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Re: Living with the Master - Kunju Swami. Tr. by P. Ramasamy:
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The Guru's Behests Are His Upadesa"

Some time passed.  Bhagavan and I were now together, alone, but He did not say anything to me.  I just knew that this was an important moment in my spiritual instruction.  He took a scoop of flour in a ladle from out of a small tin container near Him, transferred it into a cooking utensil, added water to it from His kamandalam (water pitcher made of gourd shell kept by sadhus), then placed the utensil on the charcoal brazier next to Him, which was then doing duty as room warmer. Watching silently I waited, imagining it to be some concoction of a body tonic, and hopeful of being served a helping.

Bhagavan kept stirring the contents until it was cooked to a gruel-like consistency, and then took the vessel off the fire.  He poured some of its contents onto a plate, and then rose  and lifted a basket that was kept upside down.  From underneath, four tiny puppets came springing out and rushed towards the plate trying to lick the gruel down. Lest the hot gruel should burn their tongue, Bhagavan tried to restrain them but could not succeed.

Bhagavan, who had until now not uttered a word to me, said, 'Hold all the four on!'
I at once grabbed the four puppies. As the meal cooled down, He said, 'Let go one by one.' As I had earlier determined to seek the deeper meaning of His words, I took His first command to mean, 'Hold on to the four Maha Vakyas!'  That would be my Master's very first spiritual instruction.  I took His second bidding to mean that I should give up all attachments.  I let go of the puppies, one by one.  They lapped up their meal, and the bellies filled, tottered off when one of them urinated. Getting up
at once, Bhagavan poured some water over the mess and wiped the spot clean with a rag of gunny sack.

I became restless wanting to do the cleaning myself but controlled the urge, not daring to do something unbidden. Bhagavan returned to His seat.  Now, it was another one's turn to urinate.  Seeing my quandary, Bhagavan said, 'Wipe it clean!'  I rose up and washed it clean with water.  I took His third 'commandment' to mean, 'Cleanse your mind and keep it spotless.'  These commandments' of Bhagavan gave me a pervading feeling of peace and joy.


Arunachala Siva.                                 
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