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Title: Grace
Post by: Nagaraj on December 18, 2011, 04:44:39 PM

I reached the Jubilee Hall and found the courage to walk up to Bhagavan's sofa. Wordlessly, I held out my offering. Bhagavan looked at me kindly and asked, "What have you brought?" I managed to say, "I have brought some cashew nuts," but i doubt whether Bhagavan could have heard me at all, as my voice was very low, and my speech quite indistinct. Bhagavan craned his neck and looked into the vessel I was holding out. He said, "Oh! cashew nuts, is it? and nodded his head at me. Then he said to the attendant, Sathyanandam, "Please take it from her and keep it aside." Looking at me, he said, "Give the vessel to him." I went and sat down in my usual place.

I had been hoping that Bhagavan would take a few of my cashew nuts and then have the rest distributed among the gathering. That was the usual procedure, after all! I waited eagerly for Bhagavan to accept my offering. But he did not even touch the container, leave alone the cashew nuts I had prepared with such devotion. I could not understand it at all. Had I done something wrong? Was Bhagavan displeased with me, for some reason? I said to myself, "This is my fate. I must accept it." I managed to keep to my usual routine. I stayed till the evening recitation was over, and returned home after that. Thoughout the night, I was restless.

The next morning, I reached the Asramam in time for the 5 o'clock Veda recitation. After the recitation, I returned home, finished my cooking, and then went back to the Asramam at about 7:30. There was not much of a crowd in the Hall at that time. I went up to Bhagavan and prostrated. As soon as I got up, Bhagavan turned to Sathyanandam and enquired, "Has she been told that the cashew nuts were served along with the iddlies at breakfast time?" Sathyanandam replied, "I have not told her yet." Then Bhagavan looked at me and said, "They were served along with the iddlies." There was an expression of infinite compassion on Bhagavan's face, as he looked at me. I felt a thrill pass through my body. My heart was full.

Later, Venkataratnam said to me, "Akka (sister)! Yesterday, there were many people here. Maybe Bhagavan felt that there might not be enough cashew nuts for everybody. That must be why he had them put away. This morning, all of us were able to enjoy the delicacy you had prepared." Yes. That must have been the reason.



Salutations to Bhagavan
Title: Re: Grace
Post by: Subramanian.R on December 18, 2011, 05:38:08 PM
Dear Nagaraj,

Many people have brought many offerings for Sri Bhagavan.  Once one villager while coming to see Him found some nuts falling
from a torn sack that was in the cart before.  The nuts were picked up by him and a bagful of nuts were brought and he offered
them to Sri Bhagavan. They were all kadukkai nuts, a herbal nut used for removing constipation!  Sri Bhagavan was suffering from
constipation and these nuts became very useful.  Sri Bhagavan took four or five of them and then returned the remaining as
prasad to the villager!

Once Kitty Osborne, the child of Arthur and Lucia went to the Hall without accompanied by her mother.  She was the first
Western child to visit Sri Bhagavan. On entering the Hall, she found a stool. Instead of placing the fruits that she had brought
on the stool, she herself sat on the stool!  Sri Bhagavan smiled at her and then said: Kitty has offered herself to Bhagavan!

Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Grace
Post by: Nagaraj on December 18, 2011, 06:14:15 PM
so simple and beautiful Subramanian Sir is the path of pure love