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Title: Investigation By Ramana Maharshi
Post by: prasanth_ramana_maharshi on June 21, 2010, 01:54:02 PM
"By a steady and continuous investigation into the nature of the mind, the mind is transformed into That to which the 'I' refers; and that is in fact the Self." (from "Who am I?" by Ramana Marharshi)

It is with the mind that one has to make this investigation into "the nature of the mind".

It is the same mind that can wax lyrical about surrender, the Heart, Grace and His Will & so on.

Sri Ramana teaches that as long as we believe we are separate from a 'Him',from 'God' and 'Grace' we are still in the realm of illusion resulting from identification with the body-mind. Hence we see the others, the world and God as separate from us. These are the triads and pairs mention in verse nine of Sri Ramana's Ulladhu Narpadhu.

"The triads all arise depending on the ego-sense; so too arise the pairs. If one enters the heart by the Quest of `Who is the I?' and sees the truth of it (the Real Self) all of them vanish utterly; such a one is the Sage; he is not deluded (by them)." (v9, Ulladhu Narpadhu)

Or, as Sri Ramana clearly expresses it:

"Atman alone exists and is real. The threefold reality of world, individual soul, and God is, like the illusory appearance of silver in the mother of pearl, an imaginary creation in the Atman. They appear and disappear simultaneously. The Self alone is the world, the 'I' and God. All that exists is but the manifestation of the Supreme. For the subsidence of mind there is no other means more effective and adequate than Self-enquiry. Even though by other means the mind subsides, that is only apparently so; it will rise again." (from "Who am I?" by Ramana Marharshi)