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practical issues -- quote from old post
« on: August 24, 2017, 09:45:12 AM »
I read this from atmavichar sir.

" True and I know few in my family and friend Circle who were thinking they could also be like Bhagavan ( with regard to his quote "The Body is the biggest disease ") and did not take properr care of themselves ( more out of  laziness )  and finally it reached a critical stage when they had to be hospitalised and they were crying like a  coward  in the hospital afraid of the surgery and all there previous Vedantic thoughts like " I am not the body " ,  "The body will die but the soul does not die " etc etc was of no use and they ended up paying a fat bill to the hospital and now more running to various temples , astrologers etc for doing Pariharams .  "

Actually it is very true.  the body knot that we have is very strong.  constant and absolute devotion to Guru with lot of inner strength and trust will definitely help when one is in death bed.

upper layer interest will not be able to pierce down to your deepest layers of the soul.

But one who has full trust in Arunachala & Ramana will get the necessary help and strength in the death bed. 

Let us all keep the thought of Arunachala in mind always.  even if not able to do self enquiry , please remember bhagavan and his verses. 
it will act in the final moments atleast for a path of light if not liberation ( due to our own vasanas)