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Operating System and Software Issues / Re: Why topics are deleted?
« on: February 28, 2014, 07:45:03 PM »
Dear Shri Anil and others,
I for one have benefitted by your posts and really hope to continue to benefit from your posts.
Your help has been immense and paved the way for a smooth attempt at sadhana.
Let us all treat this as an unfortunate accident ,as it really was.
It is wonderful that Graham Sir   has created this post but he had to take care of the sensitivities of others and the unfortunate deletion was precipitated because of that .
I am sure that Graham Sir himself must be upset  over the inadvertent deletion and we can only reduce his pain  by doubling our posts and put to the written word what we can remember of the deleted posts , so that we can recreate some of the magic.
In fact this is a good oppurtunity for us to ask someone who had earlier left the forum to rejoin so that this Bhagavan family can populate more than what has been lost .
With a humble request to Shri Anil and all others to wholeheartedly contribute again so that this weeked is a blessed one for all of us .
With warm regards,
Anand Sundaram.

Dear Krishnan,
Whether we work 7 days a week or 5 days a week is itself dependent on our prarabhda . Somehow we have to  devise various means of sadhana such that we can practice in the small moments of free time that have at work and spend more time  when time permits such as weekends.If there was a prarabhda designed for us ,where it seems we can choose a five day week or a seven day week with larger pay and foreign exposure,I would opt for the foreign option if family circumstances so permit.
By this I am avoiding a possibility of life long regret and being at peace on the career front so as to have a better platform for sadhana .
Anyway there can be an equally forceful argument presented for the other option as well .Again what we decide finally is again governed by our prarabhda even in the above so called paradox that life presents - hence whatever we decide -or we think we decide - should not overtly perturb us but free us to go back to self enquiry.
But somehow I am inclined to beleive that once drawn to the path of Bhagavan ,who I feel is the incarnation of of the one supreme Brahman , we do not have to be overtly anxious.Life will present its problems and we may have to suffer a thousand things and be impervious to many pleasures.
We should try to practice self enquiry whenever we can but as mentioned above Bhagavan will some how show us the right way as Shri Anil has also said.
Thanks and Regards,
Anand Sundaram.

General Discussion / The ego
« on: February 01, 2014, 07:37:47 PM »
Dear friends,
I would like to invite discussions on our ego and whether our ego really deserves the harsh treatment that it is generally given when assoicated with spirituality.
Isnt it the same ego which enables us to take to sadhana and to remember Bhagavan and thus his teachings which are synonymous with his name.
It seems the  ego tends to take on a dual role like a character who plays a hero and villain in the same movie.(hence fictitious).
When outward turned, it seems to be inclined  towards evil propensities and when inward turned leads  us to the divinity within ourselves.
Hence instead of brow beating the ego,as sadhaks, we should be thankful that it has turned over a new leaf and pray that it gets the strength to  make the ultimate sacrifice i.e itself .
Anand Sundaram

Dear Mark,
Please go through the mountain path article "Be open to all influences" of the mountain path January - MArch 2014.The Mountain path  is an ashram publication.This may assuage your doubt.
Anand sundaram.

Dear friends,
Using inputs of Ravi sir and Graham sir , I am posting this as an after thought.
his is about the light seen at the time of bith of Bhagavan by an elderly relative of Bhagavan who did not have proper eye sight and the light seen as merging in Arunachala a the time of Bhagavan's dropping off the body.
What do these signify ?I think it signifies that the supreme Brahman represented as a visible symbol on this earth(Arunachala) himself took birth  to show the path (or one should say live the path)of self enquiry and dropped the bodily form that appeared as Bhagavan when the mission was accomplished.
Hence when someone says that Bhagavan will guide us in his path it is but the supreme .Now I would like to say one more thing.
Arunachala when we say epitomises Lord Siva , actually  is the visual manifestation of the supreme Brahman which someone worships as Siva,Vishnu,Christ etc.In some mysterious way the supreme Brahman has chosen to be present as a hill giving solace to one and all.
So that is why when someone was sad that Bhagavan was droppping his body reassured that where can he go .He was and is the supreme Brahman .Similarly when we see so many foreigners  coming to Arunachala they do not just worship Lord Siva by cirumventing the hill,etc.They are literally worshipping the supreme Brahman that dwels everywhere including their own selves.Arunachala is the living visual presence of God and which Hindus are worshipping as Lord Shiva but anyone can see in Arunachala their own God since God can be  in any form.
Anand Sundaram.

Cautionary advice / Re: Depression, despair and hopelessness in sadhana
« on: January 21, 2014, 10:07:27 PM »
Dear Graham Sir,
Thanks for reverting .
Dear Ravi Sir,
I view Arunachala as the physical manifestation of the supreme Brahman .
As far as Bhagavan is concerned ,I would like to view him as an  avatar of the supreme Brahman or Arunachala who wanted to demonstrate the path of self enquiry for the benefit of posterity by living and enacting the same as any human being.
Moreover I would like to believe that  Bhagavan out   of his infinite mercy and compassion in some mysterious way still exists within the realms of Brahman as a perfected Siddha who raises to emancipation those who turn to him and also shows the path of enquiry to souls who are ripe for that.
Anand Sundaram.

Cautionary advice / Re: Depression, despair and hopelessness in sadhana
« on: January 19, 2014, 05:38:51 PM »
Dear friends,
While I would like Graham Sir to respond to this particularly, I would like others also to revert.
In all posts when any member expresses despondency on his method of sadhana or lack of progress , members particularly here say dont worry Bhagavan will take care.
This  wording of the assurance has always been a bit perplexing for  me ,since Bhagavan is no more in the flesh .I think this is to be understood as the supreme Brahman is overseeing our progress and the supreme is none other than and no different than the Bhagavan who was in the flesh from 1879 -1950.Or is it that ,Bhagavan who existed in the flesh from 1879 - 1950 is now bodiless but still exists as the Bhagavan of old blessing and guiding all those who take his name or remember him - whileat the same time being no different from the Supreme Brahman that makes all things move . I will be happy if you can revert  independently along with of course our beloved  Graham Sir as to how to understand this statement.
Thanks ,
Anand Sundaram.

General Discussion / Self enquiry some tips needed.
« on: January 19, 2014, 04:45:19 PM »
Dear friends,
My pattern of so called sadhana on  weekdays ,is I do about 5 minutes of japa before  I wake up and daily try to read a few pages of Ribhu Gita..
On weekends ,I get more free time say about an hour or so in which i practice what I hope is self enquiry .
"IN this 1 hour of free time ,I try to focus on the I thought , after a few seconds of such attempting of such focus, there is breathless and since I cannot continue to focus on searching for the source of the I thought , I then try to focus on the breath."
Later thoughts intervene but I try to repeat the above cycle  as indicated in the quotes, thus managing about 4-5 times - the attempt to focus on the I ,stilling  the mind albeit for a few seconds ,ending with heavy breathing and focusing on the breath as it slowly slows down - this whole cycle taking about 2-3 minutes .How can I alter the practice to avoid the disruption of the enquiry by the breathlessness , so as to lengthen the period of focus on the search for the self, is what I want to know from members.
Anand Sundaram.

Dear friends,
The concentration on the right side of the chest as a preliminary aid to practice should not be underestimated.
As  mentioned in Ullada Narpuda, finally the heart is recognized as the universal self.Till such time as the identification with the body is strong , concentration on the right side of the chest and looking for the source of thoughts there is a good practice.
Anand Sundaram.

Dear friends,
The Yoga Vasistha slightly  deviates from Bhagavan's teachings in the following two points as I see it  or till someone corrects me.
1.Unlike Bhagavan who said that with self enquiry, gradually the atttraction to sense pleasures(except as permissible  by Dharma) will diminish , the yoga vasistha talks of clenching the teeth and avoiding sense pleasure (except as permissible  by Dharma) .
2.It also talks about self effort prevailing over destiny .It is not clear whether such self effort is referred to spiritual pursuit or is also applicable to materialistic  life. If it is also applicable to materialistic life then it contradicts Bhagavan's teachings that everything in life on the material front is pre destined.
I would like fellow members to share their views on the above.
Anand Sundaram.

The Srimad Bhagavata / Re: Welcome to the new board
« on: January 15, 2014, 04:03:25 PM »
Dear Graham Sir.
At first instance I found this book quite complicated .There must be a particular way to read this to assimilate its teachings better, which I am missing.
Can you share with us as to how to dive deep into the book to make most of its contents.
Thanks and Regards,
Anand Sundaram.

General topics / Re: Handling disturbed mind
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:13:19 PM »
Dear Prashant Sir,
Can you eloborate on the strategy of the laughing Buddha  which you have mentioned.
Anand Sundaram.

General Discussion / Digital photoframe
« on: January 12, 2014, 08:41:03 PM »
Dear friends,
I am interested in seeing Bhagavan and Arunachala photos on digital photoframes.Can somehow here inform how  much it costs in Indian Rupees.
Can the photoframe be used to read pdf files.If yes what is the cost of such photoframes.
Anand Sundaram.

General Discussion / Re: want to come back closer to Sri Ramasramam
« on: December 31, 2013, 08:18:26 PM »
Dear Krishnan,
Great news.I also share the same feeling about Arunachala and I cannot bear even the thought of prolonged  separation now that I am close to Arunachala.(Earlier I used live in Mumbai and shifted to Chennai in 2007).
May Arunachala keep you close to him till you are absorbed in him.
Anand Sundaram.

General topics / diving into The heart
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:23:38 PM »
Dear friends,
I would like to invite posts from fellow members on this topic which Bhagavan mentioned as the key to self enquiry.
Clearly the heart was not the physical organ but referred to the source from which the "I" thought stemmed - i.e Brahman or the supreme consciousness.
Now I would like to invite posts from fellow members on what is diving into the heart .
Secondly if there is any pre requisite or concurrent sadhana that is suggested to make the diving easier and more frequent .
Thanks and regards,
Anand Sundaram.

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