations..

when I have time I will go through them, I started to read in the one about ramakrishna and it is very beautiful

much love

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Beyond SAT ?
« on: December 14, 2009, 12:56:17 PM »
beyond is a strange word anyway :P

General topics / Re: Life is Too Weird
« on: December 09, 2009, 12:10:59 PM »
what is scared is not you....just a shell.

and it will come and go naturally, the more you meditate and think about a sage like ramana maharshi.

this "I think and then it happens" is a quiet natural happens to me also...when I think about the truth I abide in it...and it is not scary it is wonderfull....borderless space....freedom and stillness..

I wish you a safe and blissfull journey

Yes, but :

SELF wanted the dream and chose to be born into a dream, SELF knew it would be a struggle, SELF wanted this.

My point is not about leaving or coming, it is :

Self-enquiry removes the illusion so you realise you are the SELF once more, but the SELF wanted illusion.

the self wants nothing because it is everything...therefor your statement is correct, and you dont need realisation...noone does..

in fact all my little self wants is to survive this life without beeing killed, I dont care in wich way I die...because of my meditation or because of a car accident....both cases are not OK with me...but anyway someting makes me try to kill myself...

I even go to realized beeings asking them "sir would you please execute me"

I mean Iam nuts :)

so are you, Iam sorry to tell you this :D

dear all

the point I had was not aimed to cause a discussion about the differnece of sentient//insentient...

it is about the "misstake" to think that beeing without thoughts equals a good meditation (or even the goal of meditation)...

buddhist scriptures say, if you practice this sort of meditation and eventually becoma a master in beeing thoughtless, then you will be reborn in the formless realms...still a part of samsara

and to say it again:

if it would be true that a thougtless state is the aim of meditation then one should try to be a table....I do not understand why the greatest journey (the meditative journey) should have its goal in transforming the human mind into a table...

silence has nothing to do with thoughts...its ever present...sometimes we get attached to the natural display of thoughts....therefor we need meditation...

but if Iam present...naturally relaxed and present...thoughts cannot touch me...there is no problem in my meditation with thoughts or without thoughts...this is called beeing naturally is naturally because noone does presence, no one practices this essential if we try to be present we loos it (its automatic) thing is to relax into the moment..body and mind....the rest will reveal itself...why is this so? because what arises is naturally perfect...its the mind that wants to alter and make it better or different...the "iamness" is never touched and always the all states...allways..

it is trze that it is easier to realize the face of awereness in a thoughtless or empty state of mind...but once realized...we need nothing more then to "sustain" this presence.....thats all!
if we have problems with our thoughts (fear, aversion, aggresion etc.) we need a psychologist...if we want to meditate thoughts should not be a problem for us...I mean they should not bother us in their non-arising and they should not bother us is their arising...also the content should not bother us when they arise.

if we like the non-arising of thoughts more then we are attached, and attachment is one major cause of samsara..

hope this was not wrong :)

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Prayers and Godhead
« on: November 07, 2009, 01:20:26 PM »
I will post some ver ywell known prayers from buddhist traditions...

the four inmeasurable thoughts:

May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes

May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes

May all sentient beings not be separated from sorrowless bliss

May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and anger


"May i be the doctor and the medicine   
And may I be the nurse  For all sick beings in the world   
Until everyone is healed.   
May a rain of food and drink descend   
To clear away the pain of thirst and hunger   
And during the aeon of famine   
May I myself change into food and drink.   
May I become an inexhaustible treasure   
For those who are poor and destitute;   
May I turn into all things they could need   
And may these things be placed close beside them."   

prayer by the acharya Shantideva

the 7 line prayer invoking the enlightened mind of Padmashambava...


On the Northwest border of the country of Urgyen

In the pollen heart of a lotus,

Marvelous in the perfection of your attainment,

You are known as the Lotus Born

And are surrounded by your circle of many Dakinis.

Following you, I will practice.

I pray that you will come to confer your blessings.


gendŁn rinpoche says it very simple....

if you think a thoughtless state is meditaiton then a table can meditate better then you do...

General topics / Re: The Essence of Wakefulness By Mipham Rinpoche
« on: October 27, 2009, 02:06:22 PM »
Iam happy that this post was of some help or inspiration for you...


much love

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Inadequate Sadhana
« on: October 16, 2009, 07:15:06 PM »
indeed this si true, but what keeps us away from beeing that?

you said it "selfcenteredness"...

and love or compassion, cultivating these (or purifing the mind so that the qualities come to light) is the direct means to reduce the relative world

when we rest as awereness we do not need to do something else, all good qualities are present..

but this is not always the case, so meditaiton and prayer is neccessary.

I was refering to this fact

if it would be that easy, why do sadhana? tat tvam asi...why we still talk?

The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Inadequate Sadhana
« on: October 16, 2009, 01:04:24 PM »
tenga rinpoche said in a teaching that when we feel that there is no progress it has to do with our heart and compassion....

we will not progress until we life our meditation in daily life, this means when we are keeping it for us, in our litte garden in the heart, nourishing our meditaiton and sadhana (maybe telling the neigbhours little things like: "I grow the most excellent fruits in the whole village", and the neighbours are wondering because no one ever saw this see?)

so if we want to progress in sahdana we have to share it through our whole beeing with this world...if we keep it for ourselfs then things might happen like "a closed up throat, headache, sleeplessness etc." I think this has to do with our energy and how they are allowed to flow out...

and even if self and other, world and god are concepts as long we did not attain perfect enlightment we have work to do...and one major work is to love all beeings equally, this is the measurement of our sadhana...and not the bliss and clarity that we are all craving for, this could be the fuel for the love nothing more....

and I think the sadhana has two major wings, one is the contemplation of the essence, like dzogchen, zen, atma vichara etc. what ever one likes....this is one wing ..and second wing is to life in accordance with the dharma, and this is pointing to our relative lifes...

you see if I meditate but behave like mr. ordinaryman then why do I meditate?

much love

here is a teaching of a zenmaster regarding this topic, I like it very much because it shows this obstacle, and even zen masters struggle with it:

karma chagme wrote about this practice in few simple words:

meditate that you breathe in all the bad actions and suffering
of the six classes of beings*,
wich all dissolves into you
And that all beeings become free from suffering.

Meditate that all merit and virtue that you have
Is exhaled with your breath and dissolves into beings
and that all beeings attain measureless happiness

* (humans,devas,hungry ghosts,animals etc.)

I would like to add to this discussion, as in the tibetan tradition compassion is very important.

you see hte masters there say if you dont cultivate compassion then your sadhana will not evolve at is also said that the duration of the day and night in wich you can stay in the nature of mind is connected to your compassionate heart...if you do not meditate on bodhicitta (the wish to attain enlightment for the benefit of all beeings) then you will not achieve permanent realization.

one very strong meditation is called tonglen, (translates into giving and taking)...for me this is the core practice of a bodhisattva.

you see when I do this meditaiton I feel like Iam a human tree, I take in negative karma of the world and give my positive accumulations in return...this is linked to the a tree takes Co2 and gives oxygen in return :)

so one first thinks something like "may all stress, turmoil and pain in the minds of my fellow brother and sister ripen in my own mindstream, so that they may be free from suffering"

and with the first inbreath I inhale dark heavy smoke from all directions and let it dissolve into my body, and on the outbreath I give all my positiv insights, all my happiness and all my peace to the world and beeings (in form of pure and clear light)....

this is the short version, and I use this at the moment to integrate my spiritual practice into daily life...its a sort of anchor..when i drive with the bike I do this with people that go by, or when I work as a casshier I do it with the people who pay...or with my girlfriend when she is in stress etc...

this helps me in my job and also in my life, because you see, when you do this meditation with the people you meet then you do something very meaningfull....and the result is that you allow yourself to rest in awereness..because you did your job right...I dont know why this is happening but it works :)

this is a very practical way to cultivate compassion

may it be auspicious

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