Author Topic: Arunachala Patikam (11 Verses)  (Read 696 times)


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Arunachala Patikam (11 Verses)
« on: March 15, 2018, 10:03:58 AM »
Was Arunachala Patikam originally written in Tamil or in Sanskrit?


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Re: Arunachala Patikam (11 Verses)
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Dear sir

ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல பதிகம் (Sri Arunachala Patikam), the Eleven Verses to Sri Arunachala, was composed by Sri Ramana after the opening words of the first verse, கருணையால் என்னை யாண்ட நீ (karunaiyal ennai y-anda ni), had been persistently arising in his mind for several days. Finally he composed a verse beginning with these words, which mean you who by [your] grace accepted [took possession of, ruled over or cherished] me [as you own].

This first verse ended with the word அன்பே (anbe), a vocative case-form of அன்பு (anbu), which means love, and the next day the words அன்புரு வருணாசல (anburu v-arunachala), which mean Arunachala, the form of love, began to arise persistently in his mind, so with them as the opening words he composed the second verse, which ended with the word இறையே (iraiye), a vocative case-form of இறை (irai), which means lord or God. The next day a series of words beginning with இறை (irai) began to arise persistently in his mind, so with them as the opening words he composed the third verse, which ended with the word ஊழி (uzhi), which means aeon or world

In this way for nine consecutive days he composed one verse each day, and on the tenth day he composed two verses. Each of these eleven verses began with the last word (or more precisely, the first metrical syllable of the last foot) of the previous verse, thus forming a song in a style of concatenation that is called antadi or end-beginning.

In this patikam or poem of eleven verses that thus poured forth from the heart of Sri Ramana, the first nine verses are beautiful prayers, and the last two are powerful assurances, in which he reveals how Arunachala will unfailingly destroy the soul or separate selfhood of anyone who is attracted to him, thinking him to be the supreme reality, by drawing his or her mind selfwards and thus subduing all its mischievous activity and making it motionless like itself.

from hapinees of being my michael james .
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