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Dear srkudai

After posting my mail "ant biting" I went to Suddananda's site and heard His speech on "Mind". After listening I try to answer for how I can be a witness for my ant bite. Yes as you said first I got the pain and felt it in my brain then I say. My mind only connected my body with the "I". My mind takes the true "I" and acts. as it is suffering. whereas no body ever can touch the true "I". and the body as it is jadam it does not have the mouth to tell. So it is the play of my mind, all the problems are started.  Being the false "I" I say I am suffering. If I do not have the mind then I do not feel the pain, rather some one sees and tells me O here you are bitten by the ant and your body has got swollen.  Like Sadasiva brahmendhra.
Being and living in the false "I" I feel the pain but not the witness. If there is no mind then only I can be a witness. Am I right? Your explainations are highly appreciated.


Dear Subrahmanyan ji

To wipe out our old vasanas and future vasanas, I feel it is necessary to chant  or remember"I" am who gets suffering is BLISS, EVER LASTING  PARIPUNA SELF.instead of chanting slokas. In the early stage this slokas are necessary as we used to go temple only for SUNDAL in our childhood.


Dear srkudai ji

Thanks for the information of swami Suddananda. I went to that site and saw the video. Mind and confidence. First I could not remember but when I went to the site I remembered Swamiji. I attended one of is lecture in Chennai. And his ashram in Udhandi is very close to my house. One of our friends is follower of him. Anyway thanks a lot for giving the information.
You have understood the essence of vedanta  from Suddananda that is why you could give very good comprehension.


The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: jiddu krishnamurthy
« on: October 11, 2008, 12:09:04 AM »
Dear sir,

I think jk started the vichar through the mind, and asked to see the mind's play.
Whereas Bhagavan realised He is the Universal self. and gave a formula to reach the self. ie. is who am I. If we follow behind the mind. we never reach our goal it is like keeping a theif at home only.  Mind is so tricky it gives more confusion only.


Dear srkudai ji

Thanks for the nice simple explaination. After coming to this forum I understood the consiousness,awarness,God, the real "I" and self all are same. You say we have to be witness whatever it happens with us within our body, with our family then at last the most in the universe. We can be witness to the all except with our body. The moment an ant bits, I cannot be as a witness whereas I can be to my kids at least. Because the "I" ness dwells within my body.
But I can watch my mind sitting quietly that too  the past experiences. In present, mind becomes the boss. and actions are started. As you say by Nidhidhayasm only we can be a witness. When God and self both are same why we are only being affected. Because of our doership?


Dear Subrahmaniyan ji

Those were highly fortunated who had their PIRAVI PYAN. in front of Sakshat Bhagavan. Their minds were completed wiped out or became pure mind as you said suddha manas. They might have felt it during their wakful state otherwise how they could have uttered. Sometimes due to the shock or unespected incident there is a possiblity of no mind state.
That time can we feel the pupitation of the right side or is it possible only for yogis lor self realised soul.


Dear Raju ji

I have read your mail (aug.4th) for no. of times. Because I have lots of doubts. It takes long time to understand and get disgested. From your mail I understand that  there is the center of awarness i.e. is the spiritual heart. It always there.
It does not have begining or ending. When it flows into our system, our nerves gets activated. When we ignore the power of activation we put ourselves into thinking which leads into action. This activities are done by mind. These actions are cause of suffering. But instead of puting into actions, if we study our thoughts, how it rises, from where and if we send it back to the same place, then we go back to the centre of awarness. i.e. spiritual heart. As this spirtual heart ever throbing without any stops because it is anant, there must be always flow of energy. If we can hold the flow of energy then whole play is over.Is it correct? Because whenever I read Bhagavan's teaching " go to the source" I cannot do it.
In deep sleep as there is no mind but there is pure awarness that is why we feel  some peace. We want that same peace always everytime. But in waking stage as our mind starts activating we cannot feel the peace. Ultimately if we do not obey to our mind  we will be peaceful always.     So far this much gone into my mind...
your comments are highly appreciated..


Dear Subrahmaniyan ji

What you said is correct. I also used to think, how Goddess can get this much angry when it is discribed she is Shantha sworupini. When I got angry I put this same question to my self. My mind gave lots of reason. After coming to Bhagavan's feet my understanding got widened. Whatever I do is not correct. Because I am doing with the impurity of mind. whereas Goddess know where and how to show the anger. She does to protect the Dharma and wipes out adharma. There is lot of difference with human anger. Every God has some weapon at least two they have One is pasa and anghusham. to save the souls. But without any outer weapons Bhagavan drew the souls and saved from the samsara. He gave the weapon to each one of us i.e. WHO AM I. Some pure minded soul use perfectly and come out from samsara. I do not know whether am I using correctly.  I got the weapon but I do not know how to use and when. Otherwise by this time I would have....
i do not know what to tell.....


General Discussion / Re: Vichara and bodily diseases
« on: October 10, 2008, 04:37:37 PM »
Dear Subrahmaniyan ji

When the mind is killed we do not feel the pain and pleasure. Is not it? Therefore those who got realised soul they must have lost their mind. When they do not have the mind then how they can feel other's pain. Because I cannot kill my mind so I am geting lot sort of stupid questions. At the same time I pray to Bhagavan for my stupidity. Can you explain please?


General Discussion / Re: SELF REALISATION
« on: October 10, 2008, 06:21:57 AM »
Dear sirs

When I was going through this old mails, I came to know some meber want to write about saints life. Our India is punya boomi. It is the heart for the whole world to give jnana and spiritualism. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from east to west we got plenty of saints who took avatar whenever it was samuvami uge uge. Among the saints, some spread bhakti margam like meera, some are pure advaitans, They roamed from village to village and they sang lots of folk songs, in their respectful languages. Some were sanskrit scholars their deciples recorded all in songs form.From south there are so many saints. as Subrahmaniyan ji told 63 nayanmar from saivam and 12 Alwars from vaishnavam. So we can discuss state by state. There are muslim babas, and sufis are also there. We are so fortunate to take birth in India.The tamil literature is called Deiva Thamizh. The literature itself contains lots of poems about the creator.There are so many siddas who wrote poems and did miracles lot still they live around Thruannamalai. Bhagavan also mentioned and saw them in His period. If you start this topic. This thread wil be everlasting flower in the spiritual garden. We get more chance to know many things


General Discussion / Re: Vichara and bodily diseases
« on: October 10, 2008, 05:28:56 AM »
Dear Subrahmanyan Ji

As I see bhagavan like siva, who has kept posion in His throat to save the world while during Samudhra Manthan, our
bhagavan also bought from His devotees all the ailment.At least in one of His Thruvilaiyadal i,e. pittuku man sumandadhu,
he gave the pain of the blow to all 3 world to teach all He is none other than God Siva. But Bhagavan after becoming God He lived like a human being among human being. What there is to say.Bhagavanuke Velicham..


Dear Subrahmaniyan ji

Even Lord Rama got Guru "Vashist and Lord Krishna got "Sandeepany. Kabir says Guru bina gyan nah.
like Rama and Krishna. I did not have guru because I am not like them. But at least I have kinchit punyam to read Bhagavan's books and I got convinced by you people that
even though He is not in human forum He gives mano dhiksha. And Guru and His grace is not different. Bhagavan is everywhere and everytime and His grace is also there. So one of my doubt is cleared .Ramana is my Guru., and Dhakshinamoorthy.
Once again I thank you to this forum and the writers.


Dear Subrahmaniyan ji

The traditional habits particular in southindian brahmin comunity is very high. It is very difficult to give up and accept the
modern custom. This was my hurdle which put me lots of confusions due to my ignorence. After reading Bhagavan's teaching slowly I could come out of that clutch. Now also if I have that type of Agraharam life my mind's get very pleased.
I used to feel lots of serenity in those atmosphere. when  I see the flowerist making 'malas" sometime they scrach their head and taking tea touching with lips. my mind ask so many questions. I give explaination to myself. All became KANNAPA NAYANAR. As Krishna says, in the kali yuga it is rare to get pure water, pure ghee, pure flower etc. etc. We can do puja through bhakti only. And once you cross our India, all madi aacharam will be gone with the wind. Bhagavan's teaching helps day to day life in this modern world.Sankara taught Advaitam but he belonged to 9 or 10 centuray but Ramana lived in this centuary so every body can follow easily. He gave importance not for outer acharam instead inside  towards the self which is everywhere.


General topics / Re: Akarma(nondoership)
« on: October 09, 2008, 10:07:25 PM »
Dear  srkudhay

First we can touch only the objects. We cannot touch the air. but we can feel it. In the same way Bhagavan is now not in physical form so we cannot touch His feet. But having Bhakti and surrender we can feel the grace in any form like air because now He is in everywhere like air and space.
Am I right?


General topics / Re: Akarma(nondoership)
« on: October 09, 2008, 08:27:54 PM »
Dear Subrahmaniyanji

After realaising the Self, all works, speech comes normal way. in natural way. So Bhagavan got realaisation and
the SELF was moving, talking even though it had a human frame. There is no desire or any intention to show off.
But without self realisation whatever people do there must be some ego touch. People may become slaves to their behaviour, symbols and robes. Bhagavan must have realised the gentleman who sat in non brahmin's row. He wanted to show himself that he does not believe in cast system. I think politics and spiritualism cannot go along. We are all ordinary atma. Karam Chand Gandhi was mahatma due to his selveless desire towards to one country i.e. India. Whereas Bhagavan is paramatma for the 14 lokhas. My mother used to advise me, even if you know something you must have the bowyam specially in front of mahans. All are Bhagavans Leelas. That much I can say.


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