Author Topic: A Nice Meditation From Vijnana Bhairava Tantra - A Self Inquiry Pointer  (Read 769 times)


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Vijnana Bhairava Tantra - A Perfect Meditation Method:
Verse 48.
dehaantare tvagivabhaaga.N bhittibhuuta.N vicintayet|
na ki~nchidantare tasya dhyaayannadhyeyabhaagbhavet ||

देहान्तरे त्वगिवभागँ भित्तिभूतँ विचिन्तयेत्।
न किञ्चिदन्तरे तस्य ध्यायन्नध्येयभाग्भवेत्॥

One should meditate on the body as only enclosed by the skin with nothing inside. Meditating in this way one attains the One who cannot be meditated upon (ie, Siva)
This is not imagination .... this is the truth as it is ... at some level if we think there is a body ... then the body is like a room ... if i knock at the room ... there should be someone within to respond ... if the room is empty ... there is no response ... this is the form of meditation suggested. i leave the body like an empty room .. all sensations or perceptions are like knocking at the doors of this room ... with no one to respond ... there is total Silence :)
infact there is no one if one gains a little clarity ... manasantu kim, margane krite naiva manasam marga arjavat says ramana .... which means having inquired what is mind and when tries to see its source one discovers that there is no mind and this is the most direct path ! This is Self Inquiry :) Explained another way.

Vijnana bhairaga Tantra has about 112 meditation methods ... all of them are unique and direct ... many of them lead to Self Inquiry if properly understood :)

Sri Ramakrishna Puts it beautifully in his simple style :

MASTER (to M.): ?Every now and then I think that the body is a mere pillow-case. The only real substance is the Indivisible Satchidananda.
--> Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna , Chapter 44.
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