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The Hymns of great ones are a source of inspiration to invoke divine grace...more so when the hymns express the plight and helplessness of  the commoner...the Hymns of Thayumanavar are evocative and expressive as it truly gives a graphic picture of the plight of the average seeker thwarted in his efforts to reach the divine...and as such they serve to advance the cause of the rank commoner.
we shall dwell on some of these wonderful hymns of Thayumanavar in this thread.


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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2017, 03:48:40 AM »
Wise ones have given various approaches for the average seeker to reach the divine...and each of these call for some basic ability in the votary to take that approach...What if one does not have any of these basic abilities?
In verse 3 of satchidananda sivam, thayumanavar expresses the plight of such a helpless one:

பாகத்தி னாற்கவிதை பாடிப் படிக்கவோ
      பத்திநெறி யில்லைவேத
   பாராய ணப்பனுவல் மூவர்செய் பனுவலது
      பகரவோ இசையுமில்லை
யோகத்தி லேசிறிது முயலவென் றால்தேகம்
      ஒவ்வாதி வூண்வெறுத்தால்
   உயிர்வெறுத் திடலொக்கும் அல்லாது கிரியைகள்
      உபாயத்தி னாற்செய்யவோ
மோகத்தி லேசிறிதும் ஒழியவிலை மெய்ஞ்ஞான
      மோனத்தில் நிற்கஎன்றால்
   முற்றாது பரிபாக சத்திக ளனேகநின்
      மூதறிவி லேஎழுந்த
தாகத்தி லேவாய்க்கும் அமிர்தப் பிரவாகமே
      தன்னந் தனிப்பெருமையே
   சர்வபரி பூரண அகண்டதத் துவமான
      சச்சிதா னந்தசிவமே

If I am to sing melting songs
I do not have the devotional love in me.
If I am to recite the Vedas
And the holy Tevaram songs of the Saints Three
I do not have the music in me.
If I am to practice yoga a little
The body does not permit it.
If I am to give up food
It looks like giving up life itself.
If I think of performing some light kriyas
I find no respite from desire ridden activities.
Or if I am to seek the truth of jnana,
In silentness of mauna,
Numerous are the conditions required
That are not consummated.
Oh! Thou, the Flood of Ambrosia
accessible to the earnest longing
that springs  from your primeval consciousness!
Oh! Thou the Peerless Greatness Rare!
Oh! Thou Sivam
That is Truth-Knowledge-Bliss!
The Cosmic Principle
That is Total-Fullness-Perfect!
Thayumanavar says that although he does not have any ability to take to any of the several paths,the Divine is accessible to the earnest longing...and this longing springs from the Divine is the divine who infuses this longing in the devotee.
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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2017, 05:35:22 PM »
In the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,the master gives a vivid description of the constricted nature of embodied existence: Suppose a man is shut up in a room. All the doors and windows are closed. Only a little light comes through a hole in the ceiling. Can he see the sun with that roof over his head? And what will he do with only one ray of light? 'Woman and gold' is the roof. Can he see the sun unless he removes the roof? Worldly people are shut up in a room, as it were.

In verse 7 of paripoorananandam,Thayumanavar rues the plight of embodied existence that cocoons the jiva in darkness;he ruminates as to what has lead to this sort of isolation.

அந்தகா ரத்தையோர் அகமாக்கி மின்போல்என்
      அறிவைச் சுருக்கினவரார்
    அவ்வறிவு தானுமே பற்றினது பற்றாய்
      அழுந்தவுந் தலைமீதிலே
சொந்தமா யெழுதப் படித்தார் மெய்ஞ்ஞான
      சுகநிட்டை சேராமலே
   சோற்றுத் துருத்தியைச் சதமெனவும் உண்டுண்டு
      தூங்கவைத் தவரார்கொலொ
தந்தைதாய் முதலான அகிலப்ர பஞ்சந்
      தனைத்தந்த தெனதாசையோ
   தன்னையே நோவனொ பிறரையே நோவனோ
      தற்கால மதைநோவனோ
பந்தமா னதுதந்த வினையையே நோவனோ
      பரமார்த்தம் ஏதுமறியேன்
    பார்க்குமிடமெங்குமொரு நீக்கமற நிறைகின்ற
       பரிபூர ணானந்தமே

Who was it that converted my heart
Into a chamber of darkness
And then constricted my consciousness
Into a tiny spark
That consciousness when held onto,
Who was it that decreed that bondage
As the writing of fate on my head?
Who was it that made me
believe in the permanency of the body bag
And  to indulge in eating and sleeping
spurning the attainment of Jnana-Bliss-Trance?
Was it my desire that gave me my father, mother
And all the rest of worldly ties?
Shall I blame my own self, or others?
Shall I blame the present bad actions
Or the past karma for all this worldly bondage?
Forsooth I do not know anything of the life in the spirit
Oh! Thou who filleth all visible space
In unbroken continuity!
Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full!

Thayumanavar says that he is only aware of the bondage that has trapped him in embodied existence and the constricted nature of the imprisoned consciousness;he has no clue as to what has brought on this state of affairs and does not know anything at all about the life in spirit!

To be aware of Bondage, its full implication and the abject state of affairs is the beginning of wisdom.Only when the nature of bondage is fully understood and experienced can there be earnestness and true aspiration  for freedom.It is only when there is this earnestness that one may learn to  walk the spiritual path.Else,it will be like the pursuit of a hobby;the interest may be there but not the undivided will to translate it into living experience.
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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2017, 07:17:24 AM »
In verse 4 of Karunakarak kadavul Thayumanavar rues his inability to implement the clear teaching of his guru:

பட்டப் பகற்பொழுதை இருளென்ற மருளர்தம்
       பட்சமோ எனதுபட்சம்
    பார்த்தவிட மெங்கணுங் கோத்தநிலை குலையாது
       பரமவெளி யாகவொருசொல்
திட்டமுடன் மௌனியா யருள்செய் திருக்கவுஞ்
       சேராமல் ஆராகநான்
    சிறுவீடு கட்டியதின் அடுசோற்றை யுண்டுண்டு
       தேக்குசிறி யார்கள்போல
நட்டனைய தாக்கற்ற கல்வியும் விவேகமும்
       நன்னிலய மாகவுன்னி
    நானென்று நீயென் றிரண்டில்லை யென்னவே
       நடுவே முளைத்தமனதைக்
கட்டஅறி யாமலே வாடினே னெப்போது
       கருணைக் குரித்தாவனோ
    கருதரிய சிற்சபையி லானந்த நிர்த்தமிடு
       கருணா கரக்கடவுளே.

To reckon midday sunshine  as darkness-
Am I like those deluded lot who deem thus!
To behold everywhere the State Seamless,
As space transcendent-
Even though as Mouni (Mouna Guru) you graced me that one word-(summairu)
Not taking to it with earnest intent-As someone who
Like unto children who build play-houses (on sand) and eat the cooked food,
Taking the farce of bookish learning and wisdom as trustworthy
Aiming to realize that there are no two entities as 'I' and 'You'
Not knowing how to fasten the mind that sprouts in between
I am pining and withering! when shall I attain to grace!
Lo! Thou compassionate God who dances in rapture in the chit sabha
Beyond all thought and reckoning!

Often we encounter people who are on the look out for a 'Guru' ...not JUST a 'guru' ,they would like to ascertain whether the 'Guru' is 'Self Realized'...and 'how to meet one such guru' etc,etc...Little do we realize how much more important it is that we should be a true disciple...and no 'guru' is of any help unless the disciple is earnest about his quest...all the book learning and so called wisdom come to naught without spiritual earnestness.


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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #4 on: June 22, 2017, 02:26:19 PM »
From ~~~ My Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana, P.45.
Devaraja Mudaliar :
When he [Bhagavan] was reading out
?Akarabuvanam-Chidambara Rahasyam?
in Thayumanavar?s works,

and came to the twenty-fourth verse :
Conceiving you
as everything from earth to space,
I shall record my thoughts
on the large page of my mind,
and looking at that image
ever and again,
I shall cry out:
?Lord of my life,
will you not come??
Repeatedly believing myself to be You,
I am unable to fix my attention
on anything else.
Lamenting in this way,
like one whose heart is wounded,
dissolving inwardly,
so that tears pour down in floods,
uttering deep sighs,
unaware even of my body,
I stand transfixed.
His [Bhagavan?s] eyes were so filled with tears
and his throat so choked with emotion
[as he read these words]
that he had to put aside the book
and break off his discourse.
However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? - Buddha


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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2017, 04:36:23 PM »
There is a nice article 'Bhagavan and Thayumanavar' by David Godman ,Robert butler and Venkatasubramanian...available as a pdf:
This covers many of the thayumanavar songs referred to by Bhagavan.

In this topic,we are covering those songs wherein Thayumanavar expresses his helplessness and inability to pursue a path shown by his guru and his introspection and observation of the plight of the jiva caught up in maya.
Helplessness when understood completely is a wisdom of sorts...and spontaneously draws the grace of the divine in as much as it lowers the mound of ego.
In the gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,the master says:"The more you rid yourself of upadhis, the nearer you will feel the presence of God. Rainwater never collects on a high mound; it collects only in low land. Similarly, the water of God's grace cannot remain on the high mound of egotism. Before God one should feel lowly and poor. "



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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #6 on: June 22, 2017, 05:07:52 PM »
In verse 5 of karunakarak kadavul ,Thayumanavar wonders how the divine seated in the heart of the ones steeped in Truth made them point to  the Truth is it that in him who is steeped in falsehood,it had permitted a safe haven for all falsehood and made him express all the falsehood  without appearing as falsehood!(as if they are gospel truth!)...he rues 'if you have ordained thus what am i to do'!

மெய்விடா நாவுள்ள மெய்யரு ளிருந்துநீ
      மெய்யான மெய்யைஎல்லாம்
   மெய்யென வுணர்த்தியது மெய்யிதற் கையமிலை
      மெய்யேதும் அறியாவெறும்
பொய்விடாப் பொய்யினேன் உள்ளத் திருந்துதான்
      பொய்யான பொய்யைஎல்லாம்
   பொய்யெனா வண்ணமே புகலமைத் தாயெனில்
      புன்மையேன் என்செய்குவேன்
மைவிடா செழுநீல கண்டகுரு வேவிட்ணு
      வடிவான ஞானகுருவே
   மலர்மேவி மறையோது நான்முகக் குருவே
      மதங்கள்தொறும் நின்றகுருவே
கைவிடா தேயென்ற அன்பருக் கன்பாய்க்
      கருத்தூ டுணர்த்துகுருவே
   கருதரிய சிற்சபையி லானந்த நிர்த்தமிடு
       கருணா கரக்கடவுளே.

Seated inmost within the heart of truthful ones
Whose tongue utters nothing but Truth,
Thou taught the Truth that is Truth of Truths.
This is the Truth.
There is doubt naught about it.
Yet, it is from within the heart of this false one
Who, nothing but falsehood utters,
Thou made appear flasehood of falsehoods
As perfect Truth.
If so, what shall I do?
Oh! Thou of Jnana Guru in Vishnu form!
Oh! Thou the fourheaded Brahma Guru
That chants Vedas from the lotus seat!
Oh! Thou the Guru that taught faiths all!
Oh! Guru that teaches in love to dear devotees
That seek refuge in Thee!
Thou, the God of Compassion Fullness
That dances in rapture in the chit sabha
Defying description.



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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2017, 07:06:03 PM »
In verse 10 of vithagasiddhar ganam,thayumanavar says that those who are not learned are the goodly ones...he rues his erudition that only served to argue and nonplus others...and asks whether this sort of a learning can at all grant mukti!

கல்லாத பேர்களே நல்லவர்கள் நல்லவர்கள்
      கற்றும்அறி வில்லாதஎன்
   கர்மத்தை யென்சொல்கேன்மதியையென் சொல்லுகேன்
      கைவல்ய ஞானநீதி
நல்லோ ருரைக்கிலோ கர்மமுக் கியமென்று
      நாட்டுவேன் கர்மமொருவன் 
   நாட்டினா லோபழைய ஞானமுக்கியமென்று
      நவிலுவேன் வடமொழியிலே
வல்லா னொருத்தன்வர வுந்த்ரா விடத்திலே
      வந்ததா விவகரிப்பேன்
   வல்லதமி ழறிஞர்வரின் அங்ஙனே வடமொழியி
      வசனங்கள் சிறிதுபுகல்வேன்
வெல்லாம லெவரையும் மருட்டிவிட வகைவந்த
      வித்தையென் முத்திதருமோ
   வேதாந்த சித்தாந்த சமரசநன் னிலைபெற்ற
      வித்தகச் சித்தர்கணமே.

Of a certain, of a certain
Are they the goodly ones,
That have learning none.
What shall I speak of my fate,
My intelligence, who, though learned,
Is possessed of wisdom none?
If the good people say:
The jnana path of liberation is the exalted one,
I argue that the karma path is all important.
If someone argues, karma is the important path,
I turn round and say that jnana is all important.
If one learned in Sanskrit comes to argue,
I speak of the exalted truths expounded in Tamil.
If pundits learned in Tamil similarly come,
I smatter a few slokas in Sanskrit.
Thus, confusing all, establishing nothing decisive,
Will this learning ever lead to mukti?
Oh! Thou, the Siddha Elite of Divine Light
That hath reached the Vedanta-Siddhanta accord high

The conceit of one's learning with a penchant to falsify others come what may is something that an aspirant has to be weary of and root out from his mind.
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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2017, 06:48:25 PM »
To the Lord that filleth my heart
Describe all my woes;
Blithe heavenly light
In my knowledge shine?
Theresome thou go, and Bliss thou bring;
Oh, Green Parrot!

Will the Knowledge-Bliss
Of the Wonder-Being
That is Life of my life
Be vouchsafed to this sinner?
Speak thou,
Oh, Green Parrot!

Without anyone knowing,
In secret, let him come and go.
Thus do thou tell my Lord and come back,
Oh, Green Parrot

My streaming tears
Have ruined my body.
Why did thou not tell this?
Oh thou, warbling Green parrot!

taken from the Green Parrot Wreath
Hymns of Thayumanavar


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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2017, 08:02:53 PM »
Thanks very much for these wonderful Hymns...they are a perennial favourite of mine...Of all the hymns in Tamil(and this includes Bhagavan's as well),I am fond of thayumanavar's songs above all others...they are so moving and intimate ,wafting the perfume of devotion...and in a easy language that can be understood by most people who know the tamil language.(Bhagavan's and Muruganar's are a lot more difficult as they are in archaic form of tamil)....yes,all devotees can enjoy the translation.


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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #10 on: June 24, 2017, 11:38:16 PM »
Dear Sri Ravi,

Such beautiful words to describe Thayumanavar! He is a favorite of mine too. I just adore the way He wrote songs,and all the sweet names He gives to God.

Thou, the Flood of Ambrosia! -The Lord that filleth my heart! -the Wonder-Being! -Thou, the Siddha Elite of Divine Light! -Thou, the God of Compassion Fullness! -Thou, the Bliss that is Perfect Full! -Thou the Peerless Greatness Rare! - -... such beautiful ways to describe God,the Self Supreme!

 Pure Gold are these poems,and i can only imagine how they sound in Tamil,in the language He wrote them.

With love,


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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #11 on: June 25, 2017, 05:37:35 AM »
In verse 9 of mouna guru vanakkam, Thayumanavar calls the ego as the hardened hunter devil which never lets go of its possession... brings out the deceptive and sticky nature of the ego that attaches  itself to whatever it touches...forever hiding the reality...out of  sheer exasperation Thayumanavar asks'can i forever be contending with this?'

ஆங்கார மானகுல வேடவெம் பேய்பாழ்த்த
       ஆணவத் தினும்வலிதுகாண்
    அறிவினை மயக்கிடும் நடுவறிய வொட்டாது
       யாதொன்று தொடினும் அதுவாய்த்
தாங்காது மொழிபேசும் அரிகரப் பிரமாதி
       தம்மொடு சமானமென்னுந்
    தடையற்ற தேரிலஞ் சுருவாணி போலவே
       தன்னிலசை யாதுநிற்கும்
ஈங்காரெ னக்குநிகர் என்னப்ர தாபித்
       திராவணா காரமாகி
    இதயவெளி யெங்கணுந் தன்னரசு நாடுசெய்
       திருக்கும்இத னொடெந்நேரமும்
வாங்காநி லாஅடிமை போராட முடியுமோ
       மௌனோப தேசகுருவே
    மந்த்ரகுரு வேயோக தந்த்ரகுரு வேமூலன்
       மரபில்வரு மௌன குருவே.

Know ye, mightier far than accursed anava,
Is ahankara, the hardened hunter devil.
It will befog reason,
It will not let you know the right.
Whatever it touches
It identifies the self with that
And will say unbearable things.
It will claim that it is equal to
Hari, Hara, Brahma and the rest of the Gods.
It will stand like the axle pin
Of a moving car,
Itself immobile in the center of things.
It will proclaim itself:
''Who is here equal to me?''
And filled with Ravana like spirit
It will establish its tyrannous rule
In the domain of the heart.
How can this poor slave
Be contending with it all the time?
Oh! Guru that instructs in silentness!
Oh! Mantra Guru! Oh, Yoga Tantra Guru!
Mauna Guru that comes in the line of Mula the Holy!



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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
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In verse 3 of mouna guru vanakkam,thayumanvar rues the power of maya that forever projects the delusory world as an irresistible attraction and cuts off the aspirant from the ever present grace that paves the way for surrender...the objects of the world,however attractive they be are of no use when it comes to an emergency like death for example...yet one's mind is forever seeking them.

ஆதிக்க நல்கினவ ராரிந்த மாயைக்கென்
       அறிவன்றி யிடமில்லையோ
   அந்தரப் புட்பமுங் கானலின் நீருமோர்
       அவசரத் துபயோகமோ
போதித்த நிலையையும் மயக்குதே அபயம்நான்
       புக்கஅருள் தோற்றிடாமல்
   பொய்யான வுலகத்தை மெய்யா நிறுத்தியென்
       புந்திக்குள் இந்த்ரசாலஞ்
சாதிக்கு தேயிதனை வெல்லவும் உபாயம்நீ
       தந்தருள்வ தென்றுபுகல்வாய்
   சண்மத ஸ்தாபனமும் வேதாந்த சித்தாந்த
       சமரசநிர் வாகநிலையும்
மாதிக்கொ டண்டப் பரப்பெலாம் அறியவே
       வந்தருளு ஞானகுருவே
   மந்த்ரகுரு வேயோக தந்த்ரகுரு வேமூலன்
       மரபில்வரு மௌன குருவே

Who was it that gave this maya
So much authority?
Is there no other place for this
But my thought?
Will ''sky flower'' and ''mirage water''
Ever a practical use have?
Even my instructed state
Is in confusion thrown
Lest I receive Thy Grace
To seek refuge in Thee.
It performs Indrajal *[1] in my mind,
Establishing the illusory world as permanent.
When shall I receive the secret
Of conquering this? Pray tell me.
Oh! Thou Jnana Guru
That expounds in Thy Grace
The six faiths established
And the accord of Vedanta-Siddhanta philosophical state
For all the worlds in cardinal directions to know.
Oh! Mantra Guru! Oh, Yoga Tantra Guru!
Mauna Guru that comes in the line of Mula the Holy

Sky Flower is an appearance in the sky that looks like a flower but cannot be used as one...Mirage water appears as water in the desert yet as one draws near recedes further-it only appears as water but is not water and one cannot satisfy one's thirst with that...maya performs the indrajal or conjuring trick in projecting the world and deluding the mind of the jiva.

In The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,the master points out how even during an emergency the mind refuses to come out of this delusion:
"The bound souls are tied to the world by the fetters of 'woman and gold'. They are bound hand and foot. Thinking that 'woman and gold' will make them happy and give them security, they do not realize that it will lead them to annihilation. When a man thus bound to the world is about to die, his wife asks, 'You are about to go; but what have you done for me?' Again, such is his attachment to the things of the world that, when he sees the lamp burning brightly, he says: 'Dim the light. Too much oil is being used.' And he is on his death-bed!"
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Re: Thayumanavar-Helplessness as a means to invoke Divine Grace
« Reply #13 on: July 08, 2017, 07:24:10 PM »
In verse 9 of AnandamAnaparam, Thayumanavar regrets that despite much learning and hearing his mind has not susbsided ,the ego has not given up one iota of a bit and attachment to things has taken up a firm place in his mind...and to top it all, he is preaching to others instead of attaining to grace and fall silent !...He laments "Have you seen or heard of such an evil one anywhere in the world?"

எத்தனை விதங்கள்தான் கற்கினும் கேட்கினும்என்
      இதயமும் ஒடுங்கவில்லை
   யானெனும் அகந்தைதான் எள்ளளவு மாறவிலை
      யாதினும் அபிமானம்என்
சித்தமிசை குடிகொண்ட தீகையொ டிரக்கமென்
      சென்மத்து நானறிகிலேன்
   சீலமொடு தவவிரதம் ஒருகனவி லாயினுந்
      தெரிசனங் கண்டும்அறியேன்
பொய்த்தமொழி யல்லால் மருந்துக்கும் மெய்ம்மொழி
      புகன்றிடேன் பிறர்கேட்கவே
   போதிப்ப தல்லாது சும்மா இருந்தருள்
      பொருந்திடாப் பேதைநானே
அத்தனை குணக்கேடர் கண்டதாக் கேட்டதா
      அவனிமிசை யுண்டோசொலாய்
   அண்டபகி ரண்டமும் அடங்கவொரு நிறைவாகி
      ஆனந்த மானபரமே.

However much I learn,
However much I listen,
My heart does not attain oneness.
The ahankara that inflates I-ness
Has not disappeared even a bit
In all things egoity dominates my thought
I know not charity, nor compassion
In all my life.
Even in dream have I not visioned
Goodness and holy penance
Except lies, even for a change,
I have not spoken truth
Except that I teach for others to hear,
I have not sat in meditation
And sought Divine Grace.
So worthless am I
Has there been anyone
Seen or heard in the world,
So evil? Pray speak!
Oh! Thou, Param that is Bliss
Encompassing in Pervasive Fullness,
The Universes many and Spaces vast!

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