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Spiritual Doubts Answered
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:04:40 PM »
This thread will have some spiritual doubts answered by various teachers from various Spiritual Schools - Ramana , Ramakrishna , Sivananda , Chinmaya , Dayananda , JK ,Osho etc etc .  It does not matter who the teacher is just see if the answers bring clarity to you .

Negative Vasanas: What to Do About Them?

Question-1 I have a strong negative vasana troubling me. I seem to get free from it for long periods and I return to it; and when it returns I feel guilt and shame. I try my best to get free from it, but instead I seem to be stuck with it. What do you suggest for me to do?

Answer : I vaguely remember that we talked about this some years back. Anyway, in a few words vasanas are traces or impressions left in the causal body (subconscious mind) every time we respond to the field with our actions. In this context, we can classify vasanas as ?positive? vasanas and ?negative? vasanas. Positive vasanas are the fructification of positive past actions. They are the ones conducive to spiritual growth and the development of purity of mind. Negative vasanas are the fructification of negative past actions. They prevent spiritual development. They are going to keep you stuck and guilty. But the good news is that however strong and deeply rooted a negative vasana may be, it can always be obstructed, reduced to a manageable proportion and, with the karma yoga spirit, gradually transformed into good, positive actions.

Positive actions are sattvic actions ? actions done with the spirit of contribution to the field. Your main motivation is to act in harmony with dharma, regardless of your self-centered desires, which are meant to be sacrificed on the altar of dharma. Sattvic actions aim first to fulfill the needs of the total, and your personal needs secondly. It is conducive to the development of good vasanas ? vasanas which will cause your rapid spiritual growth.

A rajasic action is the one aiming to fulfill one?s personal needs only. They are the ones producing rajasic vasanas, vasanas responsible for personal material gains. They are conducive to prosperity and the development of a positive self-image. They do not trouble the mind to the extent that one feels compelled to break the rules, to violate dharma. Pure rajasic vasanas do not produce spiritual advancement, but at least they do not bring you down; you remain stagnated, with neither growth nor decline.

A tamasic vasana is the real problem. It is conducive to tamasic actions ? actions that are not only self-centered but also in violation of dharma. People under the predominance of tamasic vasanas are usually lazy, but laziness does not entirely take care of nagging, binding desires. As a result, a tamasic person is inclined to do stupid things in order to get what it wants. Lazy people are not much inclined to do many actions, but those few actions tend to break the rules. They are usually not motivated enough to develop the necessary skills to play by the rules.

How to obstruct and transform those negative vasanas? A vasana is only a vasana in the causal body. Once it appears in the subtle body, it is a ?vritti,? a thought. You can only work on such vasanas in your conscious mind (subtle body). How? By (1) applying the opposite thought with reference to the vasana-thought; (2) denying its expression, mental, verbal and physical; (3) developing the religious attitude known as karma-dharma yoga.

Will power is very important at this level, but not enough. You need knowledge of the three bodies, the nature of desire, the nature of the field, the nature of objects, Isvara?s natural laws (dharma), etc. Knowledge, together with will power: this is the only way to burn away hardwired vasanas; and again, patience is a ?must? because binding negative vasanas are deeply rooted tendencies, habits ? they are developed in time, therefore they die in time too, and gradually.

However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? - Buddha


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Re: Spiritual Doubts Answered
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2019, 03:02:56 PM »
2) What are the 2 main qualities needed for a spiritual aspirant

Beautiful Zen Buddhist story with a wonderful message regarding the 2 main qualities needed for a spiritual aspirant :
One day, a young boy came into a monastery and asked the Chief Monk, to give him some job and food !

The Chief Monk asked him about his qualification , and any experience in any job and what he knows ? !

The boy replied: I have not studied in school.

I have no proficiency in any work !

I can do some stray jobs like washing food plates, cleaning up the cottage etc., I do not know anything else !

The Chief Monk asked are you sure you do not know anything else?

The boy replied: Oh, yes, Sir, now I remember.

I can play Chess !

The Chief Monk said: Oh that's good. Now I shall test you in your game.

He asked another monk to come with chess board and coins and asked a table to be placed so that the game could start.

Before start of the game, the Chief Monk said: Now see, I have a sword on my hand.

If any one is defeated, his nose will be severed !

The boy became nervous. However, without any other way to go, he agreed !

The game started.

Initially, the boy made some mistakes in moves. His position on the board became almost hopeless.

*He then concentrated completely on the game and improved the position to a winning level*.

Then he looked at the monk sitting opposite and playing.

He was not quite nervous but obviously disturbed a little.

The boy then thought,"I am a useless fellow in life.

*Nothing will change the world if I lose the game and lose my nose !*

But this monk, is well qualified person, doing meditation and is sure to attain spiritual hood, Why should he lose?

So , *the young boy deliberately made a wrong move, so that the monk sitting opposite could take advantage and win the game !*

The Chief Monk suddenly flashed his sword on the table.

All the coins flew into different directions.

He then said: The game is over.

Boy you are IN. You will be with us in the monastery hereafter !

The boy did not understand.

The Chief Monk explained:

"I did not ask you to play chess to find out your caliber in the game.

But I was looking for two essential qualities that are necessary for Self realization.

*One is the MAHA PRAJNA -Great Awareness !*

I found that in you. When your game became positionally bad, you put your entire concentration and attention on the game and improved your game.

*The second one is MAHA KARUNA - The Great Compassion !*

I found that also in you.

When your opponent was about to lose the game, you looked at him with great compassion and deliberately made a wrong mistake so that he could win.

These two qualities are adequate to do *SADHANA* and make the life Meaningful !YOU ARE IN.
However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? - Buddha