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peace and love
« on: December 29, 2017, 06:32:09 PM »
enjoy your stories ........ goodbye
simply stop telling the story of the self and see who you are without it


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Re: peace and love
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 08:29:25 PM »
Dear Beloved Abstract,
         :) You are a wise person and I understand that the story you are talking about is something we all tell ourselves.
All this is also such a story we are imagining continuously.

In Yoga Vasishta there is a story of mind :


The story of Mind, From Yoga Vasishta:

There is a formidable and desolate forest in which there was a man. He was with a thousand hands and eyes. Apparently very confused, he would strike himself violently with iron bars and run about crying. Running about like that he fell in a dark well with a hidden way out.

It took him some time to find his way out and then he slowly got out of the well into a thorny forest. Then again, departing and beating himself often, running and laughing he managed to enter a cool forest of plantain trees.

but he did not remain there for long. There also he started beating himself and running, he fell into the same well again ! He was as though drunk or semi conscious!!

Vasishta ji says: Having seen this for a long time , i held him by force ... and jolted him to consciousness. I then asked him " What is this ? Who are you? Why do you run in vain ?", thus asked, he said:
"I am no body, i do nothing. You are my enemy. Having seen by you, i am lost! Then , laughing, he gave up his limbs all around"
Thus in that forest, many men like him dwell, wandering about. That forest is there even today.

Sri Rama: Sage! What is that great forest ? What is it that they are intent on doing ?

Vasishta replies:

In this great forest of worldly existence, minds indeed wander about. They are lead by me , by discrimination, to supreme tranquility. Some, by disregarding me, fall down into hells. The forest of plantains is heaven. the affliction by sorrow is the thorn. "I am lost", when he said this, it was the cry of ego ... the feeling of me and mine ! The beatings are the blows of fancies or imaginations. They are indeed caused by oneself. The mind is reduced to a state of bondage only by its own imaginations and impressions. Like a silk worm in the cocoon one binds oneself by one's own imaginations and super-impositions.
This story of mind has been narrated to you. Contemplate on it with the mind , using this discrimination observe the mind and reject the fancies or imaginations of mind.

prahaaraaH kalpanaaghaataaH kriyante svayameva hi |
sa.NkalpavaasanaajaalaiH svairevaayaati bandhanam|
mano liilaamayaiH bandhaiH koshakaarakR^imiryathaa ||

प्रहाराः कल्पनाघाताः क्रियन्ते स्वयमेव हि।
सँकल्पवासनाजालैः स्वैरेवायाति बन्धनम्।
मनो लीलामयैः बन्धैः कोशकारकृमिर्यथा॥

The beatings are the blows of fancies (or imaginations). They are indeed caused by oneself. The mind is reduced to the state of bondage only by its own net of impressions of imaginations, just as the silk worm in the cocoon confines itself by bonds with ease.


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Re: peace and love
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 08:34:51 PM »
But there are two levels of operation:
The "Relative" or from the stand point of imagination ... for example if someone asks "please give me your passport" we do not reply "that is a fancy imagination of yours" !

the other of-course is where you revel.

Leaving, returning , leaving etc ... i have gone through this game and i know that it does not matter ... if not here, the mind imagines up some other place where one writes or if no where it could be in the head ... so why leave at all ? Let the story continue as it does ...

after-all its only an imagination and there is no need to give it much importance. but may be if we keep meeting like this online ... we may keep reminding each other not to take all this seriously ... often people do fall into the trap of taking life seriously , and most of us are not exceptions to it