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Re: Upadesha Saram of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2017, 05:14:57 PM »
Here it is very important to understand that there is no other God than the Presence/Being or I AM.
There is a beautiful story I would like to share about the fulfillment experienced by a person who is constantly reveling in that Presence [in other words who does not separate himself from that presence and look at himself as a person].

This is a story I heard from swami Tattvavidananda Saraswati ji:

Once Siva and Parvati were on their world tour and they see Santakumara seated in a small hut. Parvati immediately notices the splendor and the grace with which he was conducting. She asks Siva and in reply Siva tells her that he is a Great Jnani. Mother immediately says that we will go and give him some boon.
Siva tells her "See, he is a Jnani. He does not care whether you go to him or not. He is totally unattached and treats everything as unreal. Its a waste of time".

Still she goes to him and says "My son! I am really impressed by your Jnana. Siva himself calls you a Jnani. Please seek some boon". Santakumara says "Mother, I have nothing to ask. Thank you for the offer".

But Parvati does not agree. In order to please her, he says "Mother, please grant that this needle , when I stich my shirt, should pass from one side to the other". She was a little perplexed and says "Thats not a wish. Ask something else".

He looks up and says "Mother please bless that the sun should set in another 6 hours". Mother gets angry "You seem to be really proud!"
Santakumara says "Mother, its not pride, its actually lack of ego. I am just not able to think of anything else. I need nothing".

She says "Ok, since you do not seek a boon, ill give you a curse... You seem very proud , may you become a camel"
And so he becomes a camel.

A couple of years later, Siva and Parvati were passing by the same route when she sees the camel roaming about in the same premises. She goes to Santakumara and says "Child, I think you have had enough of this camel life, I'll now convert you back to your human form"

Santa kumara says "Mother, Thank you for the offer, but this upadhi [form] seems to be very comfortable. Earlier, I had to cook food, now I can eat any leaves here and there. Earleir I had to wear some dress, now I am fine without it. This is very comfortable, please allow me to continue thus"

The lesson to take is that the fulfillment of a egoless person , a person who lives reveling in Being [another way of saying Just Be], is indescribable really. Its as if one is living in deep sleep and yet wide awake ! Actions take place through me, and there is no one here "doing it". And this is not a "State to be achieved" ... it is something to be lived. if one lives it continuously one is a Ramana. if one has to revert to it again and again reminding oneself of the wisdom , its karma yoga. Karma yoga purifies the mind and aids one live it continuously and when one lives it continuously what more is there to achieve ?



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Re: Upadesha Saram of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
« Reply #16 on: March 08, 2018, 03:16:31 AM »

Verse 4

kaya-van-manah karyam-uttamam
pujanam japa-scintanam kramat

This is certain:
Worship, praise and meditation,
Being work of body, speech and mind,
Are steps for orderly ascent.


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Re: Upadesha Saram of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi
« Reply #17 on: March 29, 2018, 05:58:53 PM »
Prelude to Verse 4:

The world is unreal and uncertain - its a dream. But what matters is not this logical conclusion but is it a dream for me or not. because the logical conclusion means nothing really. every drunkard is convinced that drinking is bad. he has all the logic and yet cannot stop drinking. so its not about a logical position one takes at all.

Traditionally Sruti-Yukti-Anubhava is said to be the means to liberation. Sruti constitutes hearing the scriptures from a guru. Yukti is often translated as reasoning... recently however i heard Swami Tattvavidananda Saraswati ji explain it slightly differently ... he said Yukti derives from the same Yuj root from which Yoga derives. Meaning Yukti is really to be one with the vision of the scriptures. To start looking at the world through the vision provided by the scripture. Who does not know, logically, that everything is dying ?  and yet if we start looking at the world a continuously dying, we come to experience a totally new world. This is yukti. i start to look at my own mind through the vision provided by the scriptures and anubhava is to consequently remain. Anu: following. Bhav to be. Having looked at the world from this position, be the Truth. That is the way i tend to look at this.

verse1 and verse 2 are merely telling us that the world is only a myth. verse 3 has started to tell us how we can make this understanding real for ourselves. how we may live it in the day to day life so that we see the world as a myth. To see god is to look at the world as a dream. the two are the same. so the verse 3 says leave the world and start seeing God. The world is real is called materialism as long as i think that the world is real, i am not seeign god. the moment i see the world as unreal, that unreality of the world is the God , because the God is the presence which enables the unreality to be seen. when i see the snake as an imagination, there and then is the rope upon which the snake is seen. the very place where the snake is seen, there itself is the rope.

but we tend to reimagine the snake and fear again ... and so again and again one needs to correct the errors in perceptions until one is no more prone to that error. this is what is meant by the 3rd verse where Bhagvan says offer to god, meaning start seeing god through every action. offering to god means what? to dissolve it in god! so start seeing god.

now in the 4rth verse Bhagavan is going to tell the various means to include this into our day to day life. how do i start looking at the world as unreal and god alone as real in my day to day life ? This is what is being explained in the next verse...