Author Topic: Telling Thanks and other Human courteous attitude  (Read 1468 times)


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Telling Thanks and other Human courteous attitude
« on: August 01, 2017, 03:09:36 PM »
hi all

I thanked all devotees for the wonderful replies on my thread.

I remember and learn lesson from one of the kind attributes of Ravi sir.

I used to time and again make my perception felt in the topics related to Bharathiar. 

Even though now also I stay firm in my opinion,  I used to time and again emphasize if any topic on him comes.

Ravi sir loves his poems, a great admirer and infact Sri TGN his philosopher friend is from Bharathiar family.

Despite this,  Ravi sir, never never advised me about this attitude.  If in grief I approach him, he could have told like ' you should change your outlook etc.',  but never never he spoke like that.

He would reply and guide as if nothing in this line of talk went ahead.

I learnt a very good lesson from that.

And I also nowadays learning to first say 'Thanks' for all that God has already given me rather than keeping on crying on the lacking things ( both spiritual and material)

thought of sharing these tidbits...