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Q: If I am infinite how did I become finite?

M: Analyze your words. You begin with "I." Know the "I" first. If the question persists after that, you may consider it then, but not before. The Self is here and now and alone. It is not new and something to be acquired. It is natural and permanent. The term "Self" refers to the unlimited, the infinite Self; do not limit its meaning.

M: The order of ashramas (the four stages of life traditionally classified in Hinduism) was established as a general principle to regulate the gradual development of the ordinary run of humanity, but in the case of one highly mature and fully ripe for atma vichara (Self-Inquiry) there is no graduated development. In this case, jnana vichara, i.e. Self-Inquiry, and the blooming of jnana, (knowledge of the Self) are immediate and quick.

M: All thoughts such as, "Attainment is hard," or "Self-realization is far from me," or "I have to overcome many difficulties to know Reality," should be given up, as they are obstacles and are created by this false self, ego. They are untrue. Do not doubt that you are the Reality; live in that understanding. Never question it by deferring your realization of it to some future time. It is because people are victimized and hypnotized by such false thoughts that the Gita says that few out of millions realize the Self.

Q: Why is it written in one of the Upanishads, "Those whom the Atman (Self) chooses, to them alone does It reveal Itself, not to others?" Isn't this rather arbitrary?

M: No. It is correct. It chooses only those who devote themselves to It, who become Its devotees. Such It draws inwards to Itself. One must turn inwards to find the Atman. Whoever thinks of It, It will draw to Itself.

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Yes happy for the backup graham ji.

M: The Self is beyond duality. If there is one there will also be two. Without one there are no other numbers. The truth is neither one nor two. It is as it is.

Be always feeling and reflecting on the real Being. Be That. Cling close to It. Let your quest be constant and sustained until you catch the Self and thereby find eternal happiness.

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Thanks a lot for reminding us about sri ramakrishna birthday ravi garu.

M: The fact is that you are ignorant of your blissful state. Ignorance draws a veil over the pure Bliss. Direct your attempts only towards removing the ignorance. This ignorance is just wrong knowledge. The wrong lies in the false identification of the Self with the body and mind. This false identity must go by inquiry into the Self.

Born in 1896, world's oldest man, 118-year- old Premsai Patel, native of a remote village, attributed his long, healthy life to fresh green vegetables, pulses and a strict vegetarian diet. Patel, A retired government teacher, lives in Korba district of Chhattisgarh where he starts each day by reciting verses from the sacred Hindu scripture 'Ramcharitmanas' which he says 'purifies one's body and the soul'. Patel, lives with in a big joint family of sons, daughters- in- law and their children. Born in 1896, Patel is a living testimony of the heydays of Indian kings and British rule. A woman relative, Ghana Bai, said that Patel believes in living a happy and contented life and therefore, eats and drinks simple food without suffering the perils of old age.

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Yes i support Ravi garu.

No one in this forum are/should attached to their post count  ;D

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Hmm I was actually wondering what happened to few deleted threads and now thanks to hari garu's open question i get the answer.

While like many forum members i standby saying a polite notice before deleting thread should have been great but again it makes me laugh to ask the same ...

Asking and finding fault with graham ji's deletion of emails action is like finding some fault or other with god's creation of this waking state world :)

This website belongs to Grahamji and as administrator he has ultimate rights.

Q: But how shall I reach the Self?

M: There is no reaching the Self. If it were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not here and now, but would have to be gained. What is got afresh will also be lost. So it will be impermanent. What is not permanent is not worth striving for. So I say the Self is not reached. You are the Self. You are already That.

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Thanks and wish you and all forum members sankranti subhakamshalu.

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