Author Topic: Seeking information on Harikatha on Bhagavan  (Read 783 times)


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Seeking information on Harikatha on Bhagavan
« on: August 03, 2017, 06:02:14 PM »
Om Namo Bhagavathe Sri Ramanaya
Dear all,
This is my first post on this forum.

Sangeetha Kalanidhi Embar S Vijayaraghavachariar was one of the earliest devotees to perform a Harikatha on Bhagavan back when Bhagavan was still in the body.

There are records mentioning about this meetings with Bhagavan and during one such meeting, he is said to have sought Bhagavan's permission to perform a Harikatha. With Bhagavan's blessings, the first Kalakshepam was performed in Matunga, Mumbai in the year 1944(approx).

There is a mention of him and his kalakshepam in Day by Day as well. Since 1944, he had performed the Harikatha at several places including the  Arunachaleswarar temple.

Back in the days, Mumbai's Shanmuganandha Hall was the only organization that had spool/tape recording facilities and if there is a recording, it might be in their archives. The same Harikatha was also performed in Singapore and Malaysia  in the early 50s and the event is documented in their regional Tamil Newspaper - Tamil Nesan.

I have been searching for an audio recording of the discourse for several years now.  I humbly request the forum members to share any information they might have on this. I am positive Bhagavan will help me find it, if it is so destined.

Thank you

In Sri Bhagavan,
A devotee