Author Topic: very rare deep sleep due to health issues -- insight required  (Read 1544 times)


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very rare deep sleep due to health issues -- insight required
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:36:11 PM »
bhagavan frequently refers to deep sleep state, also the state just after deep sleep but before full waking up.

some people like me never experience deep sleep fully.  most of the time i wake up 2-3 times with intense sensation to relieve myself.

esp. when we wake up from deep sleep, people talk about observing the I AM, the clarity, etc.

but practically for me it is only the intense sense of urination that wakes me up. infact even just 5 minutes before the sleep is dissolved, the whole body has this uneasy sensation and I almost wake up with that uneasy sensation strongly felt. then i go to wash room to relieve myself.

this also happens 2-3 times so there is no one 'morning wake up' instance.

also the quality of sleep is also half sleep with lot of background items , desires, fear running in the brain.

can somebody please correlate my problem and explain this in terms of vedanta?

i wonder i have only three states -- waking, dreaming and dream-sleeping


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Re: very rare deep sleep due to health issues -- insight required
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 03:18:36 PM »
Dear ksksat27,
            :) you ask some nice and practical questions. That is really nice. So here is my perspective:

First of all do not worry about this observing "I AM" when just out of bed. I would say forget it - no matter who gave you the suggestion.

Second you can improve your quality of sleep by practicing this guided meditation before going to sleep :
you can also try it twice a day or try a reduced version yourself once you become comfortable. but you should definitely try it just before going to bed. These days i am introducing this to every second person i meet ... my claim is that it is the easiest form of meditation and available for everyone.
[fun question: when i am observing sensations of the body, am i observing the body or the mind ? any further thoughts on observing body ? ]

Thirdly, from vedantic perspective: you still have three states waking, dream and deep sleep. you are simply not aware of the deep sleep state but do not need to worry about it. if a thought is like a wave, there has to be a low between two peaks of the waves. so that gap between thoughts has to be there in dream as well and what is that if it is not deep sleep ?

actually a dream is projected from a deep sleep state. you are seeing this ... then this entire world is dissolved ... and from that dissolution a new world is projected. projection always happens from deep sleep. so you have it.

Finally: Ajahn Brahm says : meditation is about being kind, being gentle and making peace.
We need to always get this point right. Someone said something , and that is fine, but what matters most is what is true for us, not who thinks what.


PS: physical condition is something for doctors to look into. if your frequent urination during nights is due to diabetes  or some physical situation , you need to definitely talk to a doctor and get the required checkups done. please do not ignore.


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Re: very rare deep sleep due to health issues -- insight required
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2017, 04:33:03 PM »
thanks udai for valuable suggestions.

 i have mild diabetes...but that is under control....   i drink lot of water to combat the mental heat and that results in frequent waking up in night

one thing i am doing is walking very fast for 45 minutes every evening ....  so now this gives some better quality sleep...

somehow for me Bhagavan Ramana words are i have this tendency to apply all  his core teachings to myself...


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Re: very rare deep sleep due to health issues -- insight required
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2017, 12:02:37 PM »
Your question asks to relate your problem with deep sleep and vedanta.  Here's some health-based solutions to deeper sleep for good measure (you may or may not be doing some of these, I'd suggest you try those which you haven't done before and see how you feel!  These are all taken from my personal experience):

Have a strict sleeping schedule.  Set a time period that gives you somewhere around 7 hours of sleep each night (you may need more or less time) and stick to a schedule that lets you rest for that amount of time.  If you lay in bed for more than 15 mins without falling asleep, get out of bed and occupy the mind lightly until you get more tired, then try again. 

Don't consume any caffeine during the day, be it coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.  You'd be surprised how such a little amount of this drug can affect your body's internal clock and make you want to sleep less...

Don't spend too much time watching a screen, especially in the couple hours before you head to bed.  If you can't avoid this, consider getting a light-warming software for your computer or device such as f.lux which prevents your body from thinking that it's daylight when you look at a bright screen.

When sleeping, make sure your room is as dark as you can possibly get it.  Also try to make it as quiet as possible.  I've heard that 15-20 degrees celsius is the optimal sleeping temperature, though this might be a bit un-environmental.

During the day, spend some time, at least 15 minutes in direct sunlight.  Exposure to the sun affects your body's hormones and helps it get tired at the appropriate time. 

Do some exercise during the day, which you are already doing.

Meditate before bed, as srkudai has mentioned

If your body feels uncomfortable or aching when you wake up, this could be a result of a poorly suited bed.  The human body should sleep on a firm surface, not one that cushions your spine, resulting in pinched nerves.  Recently I've been sleeping on the floor with only a few blankets underneath me.  So far it's improved my sleep very much.  If you want to try this, know that the first week will be uncomfortable, but afterwards, your body will feel more rested on the floor than on a bed.

I don't know if you're drinking a lot of water as per the instructions of a doctor or by your own conviction, but if it's the latter then I'd say that there's no need to do so.  Your body only needs enough water to replenish what it loses through sweat, urination, etc.  Drinking enough water to make your urine clear is an urban myth and it's completely unnecessary.  Your body knows when it needs water, so only drink when you feel like you need to.

I hope all these tips aren't too much for you!  Like I said, just take up whatever you feel is necessary. 
Om Namo Saradamma