Author Topic: The power in original verses of Sri Ramana  (Read 859 times)


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The power in original verses of Sri Ramana
« on: August 24, 2017, 09:40:34 AM »
I am prompted to share this. 

I find an inherent power and amazing aura in calming the mind in the  original verses of Ulladhu Narpadhu, Upadesa Undiyar, Arunachala stuthi panchakam,  ramana suthi panchakam , appala pattu, atma vidya keerthanam, eka sloki etc. 

I think Bhagavan Ramana gave these important writings for constant reflection and with a two line translations.

without over complicating by writing pages and pages , engaging in intellectual interpretations.

because I find that the vyavaaharika is so blurred by the cloud of maya and impure thoughts that one must rather concentrate to fight one's vasanas rather than go on accumulating intellectual knowledge.

Arunachala is the best mantra and the most potent.  And we Ramana Bhagtas has two wings -- self enquiry & arunachala surrender. what more is required?