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Title: Two Shirts for Bhagavan Ramana
Post by: Subramanian.R on December 23, 2009, 12:32:30 PM
It was unusually cold winter and this particular day among the
coldest.  Manavasi Ramaswamy Iyer had two shirts made because
he wanted Bhagavan Ramana to be warm with something more
adequate to protect from from the biting cold, than the usual loin
cloth and the occasional cotton towel over His top. 

Lacking the courage to present them personally, he placed them
on the stool in front of Bhagavan's sofa while Bhagavan was taking
a walk on the Hill.  Upon His return, Bhagavan saw them and questioned the attendant.  Just then, Manavasi Ramaswami Iyer]put his appearance and murmured inaudibly.  "Bhagavan, it was I who
put them there.  It is very cold Bhagavan and ....."  But Bhagavan
interrupted him, saying, "Did I complain that it was cold?"

"No, Bhagavan, I took the initiative.  I thought Bhagavan should
protect Himself."

But Bhagavan wouldn't hear of it.  "No, take them away."

Manavasi persisted and yet nothing would make Bhagavan accept
them.  Finally with a tinge of frustration, Bhagavan Ramana said,
"I already wear five shirts", referring to the panchakosas.  Is the
sixth one necessary?"

(Manavasi Ramaswami Iyer is famous for his Sarangati Song.
Once when he had serious stomach problem and could not eat
anything excepting gruel, for months, Bhagavan Ramana made
him to sit and have lunch with Him in the Asramam.  His stomach
pain disappeared once for all.  He wrote the famous Saranagati
song.  Even today this is sung at Ramana homes for getting justified
wants fulfilled, through Ramana's Grace.)

(Source: T.R. Kanakkammal's Reminiscences, MP Jan-Mar 2007)

Arunachala Siva.