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"Has anyone fed the peacock yet"?  Forgive me i am only recently acquainted with this forum. i understand these were Ramana Maharshi's last words.

Ashrams / Re: SEVA
« on: June 12, 2008, 12:22:28 PM »

To Arunachala Siva,
                Thank you for your timely response! As i live on a tropical island i am a little acclimated to humid weather though not quite as humid as my many friends who have traveled to and lived in India have mentioned. As to hot or even Indian food i have enjoyed both for almost four decades.Concerning purchasing an apartment or some type of residence there do you personally know of any or know someone who does. i did contact and got on there list, i believe i found them on a site about Arunachala. Also i was recently told of the Indian government confiscating property of foreign nationals? Do you know anything about that? i have in-joyed reading your other posts. When i do come to Arunachala, Ramana willing, it would be so nice to meet such knowledgeable persons as yourself. Thank You again, knowone

Ashrams / SEVA
« on: June 12, 2008, 10:28:25 AM »
"i" am 51 years old and have had two western "teachers". These teachers honored all the "Wisdom" teachings as do i. i have photos of the most recent Indian gurus,saints on my home altar. Though the photo of Ramana stuns this consciousness into that silent stillness as do his sayings put forth by David Godman, etc. & in "Thus Spake Ramana Maharshi". i consider "my" body a tube of flesh seemingly used by consciousness for reasons personally unknown, although Ramana, Nisargadatta,& Meher Baba give thorough explanations as to this seeming "play" of consciousness. i also see no difference between jnana or bhakti since both respected Yogas have helped this personal self in it's emptying and erasure. This said, i feel a present urge to stay at or near Aranachala for an extended period of time if not even possibly the rest of this dream life as did Ramana. i am not trying to escape an unpleasant life as i have always seemed to live a grace filled existence, mostly because of seeing solutions rather than problems and of course surrender in the personal sense has been key to a less ego filled life and therefore less suffering. i live in a small simple rental on a beautiful 5 acre fruit farm away from any city on the island of Maui in Hawaii and earn an average income. i would have to save some capital in order to stay an extended period, although i would be able to get there if there were possibilities of staying for seva. i am in exellent physical health and have always been called on first for seva since cooking and cleaning and any seva has always come natural to this "i".Please i would sweetly welcome any input or advice.     Thank You, Namaste,   knowone

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