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(Subramania Bharati - Translated by J. Jayaraman)

Mountain Path April June 2016.


We can infer from Sri Devaraja Mudaliar's Day by Day with Bhagavan, the diary entry dated June 3rd, 1946, that the great Tamizh poet Bharathiar indeed, did once visit
Maharshi Ramana, during the Skandasramam period (1915-1922). This is quoted below:

'G.V. Subbaramayya:  Did Subramania Bharati ever come to Bhagavan?

Bhagavan:  I think he did once.  It was then we were on the Hill. One evening when only Sivayya (late Kutraalam Mauni Swami) was with me, someone came and sat for nearly an hour before me and then went away without saying a word.  Later when I saw the pictures of Bharati, I thought it must have been he.'     

Bharati quit the Tamizh daily Swadesamitran as its Assistant Editor to join the Tamizh
weekly India in 1906.  Following the Bengal Partition riots in 1905, he sought refuge in French Pondicherry owing to persecution of freedom activists by the British powers.
When the First World War was over in 1918, Bharati was granted safe residence out of Pondicherry, in his home town in Tirunelveli district. From 1920, upon the invitation of his penultimate employer Swadesamitran, he resumed as its Assistant Editor at Madras (Chennai).

Sri Pe.Su. Mani, a doyen among the relentless journal researchers, and who is still
active, dug out from the archival issues of Swadesamitran, the fact that Bharatiar's
twin talks at the Aruhnachaleswara Temple precincts, of May 1921, had been reported in the issues immediately following the events, in Mitran issues of May 3rd and 5th under the banner 'Bharati in Tiruvannamalai'.


Arunachala Siva.       


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The first talk, on 'Common Commerce', was held opposite the Eastern Gopuram entrance on 2nd May 1921, and was reported in the newspaper on May 3rd.

The second talk, on 'India's Future', was held in the 16 Pillar Hall in the Big Temple,
on May 3rd and reported in Mitran of May 5th.  (See the Asramam's Tamizh Souvenir commemorating the 125th Jayanti in 2004.).

Thus that silent communion of an hour with Bhagavan Ramana could have taken place
on May 1st 1921.

Sri Ilaya Raaja, renowned composer and ardent devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana,
had come across the Day by Day with Bhagavan entry a few years ago, and his curiosity was sufficient enough for him to wish to know which poem among Bharati's body of work around the topic Jnana and Sakti, would qualify as the one written following his undoubtedly inspiring, silent communion in Ramana Mouna magic.

He conveyed his curiosity immediately to Sri Sundaram Anna, our President, who thought it fit to ask me for my input. The literary hound in me awakened and I sifted through the lot of those of Bharati's poems under Vedanta, and leaving aside occurrence of powerful single verses on Advaitic Sahaja Samadhi, I zeroed onto
Para Siva Vellam among those of sufficient 'weight'. It is serendipitous, and stunning,
that we are given a 'feel' of what Bharati found himself helplessly soaked in.

The Surge of Suprme Siva

A Surge there is named God by Vedic sages
 Encompassing all as the Self; within and without
Objects seen, considered in mind, held within
 As understanding -- all arise off that
Limitless, without separation, unattached
 As Being and Absence, confounding the clever ones.
As pure space, as consciousness, as the cloud
 Raining diverse Energies; mating, dispersing atoms
In dimensions gross and subtle and the casual
 Beyond, where all selfhood becomes Self.
Devoid of particular self yet itself the sole one
 Standing all the same as multiple selves
It is here, that many faiths proclaim as
 The omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Person
This it is that stands as Desire of those desirous
 As their fullfiller and the object and the provider
As sight, the seer and the seen it abides
 Majestic frustrating full analysis.
Though It has of itself become the all, the knowers of Truth
 Swear that but a rare one can know It.
The seer of this is freed of taint, freed of sorrow
 The desirer of this realizes the fruit of all desirables.


Arunachala Siva. 


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The perceiver of this Substance is done with obstructions
  Finding in all that accrues, the resident Joy
All their needs met; rejecting nothing
  Them, the earthlings praise as the Master Divine.
Wanting nothing they rule the world
  Rejoicing within in solitary companionship of the One
A flood, dear brother, the desired One ever at hand
  Surging from within, the spring of Immortality
The needed ruse to occasion this Eternal
  Bliss flood is indeed simple, very simple!
The act of attention; the phenomenon of thinking;
  The direction within; and Reality is patent.
It is sufficient if one were to reinforce with feeling;
  Praising the Divine omnipresence, gushing too from
  Here within.
It is enough to repeat 'Divine flood which has become all this
  Is bubbling forth from within me.' Feel thus
  That is enough!
No need for ochre robe, nor matted hair
  Feeling conviction is sufficient to attain to the
  Transcendent Reality.
No need for scriptures, no need for cannon
  No need for eulogy. Mind stilled in touch of feeling will do.
No place for tough tapas; none for practice of sadhana;
  The thought given room 'Siva is all that exists,' delivers!
Let the mouth utter, 'The One Sivam, transcendent                  ,
  Standing everywhere, as All, for all time, courses through
  Me here!' That is ample!
Faith for the form, 'The eternal Siva flood of Self
  Surges and flows through me.'
Mind thus permeated, this conviction alone will do!


Arunachala Siva.